Souness slams ‘vulgar clown’ Martinez who ’embarrassed himself’ and ‘crossed the line’ in Qatar

Jason Soutar
Graeme Souness speaks about England

Graeme Souness did not like what he saw from Emiliano Martinez during and after Argentina’s World Cup final win against France.

Martinez has been heavily criticised for making a lewd gesture with the Golden Glove trophy before Lionel Messi picked up the Golden Ball.

It was an extremely bizarre moment that will not be forgotten by football fans any time soon.

Some loved what they saw from Martinez during the penalty shootout as he did his best to put off the French takers.

The Aston Villa shot-stopper is well known for his s**thousery, especially when players are preparing to take a spot-kick.

Throwing the ball away from Aurelien Tchouameni before he missed the target has not gone down well at all, and it does make sense as to why that is the case.

Souness is all for a bit of housery, however, he thinks Martinez “crossed the line” against France and says the 30-year-old “embarrassed himself” and “embarrassed his country” by holding the Golden Glove over his private parts.

This is peak Souness, who is not happy whatsoever.

He wrote for the Daily Mail: “Much of the debate post World Cup Final has centred on the behaviour of Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez during the penalty shootout.

“I can accept those antics, to a point. But what we should be talking about more is the crude gesture he made after collecting his goalkeeper of the tournament trophy.

“Do some people really find that sort of thing funny? Martinez embarrassed himself and he embarrassed his country. He looked like a vulgar clown. If that is what he wants to be remembered for, then God help us all.

“I like him as a goalkeeper, for Argentina and Aston Villa. But for him to think what he did was appropriate, it beggars belief.

“Why did he not want to be remembered instead for his performance? Or the team’s performance? Or Lionel Messi’s performance?

“I cannot understand why he chose to do that in front of a watching world. He was also on stage with the various dignitaries and the Emir of Qatar.

“What respect is he showing for his hosts? For himself, even? Maybe he doesn’t care. He should. He will not be so proud in years to come. Sadly, that image is part of the story of the final now.

“And what a final it was, by the way. The best of my lifetime? Yes. Martinez played a huge part, not just in the shootout but also with his save in the final minute of extra-time from Randal Kolo Muani.

“But his conduct in attempting to put off France’s players before taking their penalties has clearly split opinion.

“I have been part of this sort of thing before with my Liverpool team-mate Bruce Grobbelaar in the 1984 European Cup Final against Roma, in Rome.

“Bruce, famously, used his spaghetti legs to distract Francesco Graziani. It worked, he hit the crossbar. Alan Kennedy scored the final penalty and we had our third European Cup.

“Where Martinez crossed the line was by throwing the ball away from Aurelien Tchouameni, who then hit the post. You still have to show respect to everyone else on the pitch. It is not win at all costs. There is a limit to what you can do.”

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