Tottenham: Ex-player claims Postecoglou has ‘moved on’ despite report suggesting he ‘could leave’

Lewis Oldham
Tottenham boss Postecoglou
Tottenham Hotspur boss Ange Postecoglou.

According to reports, a ‘new update’ about Ange Postecoglou’s future at Tottenham Hotspur has emerged amid claims he ‘could leave’ in the summer.

Postecoglou was lauded during the early stages of this season as he successfully overhauled Tottenham’s style of play and turned them into serious contenders for the Champions League places.

“It’s finished…”

Spurs have endured a poor end to the season, though. They have lost five of their last six Premier League games as they are being made to settle for a fifth-place finish.

In midweek, Tottenham produced a spirited performance but lost 2-0 against Premier League title favourites Manchester City.

Postecoglou’s players did not have the full backing of supporters in this game as some fans wanted their team to lose so Man City would beat arch-rivals Arsenal in the Premier League title race.

This angered Postecoglou and it was subsequently reported that he ‘could leave’ following an ‘explosive few days’. 

A ‘new Postecoglou update has emerged’ courtesy of Tottenham ‘expert’ Paul Robinson for Football Insider. He believes the head coach has “moved on” after having his “eyes opened”.

“I think it’s done. It’s finished,” Robinson told Football Insider.

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“The type of person that Ange seems to be and the way he comes across, he doesn’t seem to hold grudges.

“He’s honest, he’s open, he’s refreshing and he addresses the media and addresses situations when it’s needed.

“I think it’s done. He’s moved on. I think it’s opened his eyes to a certain section of the supporters and the fanbase, and probably the rivalry between the two clubs.

“He gets the rivalry, but he’s saying he wants to build success. This goes in line with everything he’s said before.

“He’s got his principles, he’s got his morals, he wants his teams to be challenging for trophies on a regular basis. I get it. I think the supporters get him as well.”

During his latest press conference, Postecoglou predicted what will be the “biggest fight” he’ll end up facing as Spurs boss.

“I’ve lost five out of six games, I’m not going to come in here and be happy,” Postecoglou said.

“I can’t hide who I am and what I believe. If I’m not happy about something, I’m going to say I’m not happy. We’ve lost five out of six games. I’m gutted.

“I’m not going to walk into a press conference and try to paint a rosy picture, especially on the back of the preceding 24 hours where like I said, it was the most unenjoyable experience I’ve had on the touchline in my whole career.

“That’s 26 years of football, where I’m sitting on the sideline and not really enjoying the battle against one of the best.

“But am up for the fight? Absolutely, mate. I love it. This is why I’ve come here and this ain’t the last fight I’m going to have, for sure.

“I’ll be honest with you, the biggest fight I’ll have at this football club is when we get close to success. That will be the biggest one.”

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