Southgate ‘frivolity’ turned Henderson into ‘rampant egotist’?

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Jordan Henderson was turned into a ‘rampant egotist’ because Gareth Southgate picked him for Euro 2020…


‘MANCHESTER CITY are offering Raheem Sterling AND Gabriel Jesus to Tottenham in a bid to land Harry Kane’ – The Sun exclusive from Paul Jiggins, May 31.

‘DANIEL LEVY will demand a cash-only deal for star striker Harry Kane’ – The Sun exclusive from Ken Lawrence, June 8.

Ah, if only we had the nerve to exclusively create a story just to exclusively dismiss it ourselves a week later. That takes real gumption.


Choices, choices
Mediawatch was amused by that Sun story about Daniel Levy not wanting the ‘cast-offs’ of Manchester City and Manchester United – he has more pride than that – which does not mention until the ninth paragraph that Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus might not actually want to swap Champions League football for the Conference League.


You will never guess…
‘REVEALED: How late pick Ben White found out he was IN’ is a hell of a back-page sell for ‘Gareth Southgate called him on his mobile phone while he was in a car’.


Alter ego
The Sun‘s Chief Sports Writer Dave Kidd is very grumpy about Gareth Southgate calling up the injured Harry Maguire and Jordan Henderson (it’s been a ‘nightmare’ build-up for this England side, remember).

And after having his own claim about the pair missing the entirety of the tournament disproved by one of them literally playing in a pre-tournament friendly, he is even grumpier. These were ‘frivolous, ill-advised selections’, and Kidd has no time for the argument that this is a 26-man squad and so Maguire and Henderson were essentially free hits.

And now Henderson has taken and wasted a penalty in that game he was definitely going to miss (along with the whole tournament), Kidd is pointing the finger of blame directly at Southgate.

‘That was entirely out of character for Henderson, a genuine team man and certainly no rampant egotist.’

Yes, a genuine team man who told Dominic Calvert-Lewin ‘he hasn’t scored for England yet’ so he took the ball from the hands of the striker.

But that’s what Southgate made him do with his frivolity (seriously, have you ever known a man less tempted by frivolity?).

‘But when you haven’t played for 3 1/2 months and are desperately trying to prove your fitness for a tournament, that’s exactly when a player can go rogue.

‘Southgate is trying too hard with Henderson and, as a result, Henderson tried too hard for Southgate.

‘That episode was a serious indictment of the folly of selecting unfit players.’

F***ing hell, Gareth. How did you not know that selecting a not-quite-fit Jordan Henderson would turn him into a rampant egotist? Shame, shame, shame on you.


Buend it like Collymore
Over in the Daily Mirror, Stan Collymore is bizarrely claiming that ‘Aston Villa getting Emiliano Buendia is exactly the type of business that is terrifying the ‘big’ clubs around Europe’.

Oh yes. Andrea Agnelli is shaking in his Italian leather boots because the 11th best team in England have bought an uncapped Argentine midfielder from a Championship club.

‘Especially in Spain and Italy, where taking a player from under the noses of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus or AC Milan would be seen as pure temerity.’

Is is not even remotely relevant that none of those clubs have actually been linked with Buendia, with Arsenal seemingly Villa’s only real competition? No?

‘But for a club which was only promoted to the Premier League two years ago to not only be able to keep one £100million-plus asset in Jack Grealish, but also break a club record and steal a player from under a big six club’s nose, is another thing altogether.’

Ah, so Barcelona and Real Madrid will be worried (sorry, ‘terrified’) because Buendia has been signed by Aston Villa rather than Arsenal? Or will they have spotted that Arsenal’s bid was not actually accepted by Norwich? Because that seems really quite relevant.


Patson the backs
But amidst all this talk of England and Euro 2020 the real clicks are still to be reaped from Liverpool transfer news. What else?

‘Liverpool transfer news LIVE – Patson Daka linked, Erling Haaland claim, Youri Tielemans options’

Patson Daka, you say? What’s your source, Liverpool Echo?

‘Patson Daka will be announced as a Liverpool player this week, according to the Zambian Observer.

‘The 22-year-old’s name features on many shortlists this summer following a brilliant year at Red Bull Salzburg, with report from Spain last week claiming the forward was set to sign for Liverpool.

‘The Reds have already agreed a deal to sign Ibrahima Konate from RB Leipzig, and reports last week claimed Daka could join the defender at Anfield this summer.

‘But the Zambian Observer is reporting that the forward “is set to be announced” as a Liverpool player this week.’


According to various websites and a Spanish website, Zambian international striker Patson Daka has agreed a deal with Liverpool.

‘The 22 year old is set to be announced next week according to a Liverpool website called Echo.’


It’s the ciiiiiircle…the ciiiiircle of clicks.

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