Spurs is a step up from Everton – but should Richarlison be aiming even higher?

Date published: Thursday 30th June 2022 7:51 - Editor F365

Everton forward Richarlison takes a breather during the defeat at Burnley.

An Evertonian in the Mailbox acknowledges the leap between his club and Tottenham right now. But Richarlison could do even better with his big move.

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One small leap for Richarlison
There is no doubt that Tottenham are now a step up from Everton. The question is whether it is enough of a step up. Sure…They can offer Champions’ League football next season. But over the past 10 seasons, they finished in the top 4 only half of the times. With Man Utd attempting to stage a comeback (again) and Arsenal investing quite heavily in new players, it is by no means certain that Tottenham will always qualify for the competition. This is not to diss them. I am an Everton supporter, and would be very happy if we were in their shoes. I cannot begrudge Richarlison for wanting to move up. He did his best for us, and that will not be forgotten.


Let’s not pretend that Spurs are not a ‘step up’ from Everton, Mr Townsend


Crawley and when players have a go back
I was born in Crawley. I remember going to the Broadfield Stadium when they opened it and would go to games as regularly as I could as a child. Cost barely anything to get in and the food was decent, plus you could literally stand wherever you wanted (unless you were seated in the main stand) and then just swap ends as the game progressed.

To this day, I never felt Crawley had a rival. Kinda in the middle geographically between Brighton and Crystal Palace. No where near anyone that would have considered us a rival to my mind, especially as they were conference or worst for huge periods of time.

So yeah, Dave, Seagull and Rook, I agree.

Not entirely unrelated but it still makes me laugh every once in a while, I remember being maybe 12 and giving sh*t to an opposition player, he turned round and shouted at me “GO HOME AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK”.

Does anyone have a sh*tter anecdote of a semi-pro or professional giving you stick back in a game?
Barry (Perth).


No beef with Boro?
I’d like to formally nominate Middlesbrough as a club with more fans than rivals, and bigger than Crawley too! On the surface it seems that the Boro have two major rivals in Sunderland and Newcastle, but though those games are always spicy, deep down we all know that those two care far more about each other than they do about little old Boro.

Second, for those of a certain vintage, the first thing that comes to mind about Middlesbrough FC is that peculiarly exotic team featuring Ravanelli, Emerson and the most lovable little fella in the world, Juninho. For the slightly younger, it’s the unexpected UEFA Cup final run featuring the only time Massimo Maccarone (great name) did anything useful. For the even younger Boro are basically just another Championship team so there’s nothing to be offended about.

In Steve Gibson, Boro have a classic local boy done good as chairman who has been almost unerringly supportive and made progressive choices for managers. And right now the gaffer is Chris Wilder, tactically progressive enough to be appreciated by the podcast generation but still a bluff, straight talking Yorkshireman for the PFMs. Could stand to be a bit less defensive but you can’t have it all.

Slight blemish on the record for Aitor Karanka being boring as all hell in the one Premier League season lately, but that’s a lot better than having Steve Evans, eh Crawley fans?

Anyway, vote Boro.
Harry (Spurs by family, Boro because I met Ravanelli in 1996 and he blew my mind), THFC


…Growing up in the football desert that is the west country (tongue in cheek there) — I think there’s several candidates for this position. I was going to say Plymouth but then Exeter fans would probably jump in there. So I’m going to go for Yeovil — at least until Taunton Town complete their inexorable rise into League 2..

Also — please no more Brexit chat in the mailbox.. it’s bad enough having to live through it, I come to F365 for relief..
Dan, London


Man Utd’s three great managers
Mikki Attridge isn’t quite right. Manchester United have had three great managers.

If you want to go down a magnificent online wormhole, google “Ernest Mangnall”.

He’s what you might call a character but yes, he could get a tune out of a team, was a shark in the transfer market, knew how to deal with big name players and was totally not bothered by personal controversy, unpopularity or accusations of rank disloyalty.

Enjoy – but if you’re up against a work deadline, I would restrain yourself.
Mark Meadowcroft


…To take Micki Attridge’s point to its logical conclusion, Liverpool have had only three great managers. Shankly, Paisley and Dalglish won multiple league titles and a handful of European Cups between them – Liverpool weren’t as successful before and haven’t been as successful since. In fact, Liverpool’s three great managers won 12 English league titles combined; that’s really impressive. Although, worth noting that Sir Alex won 13 of his own. Throw in the 3 leagues with Aberdeen and you realise it’s no wonder he’s considered the greatest.

So yeah, we’ve had two great managers and a number of good managers who got us close but couldn’t quite get us over the line (plenty of seconds, thirds and fourths in between Sir Matt and Sir Alex) and some not so good. But by f**k didn’t we have the best of the lot. Let’s hope EtH can follow in his footsteps.

Trust a Liverpool fan to talk about history. History is written by victors – clearly not talked about by them though is it eh?!
Garey Vance, MUFC


Man Utd and Malacia
Roger Andrew, maybe, I am just an optimistic person, but I doubt Man Utd will just purchase Malacia because he shares the same agent as de Jong, if a lot of clubs where looking to get de Jong, then that is a different matter, Man Utd are said to be the only club in for him, so I doubt his agent could haggle them.

That said, Man Utd do have 3 left backs but let’s analyse, shall we,

– Luke Shaw: Undoubted first choice, you mention they aren’t world beaters, but this guy is, when he is not injured or burnt out that is, he is technically brilliant, good in defence, has a very good cross, and you need only look at Man Utd’s pass maps with and without him to know that he is their best (only?) fullback at progressing the ball from deep areas. The bad news is, this guy rarely plays 30 games a season, almost always gets injured, so you need a solid back up and that’s where…

Manchester United defender Luke Shaw

– Alex Telles: comes in, Telles is good at set pieces, and thanks to that, was capable of beefing up his stats at Porto, but the fact that Porto where willing to let go of their captain who was supposed to be in his prime years for so little should have raised red flags. He is a disaster in open play, incapable of progressing the ball by any means, has terrible positional sense, bad at defending crosses and set pieces, makes crosses even if no one is in the box and ones that look good but are only that. In short, just not good enough for the premier league. Ten Hag watched the final game, and after that, reports came out saying he was particularly unimpressed with Telles. Solskjaer bought him to manage the minutes of the injury prone Shaw but had to go back on that because of how poor he turned out to be. Remember, Reguilon was the first choice as back up left back.

– Brandon Williams: spent last season on loan at Norwich and didn’t pull up any trees, reports have suggested he wants to play and is not willing to be a back up and is already looking for a new club. The club on their part seem to realise that Williams is not good enough as back up for a position where the back up is expected to play almost the same number of games as the first choice.

All in all, the club wish to let go of Telles and Williams and they expect those sales to cover the price of the new left back Malacia. Obviously, Ten Hag is the architect behind the Malacia deal because he has wanted him since his time at Ajax, it has nothing to do with agent greediness, it is just lucky for them that he shares the same agent as one of their other targets. Feyenoord have two players that should be of interest to any club, the LW, Sinisterra and the LB, Malacia. I think it is a very brilliant piece of business by Murtough, with this, ball progression from deep will not be affected too much in case of an injury to Shaw, he possesses all the tools necessary to be a good LB. I just hope they get a new RB as well and a DM.

I would say, giving Shaw’s injury prone nature, the ineffective backups and the huge importance of full backs to Ten Hag’s system, your “there are other priorities in the skip fire at Old Trafford that need money chucking at” comment is ill advised. The club should make new full backs and a defensive midfielder the priority. We cannot afford a situation where Shaw gets injured or is out of form and the only man we can fall back on is Telles. I hate to say it, but playing with him at left back felt like a handicap last season.

For those asking why Utd did not move for Bissouma or Kamara, the answer is found in Man City’s refusal to move for them when they needed a new DM as well. They would have been cheaper options but they went for Phillips. It is because those two are known for their conservative passing and that is the one thing Pep never gambles on. Every City player including the goalkeeper must be very good at passing the ball; for him, it is a must have. Ten Hag is as similar a manager to Pep as anyone else, he would want to fill his team with players who are very good at passing as a prerequisite.


Arsenal fans and Riley
The myopic view of Arsenal fans of the Riley game is hilarious, there were probably two maybe three contentious decisions or fouls, the rest were Arsenal players throwing themselves to the floor like they had been shot after every touch, the baying of the precious fans made it all the more delicious. Both Neville brothers were vilified for apparently targeting Reyes, on a couple of occasions the ball was won cleanly yet Reyes flew through the air clutching imaginary injuries and winning free kicks, the penalty was soft but Sol swung a leg and Rooney took the invitation, you all forget the fact a stonewall penalty was denied in the same match. The Cole and Van Nistelrooy clash was Cole flying into Van Nistelrooy not the other way around, it’s hardly Ruud’s fault Cole injured himself in the process. So in summary I suggest you put away your Wenger tinted specs, get over or I will be forced to bring up Henry’s 5 yard offside goal gifting Arsenal undeserved points.
Paul Murphy, Manchester


Is that you, Richard Arnold?
Another United hit piece by a “journalist” for F365. Are you guys actually getting paid for this? Cause I can write a better and more informed article if I woke up at 4AM. So incase Mr. Will Ford doesn’t have access to google or general sense, these are the players United inquired for, and have either decided against it, the player chose diff or are in talks with:

1. Nunez (went Liverpool)
2. Malacia (almost done now)
3. Eriksen (Still deciding)
4. De Jong (In process)
5. Timber (Moved on)
6. Martinez (Awaiting a better deal from Ajax)
7. Antony (Awaiting a better price from Ajax)
8. Ebiowe (Moved on)

Our biggest target will be done within the first week of preseason, along with a 15m squad player, and waiting on further negotiations for 3-4 players. If United had gone in for Malacia early, they would be quoted 25-30m easily and harassed to overpay. The smart thing was to see what deal Feyenoord accepted, and add 20% and close it. But ofcourse Will Ford wouldn’t be able to decipher to understand any of this, or the fact that United are always overquoted and have to work hard to get value for a player. Please try and do some research next time you write an article, or make the banner image of Mediawatch your own face. Because it’s abysmal the things you have to write for clicks from United fans. You are as bad as the Manchester Evening News. Hope I managed to educate and add some information for you. Welcome 🙂

Aman (I’ve seen more researched projects in the 5th grade)



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