Spurs fans decried as ‘idiots’ as Arsenal warned that this won’t be fun…

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Spurs man James Maddison despairs
Spurs man James Maddison despairs

Spurs fans let their team down as well as Arsenal. Plus, Aston Villa’s great glow-up, Arsenal warned what’s in store and more…

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Spurs: Idiots
My God. The bleak inevitability that Spurs fans must feel. How does anybody look at that and say, “yeah, that’s for me”? My first, and last, 90 minutes rooting for those idiots.
Niallo, Gooner, Uibh Fháilí


…And another thing…Poznan-ing when your last chance of Champions League is slipping through your fingers, out of spite. Having watched football from their perspective for just a few minutes, the futility of their entire enterprise briefly made me feel sorry for them, but they have made their own choices and they are idiots, just like their idiot team.
Niallo, Gooner, Uibh Fháilí


…I’m sorry Spurs fans*, but that was embarrassing. Maybe you don’t win much because you apparently don’t want to win games of football, even when something is on the line.

The players did give it a good go in fairness.

*Yes, not all, but the majority of ‘support’ in the stadium was ridiculous.
Gary AVFC, Oxford (Oh, and yay!).

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A message to Arsenal from a Spurs fan
Welcome to our world (where you are given a golden chance to equalise, spurn it, then immediately concede a game-killing penalty) – at least you get to leave it!
Jeremy, Spurs, Oxford (we didn’t ‘fold’ or ‘throw the game’, that’s just how we play).

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Cry more salty tears
Not looking forward to all those City fans taking the piss tomorrow at work. Oh sorry scrap that, actually, I’ve never met one.

I’ll look back on this Arsenal season fondly. I assume more generous fans of other clubs will admire Arsenal in the way I have of Liverpool in these past seasons.

City’s sterile domination will continue to bore everyone senseless and rot the league from the top down. Empty, vacuous and unendingly dull.

Football should be chaos that gives you hope, City are relentless order that sucks your soul dry. What could be worse?

The media doesn’t know how to cover this team, they can’t keep talking about the money but that is literally all there is fuelling this. City is a team that has everything on the pitch and it’s unstoppable. But is also completely devoid of anything that makes football worth watching.

Remember City fans; nobody cares.
A tired, bored, Arsenal fan


A warning to Arsenal fans: This won’t be fun
You’re now one game away from having the best season of your entire history. More wins than the Invincibles. More points. Played excellent all season.

And you’re gonna finish with nothing to show for it, and every time you try to claim this was a great arsenal team everyone will ask – but what did you win? You’re only great if you win trophies.

You’ll find it very frustrating having nobody acknowledge it’s a great side and constantly throwing the fact you didn’t win the title back at you, and as a Liverpool fan I’d have tons of sympathy for y’all (because it genuinely is a shit feeling) if not for the fact you mocked Liverpool fans for feeling the exact thing you’re gonna feel.

You’ll complain at how it’s bullshit competing against this city team that can just power their way to title after title and it feels like you need to be perfect to wrestle a title out of their oil stained palms.

When you finally manage to get one title after monumental effort which takes so much out of you there is an inevitable slump next season and you’ll laugh and say “ha ha! Now we’ve got a title , told you it was a great team!” And the reply will be
“It’s only one mate. Even Leicester nicked a title, come back when it’s more”

I’d say enjoy it, but it genuinely isn’t much fun.


Aston Villa and the ultimate glow-up
A season and a half ago, Gerrard had us playing the most soporific, shittest football I have ever had the misfortune to watch. On the edge of a relegation threat, the upper echelons of the league seemed a lifetime away.

I’m not ashamed to say I drunkenly danced in the streets of London when news filtered through that he had been sacked (work colleagues were bemused to say the least).

In stepped Unai Emery, and well….

Champions f**king league next season.

Against all the odds, with the majority of the same players who looked like they would rather be anywhere else than in a Villa shirt before he came in, multiple injuries including 3 x ACL injuries in a season, fighting to the semis of a European competition.

Champions League.

Has there ever been a bigger upgrade in manager?

My phone is buzzing away with messages, so I’m gonna leave it there.

Love you Unai.
Nik. UTV (I actually wanted Spurs to get a draw, but that’s not important right now. Champions League baby!!)


…Over 5 years ago Villa were defaulting on HMRC debts.

Bring on new owners, Dean Smith, 10 wins in a row to promotion. Last game of the season draw to stay up during Covid when were dead and buried at lockdown.

Then Deano gone, the arrival and then departure of the scouse fraud. And then King Unai. 18 months on, Champions League football.

Whatever happens next season (and Newcastle showed it’s not easy), it’s been some ride.



Why selling Bruno makes sense
Someone has to say it. I would be happy to see Bruno Fernandes sold this summer.

To be clear, this is not an “anti-Bruno” thing. He is quite clearly our best player and has been from the moment he stepped onto the pitch against Wolves all those years ago.

He creates a quite frankly ludicrous amount of chances and it’s a real pity we never got to see him play with a proper team around him. Yes he flails his arms about and he’s a bit of a diva, and I imagine he is the personification of the anti-christ to the PFMs out there, but he most certainly cares. And that’s a hell of a lot more than you can say about the vast majority of players he’s played alongside at Old Trafford.

But, all that being said, how refreshing would it be to see INEOS and the new football operation come in and make a statement by selling a Bruno or a Rashford?

I’m not saying they’re bad players, but let’s have it right, United are about to finish 8th (EIGHTH) in the league. Not a single soul in that dressing room should be thinking their job is safe for next season.

You don’t sell Bruno because he is at the bottom of your talent pool – the opposite in fact. He is one of your few, genuinely sellable assets that you can get good money for.

Varane is leaving for free. So is Martial. Sancho and Greenwood will leave in cut-price deals. Casemiro will be sold for half of what we paid for him (if we’re lucky). The wages of Maguire, McTominay, van de Beek (remember him?!), and others on the chopping block mean the transfer fees will be heavily reduced – if they can get anything at all.

This Man United squad is broken. Despite the fact that it lacks hugely in quality, it’s a complete mis-mash of talent. Just look at Wan-Bissaka and Dalot. Two completely different right backs. If one is injured and you have to play the other, your style of play will need to completely change too. The same goes in midfield. You go from Casemiro to Mainoo to Eriksen to Mount to McTominay. United only have one striker. A massive overhaul is needed. It’s a 3-4 window job minimum to be even competitive in a Top 4 race to be honest. No one should be thinking about winning leagues in the next five years.

United are set to miss out on European football next season and all the TV money that comes with it. INEOS will need money to steer clear of FFP while signing the 4, 5, 6 players they so desperately need.

This is real life – not Football Manager – but you could get a good £70-80m for a Bruno Fernandes. It would be so good to see that money go towards a new centre half and/or a partner to complement Kobbie Mainoo in midfield.

You have basically a new £60m signing in Mason Mount to play as a 10 or as part of your midfield three depending on who is managing United next season. Now obviously, Mount is not as good as Bruno, but it would be so nice to see United operate with even a modicum of planning & strategy. Selling Bruno would free up funds to improve the strength & depth of the rest of your squad.

We saw it down the road a few years ago when Liverpool sold Coutinho. They got £140m odd for him and signed Virgil van Dijk and Alisson. They lost one of their best players, but the team improved dramatically.

In fairness, they were the final pieces of the puzzle for Klopp. By comparison, United’s jigsaw is all over the floor, the pieces aren’t even on the table yet.

But I have hope that INEOS, Omar Barada, Wilcox, Ashworth & co. will bring with them some basic competency on the football side of the club.

ten Hag would probably already be sacked under Glazer decision-making based on the purely binary, no understanding of football, measure of “he missed Top 4”. Happened with Moyes, van Gaal, Mourinho and Solskjaer. INEOS at least appear to be taking stock of the nuance of the situation before making a decision.

How great would it be to see them take a similar stance with the playing staff and rebuild a team that has failed repeatedly. Rather than say, give out five-year contracts on ridiculous wages for no reason other than to list them as assets on a balance sheet?

We can only live in hope.
James, MUFC

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In the Rory Smith Supporters’ Group
I need to get a little something off my chest and refuse to return to the cesspit that is X to do it, so apologies all. I do it now as Monday night provided some perfect examples to use.

If you listen to Monday Night Club on 5 Live you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you don’t I’ll provide some quick context. A few weeks’ back on said show Rory Smith was talking about offsides and, to paraphrase, said something like; ‘You know when a player is offside or not, you don’t need to draw lines. The law wasn’t introduced to judge these hairline ones’. It has since turned into a bit of joke with Chappers & Sutton lambasting him for making decisions on ‘vibes’.

What’s my beef then? My beef is that I’m genuinely surprised, as presumed fans of football, that Chappers and Sutton don’t understand where Smith is coming from. For what it’s worth, Theo Walcott got is straight away yesterday. There were four goals disallowed for offside last night. Only one should have & would have been in Smith’s world – the Nunez one. Again, Theo agreed. As do I, which, as a Villa fan, would not have helped us last night. Watch the highlights. Tell me how different the Gomez one (allowed) is compared to the Bailey and Diaz ones (disallowed)? There is no difference.

I get that people will argue ‘well where do you draw the (metaphorical) line?’, but then I would say those same people are never allowed to say ‘VAR is sucking the life out of the game’ again. Have I got this horribly wrong? Again, tell me how those three decisions from last night were really any different? I think for most people this the ‘clear daylight’ argument in essence.

My point though isn’t how VAR should interpret offsides, but how perplexing it is that Chappers and Sutton can’t seem to comprehend the idea that a hair ‘offside’ (i.e. level) really isn’t what the law was brought in for.

Anyway, for the readers’ sake, I hope most of you ignored this/skipped past it. I feel better, but apologies if I wasted your time.
Gary AVFC, Oxford