Teenager ‘overwhelmed’ by Sterling’s inspirational letter

Date published: Friday 11th January 2019 9:50

Raheem Sterling has “boosted” the “confidence” of a young footballer who was racially abused.

Sterling, who continues to be a victim of some utterly abhorrent reporting, wrote to the teenager after receiving a letter from his grandmother.

She explained how Ethan Ross, 13, had been ‘through a tough time with racial abuse’.

Sterling replied by telling the Newport County youth goalkeeper to: ‘Remember to stand tall and be proud of who you are and don’t let them take away your courage.

‘You are strong and very brave, and your nanna is also very proud of you. Keep being you, kid.

‘Remember, speaking up doesn’t always make life easy, but easy never changed anything.’

Ethan’s grandmother Sue told The Times of the impact the letter had had.

“When I took the package over to him you should have seen the look on his face – he was overwhelmed,” she said.

“There is nothing I could say to Raheem to thank him enough because it has really boosted Ethan’s confidence. I can hear it in his voice. He has shown the letter to his friends and it has just gone absolutely mad.

“It was appalling what happened to my grandson. It hurts me to speak about it.

“My husband and I were in tears when we found out. We were so upset that someone could treat another human being like that. The school got the police involved but it still carried on.

“I hope there are other people out there who have read Raheem’s letter and hopefully we can all do some good. I wrote back to Raheem and thanked him. I told him, if I live until I am 102, I will still fight for Ethan and anyone who has been the victim of racism. I will not stop.

“And after all he has been through last year, Ethan’s grades still went up – so we are immensely proud of him.”


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