Vardy: Ranieri has a secret nickname for me

Date published: Monday 7th March 2016 9:36

Jamie Vardy has refused to reveal Claudio Ranieri’s nickname for his star striker, with the 19-goal man predictably calling it ‘banter’.

The nickname is presumably not Cannon (as in ‘loose’), which was Vardy’s moniker in his non-league days, but it’s obviously rude enough to be kept secret.

“He just likes to have a little laugh and joke,’ Vardy said. ‘You have seen him when he does his press conferences, he has always got you lot laughing so he must be doing something right,” says Vardy.

“He got us all a little present for Christmas and it was a bell. Just a bell in a box.

“We all opened it and the next thing you knew everyone is walking around the changing room dinging these bells.

“I could not tell you why. It must be something for Claudio to have a laugh and joke about. It relaxes all the lads. It make the lads all have a laugh and joke. He is exactly the same.

“He has a little nickname for me though that I am not allowed to say. It is just banter. He is more than happy to dish the banter back as well.”

Vardy also claims that the Leicester players felt “no emotion” when watching Tottenham face Arsenal on Saturday lunchtime, despite the two north London clubs being their closest rivals for the title.

“We got down a bit early because it was the first live game on TV. We thought we would tune in and watch it just before food.

“There were no emotions. None at all. At the end of the day we know it is up to us. No matter what the result was earlier we knew that we needed to come to Watford and get three points.

“No-one gave us a chance at the start of the season. Everyone said we were relegation fodder. Now we’re just enjoying it.”

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