Warnock, Lennon & Arena better placed to manage Man Utd than Ole

Date published: Wednesday 7th August 2019 2:27

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Neil Warnock Manchester United

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Warnock, Lennon and Bruce Arena(!) are better placed to manage Man Utd than Solskjaer
Solskjaer to lose 5 of his first 7 premier league fixtures and to be sacked in October.

The day will be Sunday 20th October after a mauling at the hands of Liverpool.

Yes, its me again, the perennial doomsday predictor of Ole’s reign at Manchester United. I know, I’m really original and I welcome your praise in this, the hottest of takes on the current situation at Old Trafford.

Man Utd face Chelsea (H), Wolves (A), Crystal Palace (H), Southampton (A), Leicester (H), West Ham (A) and Arsenal (H) all before October.

Ole had 5 defeats, 2 draws and 2 wins in his last 9 games last season, all when the pressure was on and 4th place was achievable. His appointment was always romance over reason and I find it absolutely baffling that a club the size of Man Utd can appoint such a novice beyond his interim period.

To highlight the level of manager Man Utd have, I’ve done a big boy research. Ole’s career as a manager so far is a few trophies in Norway and a big failure at Cardiff. But let’s see where these achievements in the Norwegian league stand in the world of football.

According to Kickalgor.com ranking algorithm (don’t know how reputable this site is?), The Norwegian League is ranked 30th in the world of football. Now how does his achievement of two league titles rank against other leagues ?

Is it equivalent to winning the Championship? No, the Championship is ranked 20th on this list. So Neil Warnock is better qualified to manage Man Utd.

Equivalent to the MLS? No the MLS is 19th. So Bruce Arena, is better qualified to manage Man Utd.

Ok perhaps we are aiming a bit too high here. What about The SPL? No the SPL is 23rd and so Neil Lennon is better qualified to manage Man Utd.

Any managers with achievements in the 11th placed Liga MX (Mexico), 15th place Superligaen (Denmark), 16th placed Austrian league, the Croatian, Czech, Greece, Swedish, Polish, Columbian, Serbian, Chinese Leagues have a better case for the role than Ole.

(No disrespect is meant to the featured leagues including Norway’s, its merely to highlight the vast amount of leagues above the Norwegian league and where his achievements lie in the grand scheme of things. Sorry.)

I think that’s point proven. Thank you for reading something everyone in the world already knew except the Banker in charge of Man United. There is of course a quick fix to this mess. Reappoint David Gill.

Frank Lampard will be the same. Initial burst of optimism with good results produced from that sweet sweet ‘New Manager Bounce TM’, then it will begin to fade, Frank will look clueless and he will be let go as Chelsea slip out of the top 4.

I do think this is a free hit for Chelsea, a lovely bit of PR pudding in getting ‘one of our own’ to distract the fans from that transfer ban. He’ll be given the season at the very least an be let go before the start of the next one.

I’ve also predicted Poch to Man Utd or Real Madrid this season. You’re welcome.
TJ (Possibly the most obvious predictions of this season…oh and Newcastle to go down)


Worried by north London
If Spurs get Dybala and Coutinho as well ..  I am worried..
Arsenal with Pepe, Auba and Lacazette..  I am worried

I honestly believe that they will be fully in the shout this year.
People seem to have written the league all about who will get 4th.. Well Spurs and Arsenal will be in the fight for 2nd I believe..

I still think City are too strong and too deep.

I think we (Pool) are going to struggle later on from tiredness… The front 3 will likely be over played.. and havent had a proper break really. Harry Wilson (who I thought would be a help / relief in cup games etc for Mane) has gone to Bournemouth.. Tho Origi seemed to do ok on Sunday.
Robbo is almost irreplaceable (I love James Milner, truly, but not a good enough replacement in case of injury to the Wonderboy at left back)

Poch and Emery are bloody good managers (Im not sure how Emery doesnt get more credit really) and they both have fairly scary teams at this point..

And as an aside Manyoo will not be as terrible as everybody seems to think (hope?) Not a chance! (Eriksen anyone..)

Wolves were great against the top 6 last year and seem to have got stronger.
Everton get Zaha (not for 60mill by the way) then they are also in the argument for that top 6

No way anyone is getting 98points this year. Not  a chance. Far too much quality competition.

I reckon it should be a right old battle for the top 8 and anyone could finish anywhere (well…. below city that is sadly)

I would give away my wife (and loan out my son) to win the league this year but i believe if we do somehow manage to get through the season and finish above all that lot.. Then it will be the most hard fought league win ever..

Yes harder than last year!

I will be quote shocked if anyone gets 90pts even..!
Al LFC nervously excited for Friday – Thank goodness it all starting again! 


Man Utd’s season
I just wanted to write in and mention some points that I’ve not really seen raised around Man Utd. I’ve been following their pre season and a lot of the commentary about their prospects seems to be based on the end of last season + the new signings rather than what they have shown so far.

*The style of play is now completely different. United are playing with a high line and pressing from the front with a mobile and pacey attack. This seems to play to the strengths of the largely young and fit squad. Hence all the chatter about OGS making them ‘run a lot’

*The positive of this is that United win the ball higher up the field and then have space to break into and create attacks. This is crucial as all their attackers look at their best when running at pace and it means they’re not having to break down a packed defence. This is the most important point because…

*…There is still a severe lack of creativity in the whole side. Other than Pogba, nobody else looks capable of playing a pass that will take players out of the game. Pogba is also playing deeper now, meaning the burden falls on the nr 10, one of Lingard, Mata, Andreas or Gomes. Lingard makes clever runs that pull people out of position but needs somebody else to then make the pass. Mata can see the passes but can’t press or keep up with play. Andreas seems to lack the sort of eagle vision you need in that position. Gomes seems to have this but is tiny. This is why the Eriksen/Dybala signing was so important and the failure to secure it will be so damaging

*The middle two are woefully exposed if the initial press fails. Several times the opposition has had three or four men descending on the defence completely unopposed. Better sides will score hatfuls if United play like this. Of all the areas that needed strengthening this seemed the most important. Matic’s legs are shot and Fred seems unable to read the game. However McT seems to have gone up another level, although he’s always going to be technically limited.

*There has been much excitement around Chong, Garner, Gomes and Greenwood but based on how they were used in pre season only the latter looks like he’ll be used frequently. It’s a shame as the others clearly have great qualities (Garner particularly looks exactly the profile of player United require) but it seems unlikely they will be chosen above the mainstays of the squad. However people forget quite how young they are. If they get Europa and League Cup minutes they may force their way in. Oh, Greenwood will be on the bench on Sunday.

*All in all, United do have a better defence but don’t have the central midfield to play this high risk pressing game consistently, without them conceding a lot of goals. Equally, they don’t have the creativity to break down a packed defence. Expect them to play direct and on the break in big 6 encounters and struggle to break down the Premier League middle class. Or, yknow, exactly what happened last season.

*Despite all the above, I’m far more excited about this United side than any other since Fergie left. The style they are aiming for is far more fun to watch than Jose. The team is largely academy players or young players looking to improve. I might have drank the MUTV kool aid but I think they’ll finish 4th
Bob (Work is slow today)


Season predictions
Sure this has been done but I’m bored in work so here’s my 2 pennies.

City maybe obvious but that doesn’t make it wrong.

Rest of the top 4
Liverpool (surely)
Chelsea, but god knows

Sheff Utd, hope I’m wrong but just don’t look good enough.

Top scorer
I can’t stand him but Harry Kane will probably be intent on regaining the golden boot and will no doubt embark on a season of 50+ shots every game

KDB looked good in pre season and looks hungry after missing out on most of last season.

Best signing
Trying to stay away from the big money signings and look for some value.  Keane for Everton looks a good buy at reasonable money, Fornals at West Ham could prove to be a bargain and the boy cabellos on loan .

Flop signing
Joelinton, should have kept Rondon

Champions league
City somehow always find a way to balls it up but would be a nice send of for the lovely David Silva. Can’t see Liverpool retaining it…….I’m going to say Barca

Europa league

Absolutely no idea probs someone who drops out the CL
Paul, Manchester


Not that easy at Newcastle
I hate to rain on someone’s optimism, especially Newcastle-flavoured optimism, as I’ve got a few very sad toon friends at the moment, but… James, NUFC’s email this morning spoke about Bruce ‘not changing too much’ and historically that hasn’t worked.

Benitez’s defensive organisation is not a simple ‘learn to play this way and you’ll defend better’. It’s specific plans for specific moments. The famous example was when Ranieri followed Benitez at his awesome Valencia team. Claudio had plans for the attacking side of the game, but when it came to defending he told the players to “keep defending the same way.” The response was something along the way of “which of the twelves ways should we defend in”. Paraphrases, obviously. Ranieri lasted till February of his first year.

So, for Newcastle? The discipline and commitment will stay, but that organisation? It’s gone.
Andrew M, Joburg


Maguire is definitely still an upgrade
Okay JohnnyWicky in Toronto you have a bite, “desperate to become relevant again”? Now desperate to win the league again I will give you but relevant? Even when your lot won the Champions League United were all over the back pages, relevant my arse.

We may have over paid for Maguire but he is still an upgrade on what we had so it’s still good business. Oh and lastly “former giant” I presume you are neglecting the fact United are the biggest supported team across the globe 3rd in the Deloitte rich list (fallen from first due to no Champions League) no former in our name mate, Liverpool fans crowing about United being a shambles yet in the 6 years since Fergie retired we have still won more silverware than Liverpool have in the last 15 years, I suggest you pipe down and see what happens this season, when your media darlings are struggling to make fourth place lets see what you have to say then.
Paul Murphy, Manchester


Firstly the signings of Maguire and Carroll are completely different. Carroll was a 22 year old unproven striker who had played one international match whereas Maguire is a 26 year old centre back who is a mainstay for England and arguably at the peak of his powers. Maguire has been targeted by United all summer (and last) and although there is a hint of desperation in that we don’t really want one of Jones, Smalling and Rojo being one of our main centre backs, it pales into insignificance next to the panic buy that was Andy Carroll on deadline day having sold Torres to a direct rival.

Look, the fee is huge, we can all see that. I personally think that fees should be somehow related to contract value but that’s a conversation for another day. United, like Liverpool in 2011 have a squad that simply isn’t good enough after years of neglect. For once, the transfer business this summer seems to reflect a willingness to rectify that and Harry Maguire fills a gap in our squad which has been missing for some time, so United’s need is there. Leicester didn’t want to sell so there’s another upward pressure. Liverpool have already signed a centre back from within the EPL for £75m and that was without the English player premium so that cranked it up as well. The fact that we could have signed him last year for £70m hurts but we might still have Jose if we had so every cloud etc.

Basically Andy Carroll was a panic buy but there’s plenty of logic to signing Maguire, even at that price. Despite the fact that they both have big heads and scored headers against Sweden at major tournaments, there are no comparisons to be made between the two. Unless you’re a Liverpool fan on the wind up.

Anyway, can you name a better player for less money?

Thought not.
Ashley Metcalfe


An alternative take on Koscielny
I might be unique in this as an Arsenal fan, but I’m not really bothered by this whole Koscielny business.

Maybe it’s because there are bigger things to get upset about as this world accelerates into political chaos and environmental disaster or perhaps because I’m a fan of American Football where player hold-outs are a lot more common.

But fundamentally I don’t have an issue with players pushing the employer for anything. If he wants to go home, fine, you can fine him for not showing up to work and stick him in reserves/sell him, but you can’t fundamentally make him do anything. That’s just unethical. And a financial contract to pay someone can’t compel them to behave in your best interests. The idea of ‘honouring’ a contract is inherently daft.

Maybe it’d be more frustrating if he was a star player last year, but it’s clear he’s declining, so moving him on made sense anyway.

And as for the video, I just don’t get it. Why is it disrespectful? He played for Arsenal last year, now he plays for Bordeaux. He showed that. He didn’t then trample on the Arsenal shirt or burn it. What’s more, he probably didn’t even choose the reveal, it’s probably some random dude in the Bordeaux marketing department.

People need to get over themselves.
Tom (Graham, you couldn’t have timed your Jenkinson mail any better 😀 ) Walthamstow


To David from Sydney, I’m guessing that what Koscielny wanted was to be sacked! That’s what he was trying for!

I do sometime feel sorry for footballers in these circumstances. I don’t know Koscielny’s personal circumstances or family details or anything. But it seems like he just really wanted to go home. As a man approaching his mid-thirties, with a young family (just assuming he has, don’t know?), wanting to return to a wider family circle and familiarity, it’s very understandable.

What if you were working for a company in Germany for a good few years, and you had the growing desire to return home. Maybe you had a new wife and young family and stuff. And you ask your employer (as opposed to just, you know, handing in a “I quit” letter) to be allowed to quit your job and go back home. And you’re told, “sod you son, stay where you are for another year”, how would you feel? Pretty depressed I’m guessing, regardless of the pay. And not very motivated to do your job. So have a bit of understanding.
Ted, LFC.


If Prem teams were pop punk bands
I’m bored (see: hungover and unwilling to do my actual work) and having a good reminisce of early noughties pop punk on Spotify. So here’s a completely unasked for list of ‘if Premier League teams were pop punk bands’:

City – State Champs

Liv – New Found Glory

Man U – you me at six(th)

Spurs – The Story So Far

Chelsea – Cold War Kids

Arsenal – Lower than SpursAtlantis

Everton – Rich Kids on LSD

Wolves – Simple Plan

Watford – Misfits

Leicester – A day to remember

Bournemouth – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Newcastle – All time Low

Palace – Neck Deep

West Ham – BuzzCocks

Sheffield United – Brand New

Norwich – Green Day

Aston Villa – The Get up Kids

Southampton – Forever the sickest kids

Brighton – Good Riddance

Burnley – Rancid

(I’m aware some of these may not technically be ‘pop punk’ but it was hard, and besides it beats arguing about whether Harry Maguire is worth 80 million smackeroos. You didn’t ask for it, but you’re welcome anyway.
Lee (Is it 5pm yet?), LFC


Transfer centre
Hi all!

Hope everyone is good and looking forward to the new season. I was working from home yesterday and had sky sports news on for most of the day. I honestly can’t wait for the season to begin for one main reason.

I can’t wait till that ridiculous “transfer centre” show is off the air. WOW. What a load of rubbish that is. 4 blokes who get their links from twitter updates wearing some of the worst suits / shirt combinations seen since Ian Wright and his match of the day crew. Honestly its so bad. Nothing they say has any credibility and they act like they have their fingers on the pulse ready with all the gossip.

Yesterday while discussing Real Madrids offer of 27 million and James Rodrigues for paul pogba one of them actually said “James has undoubted talent, I can’t remember if it was the Euro’s or the world cup but he was brilliant in it a few years ago”

Chaz (Essex)


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