Spurs ticket prices ‘a missed opportunity’ – fans’ group

Ian Watson

Tottenham’s headline season ticket prices at their new stadium are masking more widespread rises, the club’s supporters trust has said.

Spurs announced ticketing details for their new home – which they plan to be in from next season – on Monday, with the cheapest season ticket coming in at £795 and the most expensive priced at £1995.

While they are both comparable to prices in the final season at the old White Hart Lane, the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust believe other price points are too high.

They said in a statement on their official website: “With the pricing for the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium, the club had a great opportunity to cement the growing bond between fans and the club, and to secure future generations of support.

“We were given headline pricing minutes before the club announcement went live yesterday. So we knew the cheapest GA (general admission) tickets and the most expensive were comparable to prices at White Hart Lane. But as we digested the detail, it soon became clear those headline prices masked a different reality.

“Some fans are facing increases of 25, 40 or 50 per cent in their usual seating areas which, even taking into account the improved facilities, will be beyond many, whether they are long-standing season ticket holders or whether they signed up for the first time for the year at Wembley.

“Many fans are now having to reconsider their seating options, scattering groups who’ve long sat together.

“There are 15 different price points, an over-complex system that allows attractive headline claims to be made but which mask the price rises many will now face.

“The club believes it will fill the stadium with this pricing policy. That may well be the case in our first season with a successful, entertaining team but the novelty may wear off after the first season, particularly if performance on the pitch falls short.

“With fans already contacting us saying they are priced out, we cannot view this as anything other than a missed opportunity.”

Tottenham’s new home is being built on the site of White Hart Lane.

Former Spurs striker Gary Lineker reacted to the ticket structure by warning that clubs risk damaging the Premier League’s brand by pricing out fans.

He wrote on Twitter: “We’re seeing more and more empty seats at grounds. Given the vast sums received from TV rights, ticket prices should be falling not rising. The game needs full stadiums otherwise its appeal will slowly decline, even to rights holders. Avarice will only damage the game and clubs.

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