F365 Super Sunday watchalong recap

Date published: Sunday 28th February 2021 10:30 - Editor F365

FT: Sheffield United 0-2 Liverpool
REPORT: Chelsea 0-0 Man United – and also 16 Conclusions
REPORT: Tottenham 4-0 Burnley
REPORT: Leicester 1-3 Arsenal
REPORT: Crystal Palace 0-0 Fulham

21:05: And that is that. Liverpool get the win they so urgently needed to stop the rottiest of rots. Head back to the main site for report and reaction shortly.


21:02: Into three added minutes. Been a good day for Liverpool. Three points for themselves, most obviously, while Leicester, Chelsea and Manchester United all dropped some.


20:59: Mane stays on his feet under a challenge from Ampadu. Goes to ground there and he probably gets a penalty. Stays on his feet so there’s not even a debate. And that is why players dive and exaggerate contact.


20:55: Often idly wonder who gets stuck with the job of telling Firmino he’s had his goal taken off him in these situations? Can’t be much fun. Unless you’re an arsehole, I guess. Great job for an arsehole.


20:47: Apology for bad language! Great news for the four of you still doing the bingo.


20:42: Firmino’s goal is going to go down as an own goal. Replays show Firmino’s effort was heading wide before Kean Bryan’s unwitting intervention. It’s Liverpool’s 7000th top-flight goal as well, so Kean Bryan is now a niche answer at a terrible pub quiz.


20:35: GOAL! Sheffield United 0-2 Liverpool
Great feet from Firmino to create a shooting chance, and he earns the luck of a deflection sending the ball arcing over a helpless Ramsdale to put the game to bed.


20:30: Osborn and Burke on for Jagielka and McGoldrick as Sheffield United go four at the back. Wilder had to do something – they were being overrun in this second half.


20:27: Huge chance for McBurnie, but he sends his header wide after being found unmarked by a tremendous Norwood cross.


20:25: Mane puts the ball in the net for an absolute London Bus of a second goal, but he’s offside. Still 1-0. Calm down.


20:24: If that actual real-life goal has giddied you up too much, why not restore your balance by reading 16 Conclusions on Chelsea v Man United?

In all seriousness, please read them, they’re an absolute arse to write on games like that.


20:20: GOAL! Sheffield United 0-1 Liverpool
Curtis Jones smacks one home after Alexander-Arnold just manages to keep the ball in before getting his cross in. Five hours since Gareth Bale scored Tottenham’s fourth, we finally have another goal. Super Sunday is Super again.


20:16: Second half under way at Bramall Lane


20:01: And that’s half-time in Ramsdale v Liverpool, which remains goalless.


19:54: Liverpool knocking on the door as Wijnaldum’s shot is beaten away and Firmino tries to be selfless and tee up Mane from the rebound rather than just smack it in himself. That’s just pure lack of confidence, surely. Had plenty of goal to aim at and Mane was marked – as shown by the fact Firmino’s cutback is intercepted.


19:53: This is a good 0-0 at least. Salah with a smart turn and shot inside the Blades box, but there’s a defender there to block.


19:51: Let-off for Kabak who gets his positioning all wrong and scuffs the ball into his own net under pressure from McBurnie, but the offside flag comes to his rescue.


19:49: Solskjaer on the penalty in fuller form here, if you’re that way inclined.


19:47: Another fine save from Ramsdale after Alexander-Arnold is played in by an absolute hash of a clearance from Ampadu, of short long throw fame.


19:44: “That’s the shortest long throw I’ve ever seen. It was a throw.” Five games is too many games to watch in one day.


19:37: Ramsdale out quickly to smother as Curtis Jones gets on the end of a lovely Trent Alexander-Arnold cross. Good start for both keepers.


19:36: Just struck by the horrifying realisation that Spurs have played by far the day’s most entertaining football.


19:32: Adrian denies McGoldrick again from a deflected effort. It’s been a decent enough start from the Blades.


19:26: Both keepers called into action in the first 10 minutes, Adrian denying McGoldrick and Ramsdale doing well to parry a shot from Firmino. Looked like he’d gone down a bit early there and given Firmino the option to just go over him, but he gets a big paw on it and the chance is lost.


19:15: And we’re off for the fifth and final game of the day. No Liverpool players appear to have retired before kick-off, so that’s good news.


19:01: Roy Keane once again achieves Peak Roy Keane. “We’ve spent all season talking about Liverpool’s problems. If you’re worried about Sheffield United, you should retire.”


18:47: Solskjaer insists that the referee has denied them two points, which relies on the twin assumptions that a) United definitely score the penalty and b) that the rest of the game proceeds exactly the same way.

He is very, very rattled about the penalty, though. He’s unhappy about something on Chelsea’s website. He’s unhappy about people influencing referees. He’s unhappy about people moaning that United get lots of penalties. He’s not happy. Bit of a weird interview. Luke Shaw’s was also odd. Hinted darkly at the referee suggesting he couldn’t give the penalty because it would create controversy.

Tediously, I fear we’ve not heard the last of this.


18:45: Handball Update: Tuchel thinks it definitely wasn’t a penalty, Solskjaer thinks it definitely was. Neither is right. Both are deflecting.


18:25: That’s quite a lot of games, isn’t it?


18:22: And that’s that at Stamford Bridge. The second half was better, but that’s two goalless draws between these two and the gap remains six points in United’s favour. Feels like there have been so very, very many of these games between the big fish this season.


18:21: You wouldn’t believe how often I’ve argued for this.

18:18: Team news from Bramall Lane. Adrian in goal for Liverpool. Nat Phillips replaces Jordan Henderson. Mid-range solicitors firm McGoldrick & McBurnie up front for Sheffield United. We’re into three minutes of added time at Stamford Bridge.

18:17: Sorry.

18:14: Chelsea, whose need is certainly greater both as home side and in terms of the league table, looking the likelier as the minutes tick away. As it is, we’re at most 10 minutes away from at least the 723rd 16 Conclusions on a goalless draw this season. (I’ve not checked the numbers.)


18:12: Brilliant defending from Lindelof to get to the ball ahead of Werner and get the ball behind for a corner, which is given as a goal-kick instead presumably because the very idea of Lindelof doing something that good is preposterous, while the idea of Werner missing a sitter that easily is quite easy to grasp.


18:09: And Werner for Ziyech.


18:07: Here comes Martial. Greenwood makes way after a pretty anonymous 78 minutes really.


18:00: Anthony Martial coming on. Some pointed chat about him on Sky earlier.


17:54: Pulisic on, Giroud off for Chelsea.


17:51: And now it’s Chelsea on the attack again via a surging run from Mount, who was set free by a lovely one-two with Ziyech. McTominay does well to get a block in. We are now very much enjoying this game thank you very much, and we’d have settled for that at half-time.


17:49: And now the best of United in this half. Classic overlapping run from Shaw well found by Rashford, and the cross eventually falls to McTominay who sees his shot beaten away by Mendy. This is more like it.


17:48: Almost a United break, which is of course the danger of being on top territorially against them. The outball to Rashford just asks too much, though. Then Greenwood goes close from distance after a one-two with Dan James. Second half officially #decent.


17:47: Chelsea having a very good spell. Chilwell and Reece James stretching the play from the full-back positions.


17:37: Clearest chance of the evening as Chilwell bursts down the left and cuts the ball back for Ziyech. De Gea, moving across his goal has to go back the other way to make the save. A strong hand sends the ball out to Reece James, whose shot is blocked by Shaw. Hudson-Odoi might have been better for that specific moment.


17:36: Hudson-Odoi on the Chelsea bench with his thigh strapped and iced, so the substitution not necessarily down to preferring the defensive strength of James given the way Rashford and Bruno started to get more involved late in that first half. Either way, probably not a bad move.


17:34: Reece James replaces Hudson-Odoi at the break. Classic Tuchel. Second half under way now.



17:24: “I think Callum is a lucky boy, I think Chelsea is a lucky boy.” Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink with some lovely analysis of the penalty incident, to be fair.

17:16: And that’s half-time. No goals, few chances, bit of controversy. There will be lots of opinions on the penalty. I thought it was probably a penalty and was pretty certain it would be given once Attwell was sent to the screen. Not nailed-on, though, however hard anyone tries to insist one way or the other.


17:14: United having their best spell of the game since that Giroud near-miss.


17:11: The Neviller bidding to bring the Big Ronism “lollipop” back into the commentary mainstream after Fred tries three stepovers without really getting anywhere. We’re on board. Definitely at the safer end of any Big Ron Revival.


17:09: Little tweak from United, who have moved Bruno through the middle and shifted Greenwood right. Rashford, as ever, looking to do all his best work attacking from the left.


17:07: We’re upgrading this to All-Action! Rashford goes flying over an advertising hoarding right next to an effects mic for maximum effect. Still goalless, like that matters.


17:06: This was turning into the Fascinating Tactical Battle we dreaded, but Olivier Giroud just almost got on the end of a sumptuous Hudson-Odoi cross and then crashed into the post back-first.


17:02: We remain determined to normalise “Leeds-born Erling Haaland” as the standard nomenclature for the terrifying goal robot.



16:53: Gary Neville reckoning Thomas Tuchel will have known more about Callum Hudson-Odoi than other Chelsea academy grads because Bayern Munich tried to sign him and Bayern and Tuchel are both German. Interesting theory.


16:51: Confident someone else will be along shortly to say the exact opposite. (I am truly very surprised it wasn’t given.)


16:48: And at least it’s a conclusion ticked off for the boy Stead.


16:47: An aside – players from both sides were pestering Attwell and arguing their case as he was watching that replay. Whatever the decision, that’s not on. Need to dish out yellows for that as the protocol requires.


16:45: No! Stuart Attwell is sent to look at the screen, and decides it’s not a penalty. Hudson-Odoi had his hand raised and the ball clearly bounced off it before Mason Greenwood made contact. His hand was not in a natural position, and it wasn’t like the ball was blasted straight at him. Nobody knows any more, really, but that was a penalty for mine.


16:44: This is going to be a penalty.


16:43: Decent, swerving forecourt flyaway hit from Rashford and Mendy takes no chances as he punches clear. There’s a VAR check ongoing for a possible handball from Callum Hudson-Odoi in the aftermath.


16:42: Thumping collision between McTominay and Mount, but it’s the United man who just gets there first so he gets the free-kick. Fair way out but probably just within Rashford range.


16:38: Steady on 16 Conclusions for this one. Has to be better than the reverse fixture. Please.


16:32: Mourinho on Bale: “I am very happy for him, very happy for the team because the team needs his talent. I am very happy for him because he is quiet, doesn’t speak to you, watches, reads, listens or probably not, because he is from Real Madrid, probably ignores it a little bit.”

Powerful words. Powerful, baffling words.


16:30: And now we switch from the quiz back to the less important matters. Chelsea v Manchester United is under way.


16:00: We’ve got a quiz for you now while you wait around for Chelsea v Man Utd. Twenty questions on the Premier League season so far. You can watch on YouTube onr Twitter and answer along at https://www.kwbit.com?PIN=F76651.

15:54: Quiz time with Mark Smith now. Are you a Spurs or a Burnley?

15:52: All over. Spurs’ biggest home win of the Premier League season. A clean sheet – Lloris’ 100th in the Premier League. Mourinho should genuinely be interesting after this. It would be very on-brand for him to insist this is how he’s been telling them to play all season.


15:50: Late concern for Spurs as Hojbjerg twists his ankle in the final minute of added time. He’s back on his feet quickly enough but he’s not going to bother with the final 30 seconds here, which is probably prudent.


15:49: Spurs break quickly after Lloris claims the corner, but Kane slices wide after being picked out by Son.


15:47: Couple of late Burnley corners as they look to deny Hugo Lloris a 100th Premier League clean sheet. The real quiz.


15:40: Nearly a classic Kane-Son link-up, but the Korean blazes over the bar after a perfectly weighted pass picks out his run on the counter.


1532: Chelsea v Man United team news…


15:31: Two good saves in quick succession from Pope to deny Kane then Son.


15:27: Hope you enjoyed it. Lamela replaces Bale. Jose bringing the banter.


15:23: Dele Alli replaces Lucas Moura. Here we go: Bale, Kane, Dele and Son all on a Premier League pitch at the same time…


15:20: Burnley have not been entirely without their chances against what remains a creaky looking Spurs backline. But it only serves to emphasise just how wrongheaded Spurs’ tactics have been at times this season. By attempting to protect that defence by sitting on leads, Spurs have only amped up the pressure and exaggerated the significance of each mistake. Mourinho famously favours low-risk football: for this Spurs side, this is what that looks like. Back the world-class attacking talent to make the fragile defence irrelevant. Instead of those absurd high-wire acts that kept ending with costly falls. Good to know we’ve got Jose’s ear anyway.


15:19: More goals expected.


15:12: GOAL! Tottenham 4-0 Burnley
This is just a lovely, lovely goal. Son finds Bale again in acres and he bends one in off the post with his left foot. That was the dictionary definition of The Bale of Old.


15:11: Bit annoyed that we watched the injury time of Leicester v Arsenal instead of this tbh.


15:03: Second half under way at WHL2.0

14:55: Roy Keane personally offended by Burnley’s performance. “They’ve been dreadful.”


14:47: Late chance for Jay Rodriguez to reduce the deficit but he scuffs it straight at Lloris. Spurs 3-0 up at the break.


14:41: Going 3-0 up against Burnley after losing five games in six is actually a much better analogy for the UK’s Covid response than JVT’s.


14:35: Willian was really good on an afternoon that couldn’t have gone better for Arsenal or worse for Leicester. Read Steady’s verdict here.


14:30: GOAL! Spurs 3-0 Burnley
Let the West Ham banters begin in earnest. It’s three. Lucas Moura bringing down a loose ball in the box and rifling past Pope.


14:25: Liquid counterattack from Spurs ends with Bale shooting over after cutting on to his left foot. You’d have backed him from there in this mood, really.


14:23: Burnley are having their moments on the break. This really is all eerily reminiscent of that West Ham game, you know.


14:20: Spurs are flying here. Knocking the ball around and looking a million dollars. Really is incredible how easily Mourinho was able to gaslight so many people into thinking this squad is poo.


14:15: Alan Smith has just called Bale’s pass to set up that goal a “long ball”. Heathen.


14:14: GOAL! Tottenham 2-0 Burnley
Bale with the assist this time, a raking pass that finds Kane. His shot flicks off Tarkowski to give Pope no chance. HOT TAKE: Picking the attacking players was a good idea.


14:07: You can also read a report on Palace 0-0 Fulham, but we understand if you’d rather not.


14:06: Harry Kane drags a shot just wide from the sort of 20-yard range from which he is often deadly. While he rues that miss, why not read a full report on Arsenal’s win at Leicester?



14:03: The last time Spurs scored in the opening seconds of a home game against a team in claret and blue, it all went spectacularly tits up. Hope still for Burnley.


14:02: GOAL! Tottenham 1-0 Burnley
NARRATIVE! Gareth Bale pokes home the opening goal after barely a minute after making a complete mess of Burnley’s offside trap.


14:00: Tottenham v Burnley is under way.


13:58: Big, big win for Arsenal. Defeat only the start of the problems for Leicester, who see Harvey Barnes and Jonny Evans’ names added to an already lengthy injury list. Gunners full value for a 3-1 win that was remarkably straightforward in the end. Leicester never threatened a comeback after Pepe got the third goal early in the second half.


13:56: Graeme Souness is trying to sell Harry Kane before the game has even started, so tick that one off your bingo cards as well. Easy game, this.


13:52: We’re into seven added minutes at the King Power. Leicester simply hoping to get through it without losing another two or three players to injury.


13:49: All over at Selhurst where, to their immense credit, both teams made the whole ‘watching two games at once’ thing as easy as it could possibly be. Fulham nudge a point back closer to Newcastle and Brighton, Crystal Palace continue to Crystal Palace away in 13th, the most Crystal Palace of all the league positions.


13:44: Aubameyang on for Arsenal. Fulham still doing what pressing there is being done at Selhurst.


13:42: Much of the focus understandably on Leicester’s Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball levels of misfortune, but Arsenal have been very impressive. Thursday’s get-out-of-jail was a bit more madcap and carried a distinct air of good fortune. This has just been a straightforwardly good performance all round after the sort of early disaster from which they have all too often descended fully into despair recently.


13:37: Vardy nowhere near 100% either.

13:33: Old Mark Albrighton has a crack at goal. Looks like it’s going in. It hits Jamie Vardy. Very much That Kind Of Afternoon for the Foxes.


13:29: Jonny Evans limps off. Leicester’s injury problems now entering the realm of the absurd. Worth considering next time you hear a Liverpool fan complaining about a) their injury problems and b) that nobody ever talks about their injury problems.


13:28: Any chance?

13:26: Things! At Selhurst Park! Gary Cahill with a huge block in the six-yard box to keep it goalless. Just over 20 minutes to go and that’s the first real drama. Fulham do seem to be the team at least trying to make something happen in that one.


13:25: First goalscorer odds for Spurs v Burnley if that’s your bag. Bale sure to have some takers…

13:24: Leicester have woken up for just about the first time since taking the lead against Arsenal. We’ve got bad news for them.


13:23: Jonathan Pearce just got loud for a second. It was a shot off target.


13:18: Whatever problems there have been at Arsenal this season, this is now two notable comebacks in the space of four days. Mentality monsters, or something.


13:17: Still tumbleweeds at Selhurst.


13:14: No team has lost fewer points from winning positions this season than Leicester. Three are going today barring something extraordinary.


13:12: GOAL! Leicester 1-3 Arsenal
This is turning into a nightmare afternoon for Leicester. Arsenal knife through Leicester’s defence with a lovely, intricate passing move that ends with Pepe applying the finishing touch from a yard out.


13:11: Barnes leaves on a stretcher, his leg in wrapped in an inflatable brace. Losing Maddison and Barnes in successive weeks is sub-optimal.


13:08: Injury scare for Harvey Barnes. Possibly a knee. Leicester’s injury woes have been horrendous this season, and this would be a huge, huge blow.


13:06: We’re going to call him Old Mark Albrighton.


13:05: Leicester making a change at the break, with Mark Albrighton replacing Luke Thomas (or “Young Luke Thomas” to give him his full name). Understandable: Thomas had been booked and Pepe was giving him problems. Red card was a very live chance.


13:00: Team news in from White Hart Lane 2.0 where Gareth Bale’s recent form is rewarded with a starting spot. Will he be a hero or under the wheels of Jose’s bus in a few hours’ time?


12:55: Keep these coming in. This one is absolutely nailed on, complete with little table in the bottom corner of the screen.

12:49: And half-time at the King Power. There has been quite a bit happening there.


12:48: It’s half-time at Selhurst Park by the way. You’ve not missed anything there.


12:47: GOAL! Leicester 1-2 Arsenal
Lacazette doesn’t muck about, thriking the penalty into the bottom corner. Leicester have given away two quite silly goals, but also brought it on themselves with a strangely passive performance since taking that early lead. Based on the evidence of the last 24 hours or so, they are missing James Maddison more than Villa miss Jack Grealish.


12:46: And it is a penalty for Arsenal!


12:45: VAR having another look at an Arsenal penalty shout. It’s for handball against Ndidi, and his hands are very high. Think this will be given…


12:42: Good news and bad news for Arsenal. Back on level terms, but now Emile Smith-Rowe has gone off injured. Martin Odegaard replaces him. Hasn’t quite happened yet for Odegaard at Arsenal.


12:41: Just heard your boyfriend saying “Zones don’t score goals, players do.”


12:39: GOAL! Leicester 1-1 Arsenal
Arsenal get the free-kick right this time, and David Luiz heads home smartly. Leicester’s zonal marking goes all to crap, so I’m afraid we’ll be hearing a lot more about that. Lovely header, mind, and Arsenal are decent value for it.


12:37: FOOTBALL UPDATE: More news of actual football, with an Arsenal free-kick going tits up and giving Arsenal the chance to counter-attack. Iheanacho butchers the attempt to play in Vardy, though. So far, we’ve seen more evidence of the “One goal in his last 11 games” Vardy than the “11 goals in 11 games against Arsenal” Vardy.


12:34: This is why we’ve mainly been noticing Jonathan Pearce.


12:27: Fine, we’ll talk about the football. Arsenal are playing okay since falling behind. That’s that out of the way.


12:26: Meanwhile, in London, some amazing indefinite articling from Pearce who talks of a cross looking for “a Benteke, or an Eze”.


12:25: Harvey Barnes scores very high on the Dele Alli scale of Footballers Who Are Always Referred To By Their Full Name.


12:20: Two games is too many imo, but I’m sure I just heard someone say Willian is “in mourning” about having to leave Chelsea to join Arsenal.


12:17: Thoughts welcome on that VAR call. Looks to me like a pretty clear-cut example of VAR correcting a clear but understandable mistake However, I’ve yet to meet the VAR decision that hasn’t enraged somebody. If you’re that somebody, please make yourself known on twitter dot com.


12:14: VAR! Arsenal are awarded a penalty, but VAR confirms that Ndidi’s foul is outside the area. Goalscorer Tielemans also made a challenge on Pepe, which definitely was in the area to muddy the waters but it looks like a fair enough decision.




12:09: Was starting this when two games kick off at the same time and you’re trying to watch one of them on delay on a slightly unreliable stream a mistake? I prefer not to speak.


12:08: Sticking with Pearce, he’s just brought up VAR. “How can referees be confident when VAR is there to undermine them, possibly to correct them?” So that’s a good start for the old commentary bingo anyway.


12:07: GOAL! Leicester 1-0 Arsenal
Youri Tielemans has scored. Haven’t seen it because BT Sport online isn’t working properly. Jonathan Pearce keeping us up to date during Palace v Fulham. Thanks, mate.


11.50: Who remembers the bingo we used to play on the transfer blogs? Loved it. Shall we try a commentary/punditry game today? Get your suggestions in on Twitter. We’ve had these so far…

An apology for any bad language heard
A sarcastic comment that Spurs v Burnley should be a good game
Does Harry Kane need to leave to win trophies?
Mentions of VAR in both a positive and negative light – possibly in the same sentence
Some heavy breathing from Martin Tyler
“Needs the benefit of the doubt” (from commentator/pundit who doesn’t know the Law)
Roy Keane saying “it’s his job”
A positive mention of Frank Lampard
OGS mentioning his career and trips to Chelsea
Bruno Fernandes and knockout blow mentioned in the same sentence
A discussion about Pogba and Fernandes being able to play alongside each other


11.30: Some more pre-match reading for you: Alex Keble has previewed three of today’s games in The Treble this week, Spurs v Burnley, Chelsea v Man Utd and Liverpool v Sheffield United.

He says “it seems implausible that Spurs will avoid a tedious game on Sunday” and given we’ll have Tickers covering that game for us from midday, we kind of hope he’s right just to watch a man’s soul slowly leave his body.

We also some more tactical discussion about Chelsea v Man Utd from Betfair’s Football…Only Bettor podcast. Mark O’Haire reckons “Chelsea are set-up quite well to get something from this game”.


11.10: Don’t forget to give our tactical preview of Chelsea v Manchester United a read. Not that it matters because it is ending 0-0 after 20 opening minutes that are described as ‘fascinating’ without anything ever happening, followed by 70 minutes of Chelsea’s midfielders passing the ball between themselves while Bruno Fernandes grows increasingly bored.


11.00: Love a bit of team news. The four clubs kicking off at 12pm have kindly obliged.

LeicesterSchmeichel; Castagne, Evans, Soyuncu, Thomas; Ricardo, Ndidi, Tielemans, Barnes; Iheanacho, Vardy.
Arsenal: Leno; Cedric, Luiz, Mari, Tierney; Elneny, Xhaka; Pepe, Smith Rowe, Willian, Lacazette.

Crystal Palace: Guaita; Ward, Kouyate, Cahill, Van Aanholt; Milivojevic, Riedewald; Townsend, Eze, Ayew; Benteke.
Fulham: Areola; Tete, Andersen, Adarabioyo, Aina; Reed, Anguissa; Decordova-Reid, Loftus-Cheek, Lookman; Maja.

We also have team news for all the games later this afternoon on the Live Centre:

Tottenham v Burnley
Chelsea v Manchester United
Sheffield United v Liverpool


10.45: Hello and welcome to the first F365 Watchalong. We’re not quite sure what that will entail yet, but what we can say for sure is that we’ve got a quiz coming for you after the Spurs game which we’re tremendously excited about!

Mark Smith’s going to be hosting it live on YouTube and Periscope, and we’ll send out a code for you to play along on KwizzBit. Most of the questions are multiple choice, but there are a few absolute rotters in there and you win points based on how quickly you answer so you’ll need to get your heads screwed on. It’s first come, first served for 500 people so make sure you’re around at about 4pm.

In the meantime, Dave Tickner will be taking over the blog and Twitter from midday to give his thoughts on tactics through all the games. Betfair will be chipping in with odds on the back of his thoughts too if you’re that way inclined.

We absolutely won’t be providing a minute-by-minute text commentary so if you can’t watch any of the games, go to our Live Centre! But if you are watching and fancy having a natter with us while you do, Tickers will be here to answer questions, make some predictions, set a few polls and more than likely have a fair amount of completely off-topic chat. We fancy a game of commentary cliche bingo for starters. Basically, whatever you want to talk about, we’re up for it.

There’s nine hours of football today, starting with Crystal Palace v Fulham and Leicester v Arsenal, and Tickers will be on here through it all, including what could be a very amusing 90 minutes if things don’t go well for Spurs when they host Burnley at 2pm.

In the meantime, we’ll have team news and a few bits to read ahead of the two midday games coming soon…

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