Terry: Chelsea fans want to see Jose moans

Date published: Wednesday 4th November 2015 10:23

Chelsea captain John Terry claims that the club’s fans want to see Jose Mourinho’s post-match whimpers about officials.

Mourinho has managed to blame refereeing decisions for almost every Chelsea defeat this season – and there have been a lot – and Terry claims the fans see this as a positive.

“The fans want to see that passion, that he cares,” Terry added, clearly not aware of the swathes of Chelsea fans who are embarrassed. “The manager has to put his face in front of the TV and that passion does come out. That is because he cares about this club.

“He [Mourinho] is under pressure because of the way we are performing. We know we need to be  better, collectively, for the club and for him. He will take a lot of responsibility and that is unfair. It is on all of us, not just him.

“The players will stand up and say – and I will personally – that we’ve not been good enough. We’ve not played well enough and we take that on the shoulders.

“I’ve known him a long time and he’s always the same. He’s very demanding. He wants the players to win. He’s devastated after poor results, taking it on his own shoulders. But we’re the ones on the pitch who haven’t been good enough.”

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