Top ten football teams in the 2016 Rio Olympics

Date published: Monday 8th August 2016 1:48

No doubt that footie fans around the world were glued to their television sets last week, on day two of the Rio Olympics, for the first batch of men’s football matches. There were some great games, including Mexico v Fiji, where Mexico came out triumphant and scored five goals –the most out of all winning teams that day! Sadly you will have to wait a couple of days until the next men’s Olympic football games are happening.

Until then, keep yourself occupied; why not play online games at Royal Vegas? Not only do they have some amazing new player welcome bonuses, but they also have some great football themed slot games, such as World Cup Mania, and Soccer Safari. In the spirit of celebrating the 2016 Olympics we have put together a list of the top ten football teams in the 2016 Rio Olympics based on their performances thus far.


10) Honduras (1)
While Honduras did take a beating against Portugal, they did manage to score at least one goal. This cannot be said for some of the other teams competing; like Brazil, Iraq, South Africa, and Sweden –all whom did not manage to score any goals during their first match of the Olympics.


9) Nigeria (1)
Nigeria triumphed in their match against Sweden, accomplishing a 1-0 victory for their country. Nigeria was very successful in controlling the ball throughout the second half of the match, holding 56% possession; this made it exceedingly difficult for Sweden to get a chance to score. We will see this week how Nigeria holds up against a stronger team like Columbia, though!


8) Denmark (1)
Demark fought hard for their 1-0 win against South Africa. With South Africa having opportunity to score within the first ten minutes of the game, Denmark had their work cut out for them. But twenty one year old Danish goalkeeper, Jeppe Hojbjerg, was able to prevent this from happening with a stunning dive!


7) Japan (2)
Japan has been doing pretty well for themselves, tying their first match with Columbia; 2-2. Group B is proving to be quite competitive, with the first half of the game being very tight, but ultimately ending with no team scoring before half time.


6) Columbia (2)
Columbia has really shown some strength in spirit in their tied up match against Japan. Goalkeeper, Cristian Bonilla, had his work cut out for him from the get go, when he had to be blocking shots right from ten minutes into the match.


5) Argentina (2)
Argentina’s group D match against Algeria was quite something! With a 0-0 stalemate at the end of the first half, it was uncertain who would win the match. Scoring two goals in the second half, Argentina emerged victorious.


4) Portugal (2)
Portugal won their match; beating Honduras 2-1. This means that they rise to the top of Group D, with 6 points. Alberto Elis is a rather popular guy in Portugal right now, after scoring a goal, not even a minute into their match.


3) Germany (3)
While Germany did manage to score 3 goals; they did not win their match –making many fans disappointed in their performance. Hopefully Germany will be able to secure a win in their next match, though.


2) South Korea (3)
Hailed as one of the best football games of the Olympics thus far, South Korea stunned many by coming out with a 3-3 tie with Football legends, Germany. Not usually thought of as an especially competitive team, this has got the world’s attention.


1) Mexico (5)
And in our number 1 spot we have Mexico, who in a dazzling match against Fiji, was able to score a whopping 5 goals. We cannot wait to see how Mexico will perform throughout the rest of their games!

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