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Date published: Friday 24th June 2016 2:19

Mail and make it all OK


Brexit is no cause for concern for football
Like Mike, LFC, Dubai, I too am depressed this morning following last night’s events. However on the majority of the points he raises, I personally don’t see too much cause for concern for football.

1. I am not a currency expert but I expect that the huge drop in the pound will ultimately recover. Notwithstanding this, where companies negotiating contracts in different currencies are unsure of a specific date of doing business (i.e. in football, an unknown transfer date) it is not uncommon to use an agreed average exchange rate over a period of time to alleviate the possibility of large fluctuations (in either direction) on the day.

2. The last time that the pound fell sharply against the Euro I personally have seen players contracts negotiated in Euros at the player’s request. That is to say that irrespective of the exchange rate the payer will receive the agreed amount of Euros (or any other currency) and the club is therefore liable to any fluctuations in the exchange rates. This does of course mean that if the pound ultimately strengthens against the Euro, the player may actually be worse off.

3. I believe that if the Leave campaign get their way this country will operate a points based system to gain entry (similar to Australia). The country decides what professions it wants to let in and then it is down to you to prove that you can do the job and also that you (and your family) won’t be a burden on the economy. I cannot see a situation where a player with an offer of employment and the ability to pay 45% PAYE tax (less any agreed offshore image rights contract) would be turned away.

4. The same goes for managers as players.

5. I will leave the quota issue for someone who knows more about football (rather than finance) than I do.

One area that may be a cause for concern is for travelling fans in both directions. With less freedom of movement there is a potential disincentive to travel which could impact on ticket sales in the UK and also increase the cost for UK supporters going abroad. Discuss.
Gwarrior LCFC (that’s the Imps rather than the current premier league champions)


Oh, yes it is
After the result of Brexit what are some of the ramifications for football?

In the immediate short term, the plummet of sterling means foreign imports will get much more expensive. That £50m player is now a £70m player so forget about your club splurging on big name players this summer.

But once the exit is complete, there’ll no longer be free movement of players from other European countries. Bye bye Bosman. All those South Americans with European passports won’t be eligible. That promising young Spanish or French player won’t be eligible. Work permit rules will have to apply to all players so forget about signing players who haven’t broken into their national teams. David De Gea, Thiery Henry, Fabregas etc? Nope. They can’t come.

The same rules about free movement will also impact on managers, coaches, backrooom staff etc.

In theory this should all mean that clubs will have to invest heavily in (British-only) youth and staff training. There will be a few years before this will impact so there’s time to get that up to standard but don’t think that this won’t have a massive impact on football in years to come.
Bren, Dublin


European Super League within five years
England not in the EU, tax madness in Spain, totally uneven playing field in France, Holland, Italy, Scotland.

Is this the first step to the end of club football as we know it?

I’m going to put my neck on the line and call it within the next 5 years.
-Conor (Damn you Cameron, damn you to hell!) LFC, Ireland


The important questions
Talking about the Brexit with my class this morning (in Ireland). A few yawns later and the first question is asked: what happens to the French players in the Premier League? I couldn’t answer that one, will they be back to visas and the home office for european players?
Evan, AFC, Ireland


Such sad news this morning, has made me really question whether I will be able to support England in the euros, wandering if anybody else is feeling the same way?

What happens if we do win it? It will be the biggest middle finger to Europe imaginable.


Why did England not appoint an attacking coach?
So Roy Hodgson gave his strikers a public dressing down for not getting enough shots on target in training?

Maybe he should have hired an attacking coach to help out. Roy and Gary were defenders and Ray Lewington was a midfielder with a less than impressive scoring ratio.

Wasn’t there an ex striker or attacking midfielder available to take just for the Euros?

Kane, Sturridge, Vardy and Rashford all managed approximately 50% of their shots on target during last season and were relatively free scoring. As a team, England have had about 23% on target in Euro 2016 so far.

Obviously other players have had a few shots but doesn’t it reflect Roy’s poor setup in the coaching an training department?

Would F365 consider doing a breakdown of the England stats, or did I miss that one?
Ben (how did Wilshere even get on that plane?), Cheltenhamshire


Not good enough
Loved the angry myopic rant from Ben, Aylesbury, especially how the message he got from my mail is that I think England are entitled to win every game when it contained nothing of the sort or even implied it. Obviously he feels Roy needs longer than 4 years (and a few more millions in salary added to the 16m???? we already paid him) to decide on how to make the team play anything more than dire football at a major tournament. After over 50 games in charge just qualifying for the tournament with a great record against average to poor is not acceptable (thats where his misleading 60% much quoted by Roy lovers win record comes from), clueless performances like the one against Slovakia are not acceptable, finishing second in our Euro’s group containing teams barely better than the ones we swept aside in qualifying (Wales are not included) is not acceptable just because we got to the next round. Most England fans myself included don’t expect us to win every game but we do expect to be entertained win, lose or draw, to at least give the top teams a game even in defeat (taking a team to penalties in the quarters after playing terribly and barely having a shot on goal does not count) and like the other home nations have national team we are proud of. The last time we were given any of those things was a long time ago, yes we were gutted losing to Germany at Euro 96 and Argentina at WC 98 but proud as we played brilliantly and matched both teams in every area except penalties of course. At least after the 2014 world cup debacle Italy’s coach had the decency to step down, Roy should have followed suit.

Most don’t want Roy to go because we think we are better than we really are but because we know we are at least can be better than we are playing under him. Any England fan who can’t see that probably loved watching Man Utd play this season.

Anyway I did say mentioning Sam Allardyce for England manager would make someone fill with rage so no one can argue I was right about that!
William, Leicester


So late to this party yet again, but I just wanted to express how I totally agree with yesterday’s mailbox in general.

What a game lads, when Wes missed his one on one I sunk and thought dammit this doesn’t feel good at all.

Haven’t done anything remotely like this before…but congrats to the chaps up north too, Germany didn’t give you 5 and you deserve your place with us in the last 16, never thought I would see the day.

If Iceland beat England I will scream like Icelandic commentator friend I must say, but only out of sheer joy for a minnow who just MUST go past Portugal please.
That would be the best thing to happen to football since sliced bread happened to it. (Yes that is a metaphor for Leicester winning the title)

To everyone who doubted the extended format…shame on you!
Yes I doubted it hugely myself. As I doubted England hugely.

And while the 3 Lions haven’t won a game 6-0 just yet I will certainly put up my hand and say the quality of football is far better than I feared it would be, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see England progress, to the last 8, likely thumping a big team there once the finishing picks up.

So then, by my count… at least 3 servings of humble pie before I get my own coat thanks.
Manc in SA (I have actually really enjoyed the games, including games which look like attack vs defence drills, which has surprised me)


Mourinho wants statement singing. Gets Aaron Ramsey.

Well he never said what sort of statement…


Party pooper
Congratulations to Jamie Vardy for rejecting Arsenal and angering the FA both in the same week. See he does have some redeeming qualities!
William, Leicester

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