Sorry, but Tottenham’s miracle was better than Liverpool’s

Date published: Thursday 9th May 2019 7:55

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As I said. Total dud.
Rob, Gravesend


Full English
Are English teams now so arrogant in the Champions League that we feel we can give opponents a three goal head start?
Chris, Birmingham, THFC


Better than ‘the greatest game’ ever
Dear MC,

Ok. That was better than Liverpool. It pains me to admit.
JazGooner (That Moura is a bit handy)


The ask was the same – three second half goals. The execution was better – Spurs did it away from home without their fans to drive them on, against a more impressive opposition (knocked out Real and Juve) and with no first half momentum having been completely outplayed in the first 45 mins.

Liverpool fans are going to hate it, but Spurs’ miracle > the Anfield miracle. Sorry – I hate the word “miracle”.
SSE (sorry also to my LFC mate Tom who still thinks I’m fishing for some attention here), Wimbledon 


Liverpool: let’s give ourselves an insurmountable, implausible deficit that no one will think we can overturn and then belatedly flip the game on its head through an unlikely source, giving the viewing public its best moment of the season.

Spurs: Hold my drink.
Chris (kissed a stranger in the pub tonight and then got quite close to tears) Bridgeman, Kingston upon Thames (but Spurs fan, obvs)


Easy Liverpool… why did you get so excited?!
Luke, Spurs (Incredible. The comeback kings final is on!). 


Better than Jesus
How can you actually top last night? How is that possible? How do you actually rationalise yesterday by comparing it to what you’ve just seen? Did Jesus even do 2 miracles in 2 days…

That was mad… Football… F**king Hell
Matt, EFC, London


Honestly though
In the words of Man City’s Twitter feed…


I don’t know how we got here and I still don’t expect us to win it, but what a journey this is for a team that can’t buy a win in the Premier League right now, and can’t buy a player in the transfer window….
James, Spurs fan in Singapore


Oh my God!!!!

I think I now love Lucas Moura!!!!!!

Spurs are Champions League finalists…. I’m 38 and have supported us since I was 10 and I never dreamed this could ever really happen.

Poch is a genius!!! I’m totally incoherent and cannot stop shaking; this is insane!!!!


Paul (Spurs) T.Wells



I came home from work and switched to the game. I saw only 5mins to go. I told myself don’t get excited good sir. Just chill. Clearly they worked hard. Wonderful achievement making the semis. Then Big Hugo made that save with my heart in my mouth and I got a semi of my own.

Each second of that last 5mins saw hope creep up on my poor heart ever so slyly.  Then the ball pinging and ponging and I’m thinking “Get it in the FUGGING box!” Then they did. Then I wet myself. WHAT. THE. F**K. I think I sh*t myself too.

Also Lamela don’t test my heart like you did at the end there ever again.
Dark Pharn, South Africa


Holy. F***ing. Sh*t.

Liverpool v TOTTENHAM in the Champions League Final.

TOTTENHAM. 3-0 down at half time Tottenham. No players bought for 427 years Tottenham. Moussa Sissoko is a worldclass player Tottenham. Sh*t just got real.
TGWolf(Football has just broken me)THFC


It’s bloody hard being a Man Utd fan at the moment and I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time dreaming up transfer wishlists this week.

However, I just wanted to say what an incredible few days of football it has been and what a timely reminder of just how amazing this game can be.

From Kompany’s strike to TAA’s quick corner to Lucas Moura striking late it has been amazing to watch and I can’t help but admire all three teams. They all play football the right way and with a tremendous work ethic and skill.

Congratulations to Liverpool and Spurs. It should be an amazing final.

Good luck to City and Liverpool at the weekend. I don’t want either of you to win the title but at least football wins either way.
Mark, MUFC


Almost sent a mail in at halftime complaining about why we weren’t playing direct, and how our fullbacks weren’t good enough to be the source of width in our narrow formation.

F**k me, I would have looked such an idiot if I’d sent it.

Instead I screamed loud enough when Lucas’s third went in to wake up my infant, so now it’s just my wife who thinks I’m an idiot.
Winston (hope Kane is actually fit for the final, and doesn’t do that comes-back-too-early-half-fit thing he does), New Haven, USA


Something vaguely coherent
I’ve calmed down since my first email and can now right something more coherent!!

First up – I do feel bad for Ajax. They were by far the better team across both legs and I really hope that even though De Jong is leaving, most of the others stick around and help them continue to build a European powerhouse back to its former glory

I also have massive admiration for Ziyech and Mazraoui (and possibly Sissoko on our side) for playing through such a gruelling game whilst maintaining their Ramadan fast!!

Spurs took a page out of Big Sam’s Bolton book. Got the big guy up front and played off the 2nd balls and just kept going and fighting to the end!!

Despite all the focus in the build up, Son wasn’t really at it last night. A couple of times his touch let him down in good positions and he couldn’t really beat his man one on one.

Thankfully, Moura stepped up in the most amazing way possible!! If Kane gets fit for the final, he’ll start on the bench though I’d expect, and that kinda sucks for him!

Speaking of touch, Dele’s for the final goal was superb, and demonstrates an argument I’ve been making with others this season. We need to play him higher up the pitch, where those touches pay off. This year, due to the injuries, he’s been asked to play deeper more, as one of the two CMs, like his MK Dons days, and he does it ok; but to get the most out of him, he needs to be around the box and further forward so he can go beyond the leading man from deep. Plus, his flicks and tricks when playing deeper, if they lose possession, put the defence under more pressure. I’ve argued Eriksen is better suited to play deeper, in a Modric-esque way and I stand by that; as we looked stronger when he dropped in their after Trippier’s sub because he has calmness on the ball, doesn’t over elaborate and just uses his range of passing to keep the ball moving – all the things Winks does when he plays

Speaking of Trippier – he has to no longer be 1st choice. Culpable for the 2nd by losing the ball, and not great on the 1st, I make that easily 10 goals he’s cost us this season. He’s reverted to his mean after a stellar run of form leading to the World Cup. At least 3 English RBs are better (Walker, TAA, Wan-Bissaka).

Lastly, a word for Poch. That emotion he showed was incredible; exactly why we all love football. Whatever happens on June 1st, one of Klopp or Poch will finally close the book on the ridiculous fools who claim their achievements and demonstrable quality of their teams mean nothing without a trophy. It’s just a shame that one will therefore inevitably receive even more ire as a result!!
Paul (Spurs) T.Wells



Beautiful Poch
Big congrats to Spurs. Poch’s post match interview is one of the greatest in history. True, Raw emotion. A marked improvement on the post match Bournemouth interview.

Thank God they can wear white in the final. That away kit looks like each player vomited down the front.
Baz, Dublin


Mauricio Pochettino: “thank you football, without football it is impossible to live”

Glenn Hoddle: “I’m so glad I’m still around to see this”

Don’t let anyone ever tell you football is just a game, it’s not just a game, it’s the greatest bloody game that there has, is or will be. Nothing comes near to it, NBA, Rugby, the NFL, not even the Olympics gets close to reproducing what football gives you.

What a match, both of them actually.
Robbie DFC. 


The 1991 FA Cup Semi final was a huge game at the time. I was 12 and it was, until last night, my greatest Spurs victory. Over the next 25 years, Spurs have earned their reputation for being respectable but never able to truly excel and they’ve taken my family along with it. It represents an outlook on life – happy, ok, but ultimately quite defeatist. It’s an expectation of how we watch Spurs – we have fun but we accept that it will eventually go wrong; it’s better to resent the arrogance of winners.

Mauricio Pochettino has changed all that. Looking closely at the players as they came out for the second half and there was still belief. That gave me belief. It changes my outlook on life. I would like to thank Pochettino so sincerely for his coaching, substitutions and inspiration. He is my club’s manager but he s also my life coach and guru.
Richard (chill out, we got this), Chichester  


My God am I in love with Mauricio Pochettino. How can my tears not flow when his flow? What I’d give to be one of the staff on the pitch tonight to give him a great big hug.

The most amazing night, the most amazing Champions League, the most amazing man.
Danny, Austin Spurs


If I was a little bit emotional at Milner last night, you best believe I’m crying my f**king eyes out at Poch crying.

Football is fucking brilliant.

Amazing. AMAZING. I’m in pieces.
Jon, Tottenham fucking Hotspur


Thanks for the present
I was just short of my 9th birthday when Spurs lost to Benfica in the European Cup Semi Final, and at half time tonight, I thought we were on our way out again. Never mind half time, as the time added on was displayed at 90 minutes i still thought we were going out. As that extra time goal went in, my lounge erupted as my three sons and I roared with delight.

Ajax played really well, and in the end it was a higher level of intensity that saw us through, they are a very young team, and don’t get that often enough to cope easily with it. They played some great football, and there was very little of the sh*thousery as demonstrated by Barcelona the previous night. I feel for their fans as they will lose so many talented players during the summer.

My three lads have endured some turgid times being Spurs fans since the early 90’s, as Sky TV, Arsene Wenger, a Russian Oligarch and Middle East oil money has re-drafted the landscape of top flight football in this country, and across Europe. To be fair, in many cases our club has only itself to blame for many of our stumbles, but tonight came a great reward. As they joked on the Guardian podcast last week, if you’d heard the sentence “Spurs are sweating on the fitness of Sissoko for the Champions League Semi Final” six months ago, you would have had the person saying it committed, it would have been regarded as preposterous on 2 counts, Sissoko? CL Semi Final?  A mistake surely?

I read the mailbox regularly, and see managers, clubs and players berated and trashed by fans that appear disproportionately aggrieved when something / anything goes wrong. The bleating of Arsenal and Man United fans over the past 2 seasons seems really out of proportion to the fairly modest level of decline they have suffered. People need to take a longer term view of things.

So, I just want  to say a big thank you to Mauricio Pochettino and all the players for bringing me a truly great present for my 66th birthday.

I can’t even think about June 1st yet.
Jim French (Spurs since ’59) Herts


Best night of my life
Greatest night of my life, over 30 years supporting this club and I am on cloud nine!! For me Poch getting this team to the final is a greater achievement than Klopp (and I love and respect Klopp). To do it on no transfers in two windows after having got rid of our best player (Dembele) and having a tired squad after the world cup is nothing short of unbelievable. If he’s given a decent transfer budget in the summer we can become a real force

I now know what all these Liverpool, Chelsea and United fans have felt over the years getting to CL finals, and what a way to do it! 2AM and no chance of sleep as buzzing off adrenaline – Just truly magical – Best night of my life – Doesn’t feel real – This isn’t supposed to happen to Tottenham!!!!
Robert – Marbella (Not had any snidey comments or jokes sent to my phone from any Gooners in the last week!)


Rose was tenacious. Dele was dynamic. Eriksen was metronomic. Aldertonghen were simultaneously a (relatively) immovable force and an unstoppable object. Hugo was our saviour several times over. And Moura was exciting & a constant threat, but who cares about his overall evaluation when he scored a f***ing hat trick.

Poch managed this one perfectly. He can’t stop the players falling asleep at a corner for the second time in 5 days, nor prevent Trippier being essentially useless. But he’s made them far more than the sum of their incomplete parts. Lamela was superb in his cameo, and Llorente was classy and inventive.

But that’s not why I wrote in. Moussa Sissoko was a one-man midfield, driving the team on time and time again, pulling the ball out of the fire over and over, and impeccable with his passing. This is a player I and many of my fellow Spurs fans would have gladly chartered a jumbo jet to remove a year ago. And he, more than anyone, epitomizes the incredible work that Poch has done.
Damien, THFC


And another thing…
It was incredibly clever of Spurs to get themselves two red cards against Bournemouth, because Trippier and Wanyama’s performances meant it came in useful having had plenty of practice playing with 9 men.

Trippier had some decent moments, and apart from his culpability for their goal did acquit himself adequately. And Wanyama’s current situation is simply sad, he’s nowhere near the player he was. But it just says all the more about Spurs and Poch’s amazing achievements, and of course this counts as achieving regardless of the final result, that we managed this with the lack of investment, the absences, and the weak points we have. Also, turns out Kane and Eriksen are heading to Madrid after all, eh.

Damien, THFC


The fraud/bottle squad
To all those people that say Klopp or Pochettino need to win a Trophy before we can say they are great coaches… Guess what. You were wrong when you said it, and you will definitely be wrong again on the 1st June.

About both of them regardless who wins.

Have you ever experienced two days of Football back to to back in your LIFE!
Neil Green, COYS


By the end of May, either Klopp or Poch will no longer be a trophyless fraud.

This is going to be like one of those European Cup finals from the 60s that all ended 7-3 isn’t it.

Football has lost it’s f***ing mind and I love it.
Pierre, LFC in Bristol

PS Oh my god well done Spurs what on earth how why what


Hey guys,

Please, no more talk about bottlers for Liverpool or Spurs. Both have overcome some serious odds to reach this final. Both are champions, neither are losers.

I’m a Liverpool supporter living with a Spurs supporter. This is going to be very weird.

Good luck Spurs, obviously I want Liverpool to win. But I will be delighted if Spurs win too.
Rob, Brighton.


One of Poch and Klopp will be silencing the ‘yeah nice football but what have they won?’ brigade forever on 01 June.
Bill, Aberdeenshire


Well, at least now one of Pochettino or Klopp will be able to get away from the “but what has he won” narrative…
Neal Boland, LFC, Dublin


There will still be people who ask what have Klopp and Poch won.


How dare Poch and Klopp prioritize the big trophies…
-Dan, NYC


The Liverpool take
Stealing our thunder a bit there lads.

Great result, definitely didn’t want to face Spurs in the final personally. Poch is an outstanding manager and there’s a lot of top players there too.

All a bit nervy and exciting for the next few weeks now!
Minty, LFC


What the actual f**k?! My wife can’t comprehend how my mood has shifted so massively in 3 consecutive nights of football.

Distraught Monday, elated Tuesday, and anxious tonight.

This manufactured fued between Liverpool and Spurs fans has finally become real.

One of these two managers, constantly berated with the “what have they won?!” jibe is going to win old big ears.

Bookies have Liverpool as 3/1 favourites right now. I don’t get that. This is 50/50.

I’m a Liverpool supporter in the North London area. I can’t even take the thought of losing the champs league final to spurs, let alone reality.

Would’ve preferred Ajax for sure.

That said, the whole night had a feeling of inevitability about it
Dom Littleford 


Firstly, massive congratulations to Spurs. There is nothing better in football than a comeback, sealed with a last gasp winner. To have your emotions pulled from total despair to outright jubilation is what football is all about. Spurs were brilliant and fully deserve their place in the final.

With the meeting in Madrid now set, here are some initial thoughts…

1. Things move quickly in football, so its easy to forget how mad this is. Liverpool v Spurs in the Champions League final. And both sides fully deserve to be there. It’s not luck, or a fluke. Liverpool and Tottenham are two of Europe’s best teams. Five years ago that would have been unthinkable.

2. Jurgen Klopp gets some stick from rival fans for his record in finals. That’s understandable but you could argue it’s a little unfair. In all of Liverpool’s finals with Klopp they have been the underdogs and all in competitions where they were never expected to reach the final anyway. This will be different. Liverpool are the bookies favourites and, fairly or unfairly, if they don’t win, it it will be a stick to beat Klopp with all next season.

3. Whatever happens, one of Klopp of Pochettino is no longer going to have to deal with the: “Yeah? But what has he won?” brigade.

4. Sometimes in football, things feel like destiny. The “Gerrard…Oh ya beauty!” moment against Olympiacos springs to mind.  However, when destiny doesn’t pan out it slightly clouds those moments. The comeback against Dortmund was one of Anfield’s great nights, but it would have been even more special had it taken us all the way to the trophy. Liverpool and Spurs have just had two of the greatest nights in their clubs history. For one of those clubs, it’s still going to leave them empty-handed.

5. Losing a final is never a good thing. But losing to some teams is worse than others. I hatred losing to Real Madrid, mainly because of Ramos but also because their dominance had become extremely boring. I’d hate losing to Man United as rivals and would hate losing to PSG for obvious reasons. But I wouldn’t hate losing to Spurs. I’d be gutted, but I wouldn’t hate it. They’re a team that does everything the right way, with a likeable manager and a great set of fans. If the final had been Spurs v Barcelona I’d have been supporting Spurs. Obviously I hope we stuff them, but there are far worse teams to see lifting the trophy.

Here’s looking forward to a great night. Bring on 1st June!
Mike, LFC, London


Ok, I am a Liverpool fan, I’ve barely recovered from last night and stepped off a flight, turned my phone on to watch the final few minutes of the Spurs game… what a fantastic end to a brilliant come back. Well done Spurs. Family rivalry makes this fixture a tasty one in my family, but that can wait for another day. I hope Spurs fans enjoy the moment and soak it all in.

I do want to raise something though…

For much of the past couple of decades there has been a trend of the best players going to Spain (to win trophies), but for the past few years, arguably the best managers have been plying their trade in England.

Pep, Klopp and Pochettino (yes, I think the Argentine belongs in the same breath) have had massive impacts. The first two have spent big on occasion, but all have developed, nurtured and coached existing players to be significantly better.

Want more proof, look at England in the World Cup. Players who worked regularly with these managers featured heavily.

Sterling, TAA, Henderson, Kane, Ali, Robertson have all been coached to improve. The English contingent now crucial to their country’s success, Robertson now captain of Scotland.

La Liga can keep its mercenaries looking for bright lights, I’ll take what we’ve got here. The best managers making the most out of players who want to be here (until they don’t…).

And on that note, echoing a previous mail, fair f**ks to City should they claim the title this year. It’s been a marathon at sprint pace, and what they have achieved is truly remarkable.

As for Europe, over to you, Arsenal and Chelsea.
Gareth (Liverpool fan in Glasgow)


First of all, massive congratulations to Spurs. As a Liverpool fan, I back us to beat almost anyone, cos we have such a blend of quality and spirit, but looking at that game tonight, there aren’t many teams in Europe I’m afraid of more than Spurs with regards to the latter. I would have been happy enough with a possibly shaky Ajax team, but a Spurs side that keep pulling these silly results out of the bag in Europe? Bloody hell…

But the main take away from this week’s football is, obviously, the prospect of the inexplicable, and infuriating, Spurs-Liverpool reaching fever pitch in the next 3 weeks. I don’t really know how it will play out, because it seems to be entirely confined to the internet, but hopefully people will avoid pushing each other into fountains and other such larks that make English football fans the darling of cities across the continent. Good luck, Madrid…
Ciarán, Rialto.


Got published yesterday to shout out the praise fans of other teams had given Liverpool in progressing, so now it’s my turn as a Liverpool fan to pass it back out to Spurs.

Really didn’t want you in the final (think it’ll be a very awkward game) but fair play, its a hell of a moment to go through like that and you deserve it. Regardless of the outcome anyone saying that Pochettino can only be judged by winning things can f**k right off, leading Spurs to the final under the circumstances they’re dealing with is incredible.
Jason (LFC, Merseyside)


Wow Wow Wow! Congrats to Spurs. What a time! See ya in Madrid!
David lfc 


Mind the gap
Congratulations to Spuds and MoPo. Absolutely superb heart, mentality and character. Despite building a brand spanking new stadium which is going to temporarily rein in spending, a new dawn is on the horizon. Good players, a youth project to come and the promise to be an admired, respected footballing power. A manager who will compete on the big CL stage and not use “oil money” as an excuse. This club will power on in the CL, whilst their inferior north London neighbours will finish outside the top 4, playing Thursday nights, whilst blaming everyone but themselves. If someone had told you that in 2006, you’d have had them locked up.

The last two nights of CL football have put the final nail in the coffin for Arsenal fans and their club. Conned by one man for 14 years.
Stewie Griffin (Cannot compete with dole money)


As a life long Arsenal fan, the majority of whose friends are Liverpool fans, this has been the worst 24 hours I’ve ever experienced from football.

And I’ve ruptured my ankle ligaments playing the sport. Three times.
Joe (this is my punishment for disrespecting Wenger), London


Gunner mess it up
The Back Pages – Friday 10th May 2019

Liverpool made an unbelievable comeback
Tottenham made a remarkable comeback
And then Arsenal f****d it up…
Balham Gooner (worried)


You know what? Well done Spurs.

I had wanted Ajax to make the final because I thought they would give Liverpool a game. Turns out I was wrong.

This is going to be some final particularly as for some inexplicable reason these two clubs absolutely hate each other.

Now onto the Europa League where Chelsea will make it three English Euro finalists and Arsenal will find some way to f*ck it all up.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


As an Arsenal fan this is two clubs one cup but I have to eat it all.
Jason (Chorley Gooner)


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