Tottenham sack Jose Mourinho: A ‘bizarre’ mistake?

Date published: Monday 19th April 2021 12:26 - Editor F365

It’s a dull day for football news, what with the European Super League and European superpower Tottenham sacking Jose Mourinho…


European Super League: The latest
‘Countdown star Susie Dent shades European Super League with well timed ‘Word of the day’’ – Metro.

More as we get it.


Simple Minds
The European Super League and all its machinations is a complicated story so how do The Sun keep it simple for their readers?

‘Fury as Big 6 sign up to European Super League – that could now see them BANNED’

BANNED? From what? Driving? Life?

THE Premier League’s Big Six were warned they could be BANNED from football for agreeing to join a European Super League.’

BANNED from football?! By who? God? The ghost of Diego Maradona?

We’re pretty sure that’s not how this works; what’s actually being threatened is that those clubs could be BANNED from playing in the competitions they clearly do not respect. They can’t actually be BANNED from playing a sport. Nobody can take all of the balls home.


Timing is everything
Martin Lipton, The Sun, April 19: ‘A 20-team breakaway league with matches to be played midweek and an end of season play-off to determine the winners, with a provisional kick-off from the start of the 2022-23 season.’

Also Martin Lipton, The Sun, April 19: ‘THE NEW Super League could launch as soon as NEXT season.’

Why wait? Just do it NEXT week.


We’re not really here
Whatever your views on the European Super League, this is absolute tish and nonsense from Jamie O’Hara on talkSPORT:

“No disrespect to Man City, but they were a nothing club until a billionaire owner came and bought them.

“Now all of a sudden they are winning titles and have got Pep Guardiola and have built a massive franchise, but they were nothing. They were a Championship side.

“They’ve never won the Champions League, they’ve never even got to a final.

“Who gives them the right to be in it? Why are they in it over someone else?”

They are literally the fourth-ranked European club based on their Champions League performances over the last five years.

It’s clearly not Manchester City’s inclusion that should be in question here. Now who did O’Hara play for again?


It’s only words
It was one tweet…

…but exactly how many words?

Ian Wright’s two-word verdict on Arsenal’s European Super League announcement’ –


Anyone for four?


Life comes at you fast
‘While some believe bad results could spell danger, Mourinho’s stock with Levy remains high and there is precious little chance of change before the summer’ – John Cross, Daily Mirror, February 11.


Slip-sliding away
How The Sun initially reported the Jose Mourinho news:

‘JOSE MOURINHO has been SACKED by Tottenham after 17 months in charge.

‘Spurs have endured a disastrous 2021, slipping down the Premier League at an alarming speed while also crashing out of the Europa League.’

Pesky fact: Their disastrous 2021 has seen them slip all the way from seventh to, erm, seventh at alarming speed.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho


Error code
Over at the Mirror website, they have rightly deduced that there is no mileage in the Jose Mourinho sack story unless you have a new angle. And in the absence of any new information, this is where they have landed:

‘Tottenham may have made a huge mistake with Jose Mourinho as unlikely fact emerges’

It doesn’t feel like they have made a ‘huge mistake’ but then we were not in possession of this ‘unlikely fact’. Until now.

‘The former Manchester United and Chelsea boss remains the only man to beat Guardiola in a cup final – excluding Super Cups.’

Oh they really have f***ed it.

Though it does seem unlikely that Mourinho’s Spurs would have been allowed to draft in Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel Di Maria, Xabi Alonso, Sami Khedira, Sergio Ramos and Ricardo Carvalho before Sunday. Though we really would not rule out the latter.


Bizarre Inc.
Maybe Danny Murphy was in possession of that ‘unlikely fact’ as he told talkSPORT on Monday morning:

“The timing is bizarre.

“You can talk about the style of play and how well they should have done with the squad they’ve got, but ultimately they’re a week away from the final they can win, which means a trophy and they have still got a chance to make the top four.

“Jose Mourinho, for all his criticism, he knows how to win finals and he knows how to set up a team to win knockout games, and now he’s not going to get the chance.”

Yes, his ability to set up a team to win knockout games was very apparent against Dinamo Zagreb a whole month ago. And against Everton a whole month before that. And Norwich and RB Leipzig were obviously flukes last season.

How was he not given the chance against Manchester City? Bizarre.


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