Stop treating Son like a starstruck camera-wielder…

Date published: Sunday 17th February 2019 10:57

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It ain’t over
There appears to be a lot of throwing in the towel after the first legs of the various Euro cups this week with Man U fans declaring the Champions League over and Spurs fans looking forward to the quarter finals. Many Gunners fans seem to have abandoned hope of progression in the Euro Juniors Cup.

Am I the only one who wouldn’t be completely bowled over if the second legs read some like – PSG 0 – Man U 2 (Man U win 3-4 on penalties) ; Dortmund 4 – Spurs 0; Arsenal 3 – BATE 0. It’s just me, isn’t it?

(Anyone want to do the odds on that combo)
Andrew W – Dublin


Feeding the ABUs
I haven’t bothered reading too much after the Utd – PSG game due to knowing exactly what was coming “Solskjær is a fraud, Pogba is useless, Shaw is fat” and whilst I knew this was coming, I didn’t expect quite so much of it from the supposed fans.

I open this very website and read “Five transfer questions for Man Utd” and “Woodward identifies four new transfers” followed by “Man Utd want Pochettino” I mean come on guys, your better then this.

The thing is these are written by people who don’t support Man Utd and are paid to get people clicking on their articles, so I get that but the outcry of the Utd fans on how everything is awful once again is bewildering!

Look Utd fans people hate us (and I say us in the loosest sense possible) because of the self entitled, short termism attitude that is displayed far too often.

Did we lose and perform very poorly – Yes
Have we done this before and worse under the greatest manager ever – Yes
Is our team broken and full of once again awful players – This is subjective, we most definitely have deadwood imo but this isn’t an awful team
Will we lose against Chelsea in the FA cup – Possibly
Will the outcry from the Utd fans if we lose make us even more hated – Without a doubt.

You guys need to get it into your heads that whilst we aren’t the best team in the league atm we are finally now playing interesting fun football again (not always mind) and that in itself is a massive improvement! We will always go up and down in the league winning and losing games but I for one am much happier as long as I enjoy watching that roller coaster along the way **disclaimer I did not enjoy this under LVG or Mourinho.


Son stereotype
I started this as a bit of an observational thing about the general landscape of the season just now, but it has turned a bit of a rant about coverage of Tottenham’s Son. Specifically the continuous reference to his smiling face and happy demeanour. While I don’t disagree that the guy has a very positive attitude to his job, I don’t think it is unique to him and I don’t think a Caucasian guy would receive the same commentary in the same way. F365 rightly makes a big show of cultural and social awareness, and is way ahead of the coverage game in so many ways, but I think you are missing a look in the mirror on this one. For all there is a big residual emphasis in parts of Asia about presentation, sometimes to the detriment of content or quality (disclaimer: I am an Englishman who lives and works in Asia), this guy is way beyond that – he is international, if not actually world class, but the coverage of him (yours included I am afraid) has conformed to a caricature of the obsequious Asian that is just happy to be there. That is no better than the flaky South American, the hardworking Scandi or the shifty Turk/Bulgarian or the lazy African. That should all be dust now.

For those who disagree, let’s have a contrast with another non-European. Mo Salah is Egyptian and he seems pretty chuffed with the way things are going right now (maybe he will be less so after Old Trafford, but let’s not fret about that now), but nobody in the media makes a deal about it in the same way. (Fans are a different story: that chant about “if he scores another few, I’ll be muslim too” makes me very itchy indeed). But nobody I have read is writing like he is some starstruck camera-wielder from Seoul (or indeed Cairo). And if any organization should be at the forefront of the fight against the lazy journalistic bollocks, this is the one.

Rant over.

Warmest Regards
Andy Cawley (LFC and can remember Kenny getting the winner in 1990)


Poch v Ole
I know it’s been done to death over the last 4 mailboxes but IMO that Poch and Ole the main options being considered shows that lessons are finally being learned .

Before Ole showed up on the scene the front runners included guys who had done well somewhere else either because they had the best budgets or their philosophies worked well at their current location (Conte,Simeone,Allegri,Zidane).This doesn’t necessarily mean they would fit in at UTD in much the same way Jose didn’t necessarily fit despite still being a Great manager

These two are the best options out there and really choosing either one can only benefit Utd. Each of them will be capable of integrating youth,playing football that will make the opposition sh*t themselves most of the time , be willing to work with a DOF and utilise the players in their squad , Get rid of the quantity and increase the quality of the side and will both grasp what Utd are about. These are the important issues going forward and I believe they are both capable

There are flaws with each appointment, if we hire Poch he probably won’t get 4 years to finally outfox a team in the knock out rounds ,he isn’t going to be allowed to tell everyone the cup don’t matter when you get to the latter stages and Ole has made beating the so called smaller sides not a big deal anymore.

Ole also can’t afford to rest on his oars one get’s the feeling that people have been waiting for the past 2 months to send in some of the vitriol we saw in recent mailboxes and that’s actually good for him.

He needs results to keep producing if he can win some more of the big games and keep the team in 4th I saw give him the job on a 2 year contract if next year he turns out to be the next Di Matteo or Shakespeare which I doubt , then Poch will likely still be available as contrary to Dave’s opinion I don’t think there is still a vacancy at this point at Real Madrid after the results Solari has had.

If the rest of the season turns out to be sh*t and he fails to acheive any of the stated objectives he has still made a telling contribution and for that I for one am grateful.
Timi, MUFC


Ronaldo myth?
BEL (if this isn’t a real story, then I’m making a feature film of it)… it’s Cristiano Ronaldo. The guy who squared it to him is Albert Fantrau. It’s worth having a read around this one, it’s possibly a myth. But apparently Albert lives a lovely lifestyle and says it’s entirely because of Ronaldo, so at least he doesn’t grind a 9-5.

Wish I’d had a chance to square it to someone decent at some point in my life. I did once square it to a mate who was amazing at football but he’s a doctor now. What good will that do anyone?
Minty, LFC


…@BEL – Player A = Cristiano Ronaldo; Player B = Albert Frantau
It’s said Mr Frantau has a very lavish life because of that simple pass.
Dave (it’s like getting rich because you helped Bezos take photos in high school), Somewhere


All part of the masterplan
Just checking that by “tactical masterpiece” , Garey means “hit the other team on the break and then let them create chance after chance and hope that your keeper gets you out of the shit”? Cos that’s what happened in the Spurs v Man Utd match.

Warmest regards etc


…In response to Bel’s plea for help, Player A was one Cristiano Ronaldo and Player B was Albert Fantrau.

There are believed to be many inconsistencies in Ronaldo’s story- he actually told this story in an interview so the assumption is it is in some way true!

Most stories at the time suggested Fantrau was living a very lavish lifestyle despite missing out on the football life. When asked how he paid for the lifestyle with a 9-5 job his reply was ‘Ronaldo.’

Thinking about it now, while the story is nice if true, I’d still have just scored the goal and been away to practice my goal celebration for my own big move to Man Utd.
Gary B (Ronaldo’s saving this story for a final payday)


…On BEL’s question about a youth player passing to a teammate so they get the contract, I don’t recognise it from actual football, but something similar happened between Will Smith and a rival player over a basketball college scholarship in the Frsh Prince of Bel Air (episode titled My Brother’s Keeper).

Probably not what BEL was thinking of, but I wonder if the story came from the same place?
Michael C


Diamond Geezers take on Fulham
This is not normal. Here I am, at work, on the edge of my seat, reading the match report from Nene Park.
Spoiler Alert: I’m thrilled to see the first huge scalp in this formidable League Cup run.
This is such a great series, long may it continue!
Victor, Rushden & Diamonds fan since January 2019, New York


…So, Mike Paul just sold Gary Mills and went for Johnny Allan over Richie Foran…. Amateur moves could derail the season!

Edward Canhands (Robin Van Der Lan at Barnsley does a job in the middle of the 3 of that formation. Get him in – £350,000 bid)
Conor Doyle

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