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Date published: Monday 24th August 2015 12:11

Deserted Island Footballers
Imagine being trapped on a deserted island. The isolation, the lack of food, the knowledge that you’ll never see Garth Crooks’ punditry ever again…how could a human being live like that?!
We want you to put yourself in the position of Tom Hanks in Castaway (not Philadelphia), and imagine being stranded on a deserted island (not a desert island, definitely not a desert island – a deserted island. We really cannot be more clear about that…)
What thing from the world of football would you take? Player, manager, item, VHS highlights tape…the choice is endless, but we’re expecting you to make a decision.
Send us your suggestions and you could find your nomination on the show. WOWEE WOW!
The Dugout On Twitter
We here at The Dugout have always been at the forefront of technology and looking for innovative ways for our viewers to get in contact with the show.

We’ve signed up to a website called ‘Twitter’, it is an innovative service that allows you to stalk celebrities, spout mindless drivel about what meals you are eating and seemingly break legally enforced super injunctions.
You can find us on the site with this username: @TheDugoutF365.
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