Stillitano: We cannot make a Super League in any form

Date published: Wednesday 25th May 2016 9:30

Charlie Stillitano of the International Champions Cup (ICC) says that he is in no position to form or plan a European Super League.

Stillitano’s name was thrown into the limelight after several clubs met him in the Dorchester Hotel in London, with claims that they were organising a Super League.

However, Stillitano says that any plans would have to come from UEFA, not the ICC. Which we all sort of knew all along.

“We cannot in any way, shape or form make a Super League,” said Stillitano. “We are not the architects of this discussion. We know for a fact that everyone’s talking about it – there’s the ECA (European Club Association), there’s UEFA – and looking for a way to improve things.

“If they look at our (ICC) tournament and see it as a model of a way for them to go forward, it’s not us suggesting that. To me it’s in the hands of the clubs and UEFA. They have to figure it out.

“We meet the teams all the time. There was nothing nefarious about it, nothing secretive. The meeting was on the notice board at The Dorchester (Hotel).

“The majority of the discussion was how we are going to build the ICC after this year. Everyone’s talking about tournaments: Asia Cup, whatever.

“But we talked about everything. One of the things was what Arsenal came out with a comment about afterwards (surrounding a Super League). Okay. You’re sitting talking with friends and we chatted.”

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