Spurs fan literally gives up on Spurs after that Antonio Conte sh*t-show v Aston Villa

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Spurs boss Antonio Conte despairs during Villa defeat

The first Mailbox of 2023 is an absolute belter as it features a Spurs fan literally giving up on Spurs as well as talk on Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United.

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The day I stopped supporting my team
So I have been a supporter of my team since 1974, they were the first team I was taken to watch and as an impressionable 9 year old I loved the way they played, the flamboyance the kit everything about them.

I have followed them through good times, but mostly bad times ever since, but New Year’s Day 2023 is the straw that broke the camel’s back!

We currently have the Italian Nuno coaching us, we have on paper a decent list of world-class players yet our manager has managed to regress them in every facet. We have stopped playing the ball forward only playing sideways or back, we rely on our striker to dig us out every game. We lose cup matches against opponents from lower leagues and frankly when we do win we scrape those wins mostly through luck.

We always start matches as though we are either asleep or running through quicksand and I have finally had enough. Yes I was a Tottenham supporter but no more, I have lived through Irving Scholar almost bankrupting us, Alan Sugar frugalness and Daniel Levy making poor choice after poor choice but today was the nadir.

I can no longer support this team of mercenaries and has Beens. Our captain is a World Cup finalist, our centre back is a World Cup winner, we have a left back that is a World Cup semi finalist and a striker that is a World Cup quarter finalist, mix that in with other players that are proven on the world stage and Antonio Conte has ensured that they are frankly so much worse than the sun of there parts that it has become worse than a joke.

Today I am done with supporting this club, Conte is a fraud the players are no better than my local under 10’s and after all these years I am done.

Before anyone on her claims I am acting entitled I have put up with this crap for too many years my club through mismanagement and apathy have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory once too often for me. I cannot do this anymore and I am done with this club and therefore with football in general.

Thanks Antonio you have given me back my weekends and my life now do me a favour and depart from my former club as you sir are a fraud as a manager!

Yours sincerely,
David Clarke (Exiled in Sydney, formerly of Reading)


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Not a thing anymore…
There was a mailbox in the early weeks of the season in which a Spurs fan (and it wasn’t even Barry) surmised their style of “winning even though you actually are not that good of a football team” was more sustainable than Arsenal just..winning pretty comfortably all season?

Just wanted to put that here.
MAW, LA Gooner


Even this Spurs fans loves Odegaard
Odegaard then. Is he not a pleasure to watch? Yes, Barry, if you’re reading, I am a Spurs fan, but I can’t bring myself to hate any of this Arsenal lot.

Am I better person for saying this now?
Jon (Spurs, duh). X


What’s the Saka problem?
Saka has been booked four times this season thus far.

Those players detailed to kick him have been collectively booked once.

Once. Collectively.

Call it what you want – and decide upon the motivation for yourself – but that is absurd in a game where any contact is now a foul and it is hard to conclude anything other than bias.

What do the PGMOL have against England’s brightest young player?


Has Haaland made Man City worse?
Someone predicted at the beginning of the season (on this site I think) Haaland would score lots of goals but make City worse. I laughed it off thinking it’s one of those ‘hot takes’ everyone would laugh at the end of the season. Yet here we are after 16 games, Haaland has scored 21 league goals but City are 7 points behind Arsenal! So I want to know what y’all think: Has Haaland really made City worse??!


…I can’t wait to see the open top bus parade City have for Haaland’s 50 goal, runners-up season.
Steve, LFC. London (via Bootle)


…Just curious, are Man City considered contenders for the title, still?
David, Caleeforneeya


I’m a believer…in Marcus Rashford
I can’t believe I am about to say this but thank goodness for Marcus Rashford. He used to be the biggest irritant (all pace and no guile) but I love the way he is maturing. This has to go down to the coaching staff.

Hopefully he kicks on from now and finally breaks through into the world-class category (of which I think he can reach).

Congratulations Marcus you made a believer of me and I used to be a big sceptic (like huge).
Manc in SA (every time I see Anthony with the ball I long for Greenwood)


Key win for Manchester United
This was a good result away from home for United with Rashford changing the game again.

It was a sloppy first half from United. Nothing terrible but there were many chances that were lost because of a bad pass or holding onto the ball for too long. I did like Antony and Wan-Bissaka linking up early but they seemed to stop it later in the half. The attackers did not look sharp especially Martial. He may not be fully fit just yet as he has been coming off early recently. Garnacho looked tricky but still some mistakes you make as a a youngster so nothing worrying.

The second half was a much better display from both teams. United had some early chances but could not finish them. Wolves stayed in the game and look much better then they have this season. The minute Rashford came on the game changed and you can see that Ten Hag starting him on the bench was the right decision and made him dangerous when he came on and scored a really good goal and was unlucky with another one being disallowed.

Overall, it was a good win away from home against a Wolves team with a purpose. Wan-Bissaka has surprised me since coming in for Dalot as I was worried he just was not at the level for United anymore but he has looked really solid and made himself at least a good backup or made him a more desirable player in the transfer market. Antony looked better for me this game. Of course he is not at his best but every good attacking chance we had he was involved and he had a good little link up with Wan-Bissaka. Hopefully we can continue this form and add to our attack in the January window to help with the second half of the season.
Max O’Hara


What’s the state of play?
Long-time reader, first time writing (this year), TBH have been in a place with limited WiFi for last week which do still exist here in deepest darkest africa so just about heard about Pele and Ronaldo news.

Anyway, wanted to give my two cents about the interesting state of the worlds bestest league. Can Arsenal do it? They are looking good and if you gave Pep the choice he’d want a champions league. Seems like a coin toss to me. Arsenal fans understandably not counting chickens but what do City fans think if you can find any to ask?

Chanpions league places are interesting too. Spurs seem to be plummeting, Chelsea too far away and not looking great which leaves Man Utd, Newcastle and Liverpool. As a utd fan I’m a bit worried about getting 4th now but at least we’re in 4th and have been going in the right direction.

Weirdly, I’m not too bothered as to whether we sign a striker right now. January signings tend to be more miss than hit so I think I’d rather see what we can do with the existing squad than roll the dice with an over priced player now. I’m wondering if ETH would actually rather have a more considered approach to signings too?
Jon, back in the civilisation of Cape Town now having survived the Eastern Free State and encounters with rifles, hand guns and an AK47 – Africa is not for sissies


Good riddance to Ronaldo
TBH I’m more than happy that CR7 has ended up in Saudi. Hopefully this will mean less coverage of the tedious f**ker going forward.

Let’s hope & pray that F365 and other respected news outlets covering football don’t start giving us match reports from the Saudi league, because I for one couldn’t give a shit!


Final word on Pele
Brazil hosted the 1950 World Cup. As a 9-year old boy, Pele saw his father crying while listening to the radio as Brazil lost to Uruguay in the final. He felt bad and told his dad not to worry as he would win the World Cup for him. And he did. 3 times. WHAT. A. LEGEND!