Unai Emery to Manchester United idea shot down as quickly as it was raised

Steven Chicken
Unai Emery looks like someone has let off in close proximity
Unai Emery's reaction to the notion of going to Manchester United, probably

Former Aston Villa striker Darren Bent has implored Unai Emery to summon up the will to resist the purely hypothetical notion of ditching Villa Park to take over from Erik ten Hag at Manchester United.

Emery has been showered with praise for lifting Aston Villa to fifth place this season, with their two-goal victory away to Arsenal on Sunday just the latest impressive result for a side that is also competing for Europa Conference League honours.

Manchester United would be ‘complete no-brainer’ move for Unai Emery

That has made the former Gunners boss the flavour of the month once again, because football operates on a never-ending cycle of a lack of imagination beyond the last thing we all happened to see on telly.

And with ten Hag under pressure at Manchester United, it was only a matter of time before those two parts of the punditocracy’s flip-the-panel book of opinions to hit upon this particular combination of club and manager. 

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Speaking on his talkSPORT show, Andy Goldstein had said: “If you’ve got the opportunity to manage one of the biggest clubs in the world.

“If this was Barcelona, if Barcelona slipped to 8th, and Unai Emery had the chance to manage them, he’s going.

“If it’s Man United, he’s going … they’re just bigger clubs, and the opportunity to have one of them on your CV, from my money, is a complete no-brainer.”

Already got Arsenal on there, which didn’t go so well, but alright.

Unai Emery urged to resist purely hypothetical job offer

Bent responded: “Would he leave his current post? Listen, Manchester United’s a bigger club, that’s a fact.

“But I think to convince him to leave, it would have to take one hell of an effort for Manchester United. All their ducks would have to be aligned for him to even consider it.

“Because right now, at the minute Aston Villa look like they’re only going one way and that’s up.”

Bent doubts whether United will be able to arrange their waterfowl appropriately with so much else happening behind the scenes already this summer, however, saying: “I don’t think he’ll go to Manchester United in the summer regardless.

“There’s so much that’s got to go at your club. You’ve got to get players out, players in. Who’s the sporting director? There’s so much that has to be done at United. Why would he leave Villa?

“Unai, stay where you’re at!”