End of the road for Southgate? It’s time for Redknapp to ‘finally get a crack’ at the England job…

Date published: Sunday 25th September 2022 9:25 - Editor F365

England-linked Harry Redknapp puts his finger in his mouth

Is it time for Harry Redknapp to ‘get a crack’ at the England job? Calls for Gareth Southgate to be sacked, Jurgen Klopp’s legacy at Liverpool and more…

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Time for Harry?
Can anyone tell me that we wouldn’t be better off letting Redknapp finally get a crack, on a one tournament only deal, than go to Qatar with Southgate?

Yes he’s a throwback but at least he knows how to manage and would bring good vibes, moreso than Gareth. Would also allow the sweeping changes needed, players picked on form not nostalgia or misplaced loyalty.

If Gareth is supposed to be building to something it’s more likely to be an embarrassing epic failure at this point than the win.

Redknapp is the ticket to the trophy, I’m telling you.


End of the road for Southgate?
England were boring, terrible and totally devoid of ideas against Italy
. A cure for insomnia. The same old tactics, players and ideas which have admittedly worked in two tournaments but have been made to look rubbish in the last five nations league games and don’t look fixable in one game.

The question is, what do the FA do?

1. Keep Southgate. He’s done well in tournaments, seems to be popular and is a good manager who has united the various rival camps. He’s given chances to players but is sensible and defensive minded (which is good or bad depending on your take).

2. Appoint someone else. Who else is out there? I would have said Graham Potter but he’s gone to Chelsea. There’s a few good managers available on the market who would be an upgrade tactically but for various reasons wouldn’t likely want the job, wouldn’t be suitable or would risk breaking the harmony that has been created. The best candidates are not English which wouldn’t fly.

Overall, Southgate has earned the time but the FA must surely be looking past the world cup to get a successor, especially if we don’t do well (which looks likely on recent form).

The problem is that Southgate won’t change his ways now and I think we have peaked by reaching a final (admittedly better than most nations and the best men’s result since 1966).

We will still see the same drab football and predictable selection which stifles Foden and Grealish, plays two holding midfielders regardless of the opposition and picks poor defensive players who better managers don’t select for their clubs (Maguire, Shaw). It’s too late for TAA and Madison to get a chance I feel and some decent players who offer something different (Jack Harrison springs to mind given his start to the season) will always be miles away.

So in summary I want England to do well but don’t think Southgate can take us further. Let’s have Bielsa and play a 4-1-4-1 formation with five attackers, tactical flexibility, lots of fun and lots and goals at either end. Wouldn’t be dull and you could all experience the thrill ride we had at Leeds.


Let’s face it, the backlash against Southgate after awful performances in the Nations League is the frustration at his team blowing our best chance to win a major tournament in 55 years at the Euro 2020 final last summer coming out.

The media were kind to his team in the immediate aftermath of the penalty shoot-out defeat to Italy with talk of the team having “done us proud” but they’ve been waiting for the chance to turn the screw on Southgate for throwing our best chance of silverware since 1966 away in a Wembley final that was ours to win.

Failure to bring it home in Qatar this winter and the media will be clamouring for his replacement.
Dan, London


I never saw the game last night as it wasn’t broadcast on US TV.

But are we really surprised by the poor performance of Southgate’s team?

He was never really qualified for such a big role as he’d only managed Middlesborough and the England U-21s.

He only really got the job as the FA were desperate to hire someone after the Allardyce debacle.

People are saying that he’s done well in his previous two tournaments, but has he?

England managed to get the easiest draws in both of these tournaments and never beat anyone of note, except a woeful German side.

The FA will keep him in the job until the World Cup where we should qualify against Iran, USA and Wales. (Another easy draw)

But come against anyone decent in the knockout stages and we’re out.

If Potter does a decent job at Chelsea then I can see him being a future contender for the role.

But right now I can’t see any other English managers who are yet qualified for the Job.

So, I think we have to once again look at appointing a foreign manager Tuchel maybe?
Neil, LFC, USA

England manager Gareth Southgate greets Harry Kane after the defeat to Italy.

Fully expecting the decline of Southgate…
That is what is called returning to the norm.

Over 5 decades of England watching the collection of individuals who are / have been great or good for their club managers, come together and turn out games like that in an England shirt.

Both in qualifying for tournaments and at tournaments other teams draw or beat England who on paper are at a similar level but on the pitch are better and more ruthless .

This has been going on since the Emlyn Hughes, Trevor Cherry, Ray Clemence, Ray Kennedy, Kevin Keegan era. Graham f#<£!ng Taylor was a particularly low period when even the players at club level that were picked were not good.

Hence the last two tournaments were a very pleasant surprise and I supported Southgate and the teams he picked. Winning knock out games, winning a penalty shoot out against Colombia. It was all sunshine. So hopefully, things will knit together come World Cup games.

I fully expect an agonizing group and a first knock-out game with rizzla thin margins . Then, somewhat sadly, I expect Gareth will be on his way. Getting jobs of lesser and lesser caché before going bald and grey.

Perhaps a Villa, Bolton, Rotherham, Plymouth Argyle sort of downward arc. Still, a final and a semi final is better than anyone except Sir Alf right? Cling to those halcyon days Gareth.
Peter (Spain to lift the World Cup again) Andalucia


Attack, attack, attack…
England have the best, young attacking squad with the greatest potential in my lifetime ( and I’m old enough to have watched us win the World Cup in 66 ). They will however win nothing whilst Southgate is the coach.

He has a remarkable knack of making exciting talented players look mediocre and below average by his choice of formation and safety first tactics. Watching England is like watching Leicester go sideways and backwards…….boring to the extreme and ineffectual. There’s a reason why they are bottom of the prem. Southgates insistence on playing 6 defensive players plus a goalie ( with the customary 3 right backs ) is baffling. Right backs at their clubs become center backs and left backs.

Attacking left backs can’t get a game ( Shaw / Chillwell allegedly because of lack of club football but Maquire is picked). James and Walker in the same side do not compliment each other……it’s a waste of an attacking midfield selection. Saka at wingback is a waste of an outstanding attacking midfield prospect. Two defensive midfielders is a waste of an attacking option. For goodness sake Garett cut them lose and allow the team to attack. Pick an attacking formation…..we have enough talent in that squad to beat anyone in the world.


Klopp’s legacy
Aman’s question about whether Klopp’s Liverpool (…so far? cause it’s not yet over) has been a great team or disappointment – seemingly based purely on a barometer of trophy count (feel free to clarify this) – was clearly intended to bait the Liverpool supporters. As a relative neutral, if allowed the opportunity, I’ll also bite.

First, I’ll outline my biases 1. my brother-in-law is a lifelong Liverpool supporter 2. Arsenal-Liverpool has always been diplomatic and 3. we’ll sure as s**t both align against United.

That being said, I’ll answer your question right now: unless you’re a Liverpool-hating United fan then the idea of being disappointed by such a great team makes absolutely zero sense.
MAW, LA Gooner


WPL > Nations League
With Arsenal W attracting 46,000 people and scoring 4 against Spurs a day after England Men’s bore an audience during a meaningless and cynical cash-machine in the Nations League, it’s clear the WPL is the better platform for excitement and actual football.

It’s not that women’s football is better than mens, but more that the immaturity in the women’s commercial framework is keeping it more ‘about the sport’ than lining pockets in Switzerland.

We should enjoy the WPL before it becomes noted by the FD at UEFA and FIFA and turned into another teat from which fans can be milked.


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