Ten Hag out? We would prefer Man Utd kept hold of ‘paranoid bearded egg’

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Man utd Ten Hag
Erik ten Hag on the touchline.

Somebody hits the nail on the head about why we would like Man Utd to keep Erik ten Hag, while Arsenal fans stand accused.

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Why would F365 want Erik ten Hag sacked?
I understand that Manchester United fans are annoyed at the reportage about their club at the moment, where different reporters, based on leaks from club insiders, (or in the case of Jacob Steinberg in the Guardian, apparently from someone who has actually been approached to be interviewed as ETH’s replacement) are reporting as fact that their manager will be sacked.

Maybe it’s irresponsible to report as fact unconfirmed speculation, maybe it’s just part of the go-round that we have at this point of the season when there’s a bit of a gap between a tournament and transfer madness in the summer.

But what I don’t understand is the suggestion that F365 might WANT Eric Ten Hag sacked. The guy is absolute newspaper/football website catnip. Hopelessly out of his depth, alienates big stars who have their own media entourage to leak stories to, and regularly says just mad things in press conferences.

Any half-decent football journalist can turn around a tight 500 on “the latest player who thinks he’s a prick/the latest mad thing he’s said on Dutch Match Of The Day/the latest plot against him from Big Evil Sir Jim” in the space of half an hour and get all the clicks in the world.

Given the choice between Manchester United appointing a dull but competent head coach like, say, Potter or Southgate, and retaining a paranoid bearded egg, I think F365, as well as anyone who doesn’t have Manchester United’s best interests at heart, will always choose Eric. If it’s a choice between “Potter: Wolves are a good side and we’re going to have to be at our very best to beat them,” and “Ten Hag: Leprechauns are real, and I’m going to catch and eat one,” which would you choose?
Dara (This is unless they decide to hire Robert De Zerbi, who as well as being a very good coach, is a highly-underrated maniac) O’Reilly, London

(Dara knows – Ed)

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An entirely unbiased verdict on every PL manager
The ETH Clash got me thinking, from my entirety unbiased position, about current managers:

1 Guardiola should go and go now, preferably replaced by Ole (see 8)

2 Arteta absolutely should stay, hopefully for many years

3 Slot, to early for an opinion but I am over the moon Klopp has gone

4 Emery doing a good job, go now to another team with Villa in their name

5 Postecoglou, meh, potential for improvement but it’s Spurs, go it is

6 ? Who knows who gets to keep the seat warm for a few months, glad Pochettino is gone based on season end. Chelsea objectively hilarious 🤣

7 Howe to judge Newcastle at the moment? Clash rating says stay, for now

8 Erik Ten Hag stay absolutely stay, please stay. Man U, the gift that has been giving since Ole was at the wheel 😆

9 Lopetegui only just arrived stay

10 Glasner doing a good job, playing some decent football stay

11 ? Will Potter return and weave his magic (see what i did there?)

12 Iraola decent football, seems like a decent bloke, stay

13 Silva finally found a home/cottage stay

14 Gary O’Neil takes points off City, stay

15 Dyche hoofball works for him, his players work for him, stay

16 Frank loveable Frank, can I be frank? Stay

17 Nuno, hmmm his past allegiances are swaying me here, still he did a good job at spurs so stay it is

18 Rob Edwards (why do some managers require first and surname and others not?) This is the only question here, stay

19 Kompany, too late he is off to keep the Tottenham in Harry. Go it is

20 Wilder he can (indeed does) stay and go, there is often trouble

Anyone fancy compiling their own entirely unbiased list? Come on F365ers let’s have at it?
Matt (unbiased Arsenal fan) London


Liverpool getting a free pass on Arne Slot?
Chelsea binning Pochettino for the Leicester chap etc (apparently winning the Championship is seen as quite an achievement these days, especially if you played or worked for Pep). Suspect it’ll get weirder still with the ever reliably batsh*t Man Utd sacking Ten Hag (sane) but replacing him with Southgate (insane).

Liverpool seem to have flown under the radar a bit with their appointment of Arne Slot though, hasn’t had the same scrutiny and consternation. He just finished 2nd in the Dutch league, feel that if any other ‘big club’ had picked him they’d be a few questions. The FSG data monkeys are getting a bit of a free swing due to their great track record of picking out previously unheralded gems with player signings, which is fair enough.

However, I have two reservations. Firstly, does the same methodology apply to managers as players? Secondly, was it the scouting department excelling in picking out the likes of Robertson, Salah, Mane etc, or was it Klopp’s unrelenting positivity & loyalty that allowed these players to achieve their maximum potential?

Time will tell I suppose, and I haven’t been excited about an FSG signing / appointment since Klopp himself, but so many have turned out to be incredible, so will obviously give Slot the benefit of doubt. Slightly apprehensive, but at least we got it all sorted early in the summer and not getting dragged into the elsewhere mayhem. And it’s been a complete toss up whether we’ll great or terrible each season under Klopp for the last few years, so nothing new there …
Simon Evans (Bristol LFC)


​Arsenal v Man Utd? They both have room to improve
The argument between ManYoo and Arsenal fans about who had a better season
is becoming a little tedious.

As an Arsenal fan it would be nice to have a trophy (although we did beat Citeh at Wembley to gain an honour as such so the cupboards not totally bare).

Sorry, but ManYoo fans shouldn’t ignore the points difference and Arsenal need a proper cup and ManYoo a competitive season.

A question: who had a more successful season in 2012/13. Citeh were runners up in the league and cup where they were beaten by Wigan who got relegated that year?

A final point: Arsenal won £18M more in prize money than ManYoo this season. Does this count?
Chris, Croydon


…’Don’t be satisfied because we want much more than that, and we’re going to get it,’ the words of Mikel Arteta on the final day of last season. I think that in a nutshell is why you won’t find any Arsenal fans calling for his head any time soon.

The fourth place trophy became an issue for Arsenal fans because it looked like we were using the Champions League funds to pay off the Emirates Stadium – as opposed to actually signing the players necessary to give that tournament a go.

During our two decades in the competition, we watched on while Liverpool, United and even Chelsea won the trophy.

But Mikel seems to be cut from a different cloth to Arsene. We may have only got to the quarter finals and fallen short in the title race last term, but Arteta actually looks like he’s giving both competitions a go and will do anything to achieve these targets.

And while you have to go back to George Graham to find an Arsenal manager who won all three domestic trophies and in Europe, Mikel appears to be the first Arsenal manager since Chapman whose stated ambition is to make Arsenal the top club in the world.

He may not achieve that aim – but that ambition is why Arsenal fans love him.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, while everyone apart from City may be in the gutter, some of us are looking up at the stars.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Arsenal fans doing a U-turn on trophies
As a long-time contributor to your fine site, I have almost two decades of contemporaneous evidence of the general statements made by Arsenal fans, as I remained a 365 Outcast, a Fifth Columnist heretic for questioning the failures of Lord Wenger.

One thing that definitely happened in the 2016/17 season is as follows: as you’ll recall, Spurs under Pochettino had an excellent season, outperforming expectations whilst playing some scintillating football, with a young team and rookie manager (sound familiar?) – and credibly challenging for the PL title right until the final matchdays. That season, Pochettino amassed 86 points and finished second, with a team assembled for moderate money. No £100m midfielders or £65m “puzzles”.

That same season, Arsenal were dogshit in the league. They lost nine matches, conceded over 40 goals, and of course we had the infamous Bayern 10-2 Demolition job. (which made the whole “we need CL football” argument hilariously redundant. What for? 🙄). Arsenal finished 5th, outside the Top 4 spots. But something else happened that same season: Arsenal won the FA Cup! Beating Chelski 2-1 in a cup final upset, a match that Chelski, the PL Champions, were expected to cruise (again, sound familiar?)

One thing that definitely happened after this, was the sight of various Arsenal fans lording it, and reminding Spurs fans that even at their lowest ebb, Arsenal win trophies whilst Spurs won nothing. Arsenal had the better season, so the logic went.

Spurs fans’ retort was that even though Spurs hadn’t won a trophy, they had taken a young team of whom little was expected, and pushed a super-rich team right to the wire – a team with infinitely greater recourses than Spuds. And that this was to be admired (as well as CL Qualification).

Arsenal fans were having none of it: you win trophies or you do not. And to be fair, I actually agreed with Arsenal fans at the time: winning trophies is what counts. Spurs’ memorable challenge would fade in the memory of many.

So imagine my surprise now, at seeing a plethora of Arsenal fans really attempting to tell everyone that winning the FA Cup is definitely not as good as a Top 4 season? What changed? 🤔🤔
Stewie Griffin (Like when Brexiters claim they were always pro-EU 🤣🤣)


Trophies are not the ting
I’ve seen a few of these lately, that because Man Utd won the FA cup they must have had a better season than Arsenal. Personally, I feel this is a really sad viewpoint where the destination is the only relevant thing and will just lead to a lifetime of disappointment (splashed with the odd feeling of success). This viewpoint is probably aligned due to me being a Spurs supporter, but I genuinely feel sorry for fans who look at trophies as the only measure of success and happiness.

Ask the Arsenal fans if they enjoyed their season. Those I know give it a resounding ‘Yes’, slightly disappointed of course but have pride in their team and feel a connection with them. Contrast to Man Utd fans who (and I don’t know many) have hated this season and a shiny at the end doesn’t really mask that.

If winning a cup is the only measure of success, then honestly what’s the point of the football pyramid. I’m pretty sure if some of the fans actually watched the matches live in the stadium, they would see football for what it actually is. Every single time they go.
Steve, THFC (Happy enjoying my football)


This Newcastle fan cannot decide
Very measured mail from Moses in the mailbox this morning
. I sent a mail in towards the end of last season discussing my feelings on getting top 4 vs winning the Carabao Cup, saying it was only really possible to judge it in hindsight (using Spurs’ time as top 4 regulars without winning any trophies as a cautionary tale).

Well with 12 months of hindsight under my belt I am here to say… can I have a bit more time for hindsight please?

Newcastle are still on a journey which I think is in its early stages, but if I had the power to swap the 2 games against Man Utd to win in the final but lose in the league and maybe let Liverpool sneak past in the Top 4 race (I know we were 4 points ahead but let me ponder briefly), I would definitely choose winning the League Cup. It’s the lesser of the domestic cups, but all I’ve ever known as a Newcastle fan has been nearly but not quite; second place in the league and out with a whimper in 2 FA Cup finals in the previous 30 years.

Now if Newcastle go on to win some other things, with last season’s 4th place looking like a catalyst for it all, I’ll no doubt feel different. For now though, the magnificent occasion of being back in Europe and schooling PSG is great, but not quite as great as a trophy.

High league finishes are really nice for the fans, but the further you go away from them the less they mean for the stature of the club vs actual trophies. Man Utd and Arsenal have got a lot of credit for winning so many FA Cups, but in 30 years not many people will care about most top 4 finishes.

That said I’d be way happier as an Arsenal fan at the end of this season than as a Man Utd fan. There’s definitely an element of convincing themselves more than us about how great their season was.
Derek from Dundalk


Hey Jude…
On the back of Jude Bellingham, winning the La Liga Player of the Year (at age 20), only a year after winning the Bundesliga player of the year as a teenager, has there been another player premier league or otherwise who won the player of the year award in their debut campaign?

His talent is incredible. England better win the Euros.
Pey, Mexico City (how high is this lad’s ceiling?)