Top Ten Football Games for Android Users

Date published: Thursday 28th September 2017 11:04

Football fans generally have a hard time surviving the defeat of their favorite team, which is why they have developed all kinds of ‘coping mechanisms’.

Some find comfort in the best online casino apps, while others try turning their luck around at the Slots Million massive game selection. Ultimately, there are those who try to make their own luck by taking matters in their own hands and leading their team to victory using their video game skills.

With the widespread use of Android smartphones, the following list of football-themed games is the ultimate recluse for any football fan.

  1. First Touch Soccer

This Android football game could seem too complicated to be enjoyed at first, but once you are able to master the swipes and player moves – practically nothing can stop you from playing it!

  1. Head Soccer La Liga

The dose of humor in this game is just the thing for those looking to lighten the mood. It basically consists of a head-to-head battle between two big-headed players. As you play through the game, you can unlock all kinds of features and customize your big head.

  1. Score! Hero

Score! Hero helps fans accomplish their dreams of becoming football legends, even if they lack the talent for it. It offers elaborate techniques and excellent gameplay that make the storyline seem as if it’s real life.

  1. Pro Zombie Soccer

The element of horror serves to change the game objective from the usual point-scoring purpose to a zombie-killing necessity. Players will have to kick the ball at the zombies’ heads in an attempt to save themselves.

  1. FIFA

The numerous modes, team management elements, player customization features and in-match options make this game an all-in-one choice for the eager football fan.

  1. Stupid Soccer

The name may suggest a disappointing gameplay, but this football Android app is all but that. It provides the player with an ever-innovative and unexpected match, as the opposing parties are supposed to play with anything from football and rugby balls through to guns.

  1. World Soccer League

FIFA fans that have less processing power in their smartphone devices are definite fans of World Soccer League. It packs multiple modes and editing features, as well as the rare replay option.

  1. Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars may seem simpler due to the stars that replace actual player animations, but there is a lot more to it. The game’s interactive capabilities are a major forte, as it can be played offline or online, and shared through social media.

  1. Real Football

The name of this game says it all, as Android users playing Real Football will get the full virtual reality experience from their smartphone screens. Improved graphics and realistic playground all contribute to establishing a unique gameplay experience.

  1. Football Kicks

Finally, there are many football-themed Android games that focus on goal kicks, but rarely do they provide it with the HQ 3D graphics and game modes as Football Kicks. This app will enable football fans to recreate their favorite goals and win various events.

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