Thierry Henry bemoans Arsenal ‘stagnation’

during the Premier League match between Arsenal and Leicester City at the Emirates Stadium on August 11, 2017 in London, England.

Thierry Henry watched Arsenal beat Leicester City 4-3 on Friday night and thought “same old, same old”, despite the talk of a revolution at the Emirates.

Arsene Wenger promised a ‘reinvention’ this season and yet Arsenal still looked the same free-scoring, poor-defending side.

Henry told Sky Sports: “You are talking about revolution or evolution but I call it stagnation. I watched the game and I could tell you what was going to happen.

“Every time Leicester had the ball, I thought they were going to score and every time we had the ball, I felt we were going to score.

“People complain about the defence but when you play in the back three, it is what is in front of you that counts. If you play in a back three, that means you are sending an extra man to put pressure higher normally. It is not only the three men at the back that are struggling.

“They came back in the game and I was happy but I have seen that too many times. Are you always going to score four and concede three? I have seen this too many times.

“Based on how they played, I did not see any change. Some guys were new in that team so you expect them to control the game a bit more. But Tottenham did not concede and Manchester United did not concede and normally you do not win the title if you concede goals.

“It is not only the back three – you cannot have your two holding midfielders bombing forward, overlapping the wingers and being in the box. Some of the time they will score, but most of the time they will not be doing their job.”