The Mailbox is turning on Granit Xhaka and Arsenal…

Date published: Friday 1st November 2019 2:34

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Xhaka is playing you Trump…
A few days ago, I wrote in about the intellectual deterioration of many modern Arsenal fans. Today, more evidence in the Xhaka defences. Let’s be clear: social media abuse is abhorrent. But…

Xhaka’s fake ‘apology’ is so Trumpian it’s laughable. How? Well for starters, he conflates social media abuse with the fans in the stadium. Let’s ignore that most of these social media trolls have never attended a game in their lives and troll from eg Malaysia, Lagos etc. Bit like Trump taking a minor incident involving a Muslim and making out they’re ALL like that. 🙄.

Then, to complete the Trumpian circle, Xhaka makes out that he is the victim! Let’s ignore that it was BOOING he reacted to (and not vile abuse). Let’s also ignore that eg Raheem Sterling was disgustingly abused by his own England fans in Euro 2016. Anyone remember him telling them to “f*** off” in the fact of vile abuse? Nor do I. Is Xhaka the first footballer to get social media abuse? Rashford gets heaps. But Xhaka is here excusing himself! Just surprised he didn’t add ‘TOTAL WITCH HUNT’ to his tweet 🙄

The worst bit? Many Arsenal fans will buy his Trumpian bs. At Liverpool, Citeh, Chelski or ManYoo or Leicester (the big clubs), three things would have happened:

1. An apology would have been forthcoming within less than 24 hours of the game ending.
2. He would have been stripped of the captaincy and banished to the reserves
3. The fans would not have accepted it.

The fact that none of these three things happened at Arsenal, is all the proof you need of what an unambitious, small-time club it has been for years. The fans will take anything (cough 8-2). To think someone as brainless and rubbish as Xhaka is able to play the Arsenal fans like a Stradivarius. SAD!
Stewie Griffin (Arsenal fans are the softest in the PL and Xhaka can’t even cope. Some captain!)


Just get off social media, Xhaka
Maybe I am over simplifying or maybe I just don’t get it.. I’m not sure and am happy to be slated/explained to in the Mailbox of all knowledge ..

Please bear with me here, I will get to the point

For those of you who are old enough there used to be an old lady (she was always old) called Mary Whitehouse, who took it upon herself to be the moderator of all that was bad in her eyes on TV, UK TV when there were only three channels if I remember rightly

She would be offended at almost everything she watched and felt the need to tell everyone else this was unacceptable and needed to be removed from the screens for our safety/health/sanity/whatever..

Now it always struck me as a kid (I’m 47 now) that she would almost on purpose watch the things she knew she would be offended by so she could tell us all how terrible it was/we were.. but at no time did she simply turn over the channel and watch something that didn’t offend her, that she enjoyed and that did not cause her metal anguish and suffering…

I have wondered this for ever since and it’s part of the reason I am not on any social media…but of you are getting death threats (from f*ckin prics on twitter or whatever platform who are no doubt 12 and have never been to an Arsenal game) then why don’t you simply leave the platform.. Why is there a need to be on social media where utter utter morons can abuse you at every turn..

I don’t understand ‘cyber bullying’ at all because you can just turn it off.. it’s simple.. yes yes it is.. No you don’t HAVE to be on it.. You can literally stop it immediately and never be aware of it ever again….

These people are not your ‘friends’ your friends have your phone number and call or text you, or (imagine this) come round to your house and speak to you (I know kids are looking confused now but it does happen…)

Like I say maybe I’m just old/a dinosaur etc etc but why would ANYONE suffer cyber bullying..?

Let see how many people threaten Xhaka’s wife and family to his face…. I think I can guess a number…

So is it really that hard to leave social media? Hard enough that some people will literally kill themselves, rather than turn it off?

I don’t get it at all.

Sorry if this has caused any offence to anyone who has suffered from the problem but maybe you can help me understand, I have a 17yr old son for the record.. so am aware what goes on to a point.

So Granit, deal with the boos however you see fit but you dont have to deal with anything else! Dare I even say ‘Grow Up’….
Al – LFC – Old and confused


Booing never helps
Just penning a note on the back of the various mailbox entries saying that fans have the right to boo players.

I suppose they do, but I just want to point out that in the majority of cases the player’s performance won’t improve when it happens and is likely to make things more difficult, so in effect it’s about as intelligent as keying your own car.

… but by all means carry on down the ‘I pay for the right to say what I like’ approach as it’s your teams that will likely suffer as a consequence.

One-eyed muppets.
Sparky (LFC)


Jose is right to hover
Happy Friday everyone, in response to Vinnie Pee, what would he suggest Mourinho do?

He is almost certainly interested in returning to club management and Arsenal must make huge appeal to him. I would suggest he is at the stadium either in relation to his punditry work or scouting the players and preparing himself for the interview where, surely, he would be expected to offer analysis and appraisal of the first team squad.

Anyway, my feeling is you don’t need to worry, Arsenal will want Arteta or Vieira before they call Jose.
David (Any club that doesn’t have Allegri on it’s shortlist needs to give themselves a shake) Plzeň


Derby retorts
This is probably won’t make it in, but I feel as a Derby fan I should provide some context around the Keogh decision.

To start I will say this whole situation has been handled awfully by the club. We should’ve suspended all of them until the outcome of the internal investigations & court proceedings. Playing Lawrence and Bennett before they were even sentenced in court was a disgrace. I’m proud that Derby fans booed both of them. Football is very tribal and I’m glad we didn’t end up with any ‘us against them’ mentality on this.

Now onto Keogh. The problem here is that he hasn’t handled this well either. He is still to make a statement apologising for his role in this fiasco and last Wednesday turned up at the ground to soak up ‘well wishes’ despite not showing, publicly at least, any remorse. Keogh was offered a pay-cut to his £25k p/week deal and refused to take it despite knowing that his actions outside of the club will mean he will not play for us for at least 18 months and, most likely, ever again. His refusal here reinforces the fanbase opinion that he feels untouchable as Derby captain and Mel’s mate and is “owed” this by the club. The fact remains that as the senior member of the squad he should’ve pulled rank and stopped this from getting out of hand in the first place. There’s been a lot of discussion about what you may expect and not expect from a “captain” over the last week but Keogh has repeatedly failed to rise to any definition of the role.

You can think it’s a decision driven by money (it probably is), you can think it’s unfair compared to what Lawrence and Bennett got (and I’d agree with you) but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve this. He could’ve taken a pay cut, showed some remorse and owned up to his role in this sorry mess and retained some respect among our fanbase. Now? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


…In response to Ken, Cork, Ireland; Derby fined all players involved in the incident six week’s wages. The players decided not to go home after the bonding session, kept drinking and whilst only two drove – all were involved in the incident.

With Richard Keogh, you are right. His contract was cancelled because he in his 30’s and his contract expires in June 2020. But this was not Derby being hypocritical. They told a player, who would not play another game under his current contract that he would be able to remain and rehabilitate with the club (despite his rule breaking actions resulting in injury that prevents him from performing the terms of his contract) on reduced terms. He refused to accept reduced terms.

While the punishments may seem light for the two players driving (mainly how it seemed to be ignored in their punishment that they left the scene of the accident), their treatment of Richard Keogh seemed just and fair.
Conor Ryan


And finally
I love Degsy man
, expecting some notes on Brighton vs Norwich and he gives us ‘I babysat for my young nephew on Tuesday and with Donald Trump on the TV he asked me how politics worked? So by simple way of explanation I took all of his sweets off him and told him to f**k off’. Absolutely useless to me and absolutely the best thing I’ve read all week. Hero.
Olly (Isle of Man)

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