Tim: Losing Benteke like losing Suarez or Bale

Daniel Storey

In that he was a footballer leaving one club for a better club, Tim Sherwood?

After weeks of war cries and claims that he is the man to turn Aston Villa’s situation around, Sherwood has now changed tact, explaining quite why he couldn’t be expected to do a better job than he is. It was all about Christian Benteke, you see.

“Benteke leaving was absolutely the same as Suarez, or Gareth Bale. If he didn’t have a clause in his contract then £100m wouldn’t have taken him away from us,” Sherwood said. “He wasn’t worth selling for any money. No money can guarantee you Premier League survival – that player could.

“It’s all relative but we scraped through relegation last season and were the worst team left in the Premier League. We lost our three best players and that should put it in perspective.

“You do drop, we can’t afford to drop. We have to make sure we stay at least where we was, and higher. That’s the size of the task ahead. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy and I think all the decision-makers at the club appreciated that.”

Hmmm, but you did get to spend that money again, didn’t you Tim? And at the start of the season your squad was still better than at least three others in the Premier League.

It’s also weird that Sherwood is now so downbeat about the club’s chances for this season. After all, who was it saying this on August 13:

“It’s good that the club have backed me,” Sherwood said. “Change is what was needed. We’ve sold a lot of players, so we needed to replenish. And we brought in a lot of money, so the owner has not put that back into his pocket, he’s invested into the squad, which we’re all very excited about.”

“It’s up to me to make sure that the ones we bring in to the club gel as quickly as possible. If we can consolidate this season, we’re only going to improve in the seasons ahead because it’s such a young group.”

From “it’s up to me” to “we were the worst team left in the Premier League. We lost our three best players and that should put it in perspective”. Sounds like somebody is getting their excuses in for when they lose their job.

We’ll say what we have said about Sherwood all along. You can have patience when there are reasons for keeping the faith. Do we have any evidence that Sherwood is the right manager for this job? No.