Successful footballers that know how to handle their money

Date published: Friday 6th October 2017 3:16

You surely know that there are many people out there who because of their motivation managed to be on top of the world.

The sports field allows many persons to gain a certain kind of reputation over the years and considering their performance.

Some of these persons often end up being both quality athletes and entrepreneurs the same time, because of the necessity to handle lots of money.

Even though it might sound a little bit odd, handling so much money can be stressful and consuming. That’s why it’s important to know how famous people managed to do this and read their amazing progress in time. Here are some stories you might want to hear about:

Andrey Arshavin

You might know his name already from television among athletes in the business world, regarding his career in Arsenal. He managed to obtain a degree in the field of fashion design before finding football as one of his main passions. Once he decided to attend a university he gained a specialisation and followed one of his biggest dreams: becoming a designer. Even though it might seem odd that a person who is basically a beast on the field can dramatically transform into a person so focused on details and the visual side of the world. He is specialised in working with many employees, vendors and retailers and know how to deal with any problem he may encounter in this journey.  Currently he is playing for Kairat in the Premier League.

Rio Ferdinand

You might now Ferdinand as one of the most expensive defenders available in the whole world and by the simple fact that he retired in 2015. Considering the price tag that is placed on Rio’s head is quite evident that he later invested in business ventures. Given the fact that he loves Italian food, he opened a restaurant named Rosso in Manchester on one of the most popular street, frequently visited by people all around the world. He also teamed up with a friend who was also one of his team-mates in order to produce the movie named Dead Man Running.

Eric Cantona

If you are a fan of Manchester United is impossible not to know Cantona. He earned so much money he didn’t even know what to invest in anymore at one point of his life, so he decided to retire at a young age of 30. King Eric decided to invest a lot into movies and TV industry because it seemed like this is the way he gains the most money. Acting is not out of his long list of activities either (see Monsieur De Foix). He acted in more than 15 movies and plans on acting more. In case you like Nike, pay more attention to their commercials because you will most likely see Cantona in them.

Considering all the stories above, one thing is definitely clear: you should not rely on a single work domain all your life because you never know when opportunities will start showing.

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