Weird fitness bloke criticises United over Depay

Matt Stead

Professional ‘you’re doing this wrong’ man Raymond Verheijen has criticised Manchester United over their treatment of Memphis Depay.

Depay has been largely disappointing since joining United from Eredivisie club PSV for £31million in the summer, scoring just two goals in 17 Premier League appearances.

Fitness coach Verheijen, who has made a career out of criticising everyone, believes the 21-year-old has been mismanaged by his new club.

“If you look at Memphis Depay, you can use an objective reference, in this case a metaphor, to explain his situation,” Verheijen told Squawka. “Just imagine you are running on a treadmill and you are running for lets say five miles per hour and after 30 minutes you are exhausted, and then next week you are going to run on that same treadmill but now you’re going to run at 10 miles per hour. The speed goes up.

“What is going to happen to the 30 minutes? Well, the 30 minutes will become shorter because if you are exhausted after 30 minutes from running at five miles per hour, you will probably be exhausted after playing 15 or 20 minutes at 10 miles per hour. If the treadmill goes faster you will become exhausted sooner.

“There is a very clear correlation between the speed and duration: the volume. That is an objective reference, and based on this you can look at a player like Memphis Depay.

Verheijen added, continuing with the delightful treadmill theme: “He goes from PSV Eindhoven to Manchester United, so that means that the speed goes up. The speed of play and in training in the Dutch Eredivisie is lower than at Manchester United, in training and in the games in the Premier League. For Memphis Depay, the treadmill goes faster.

“That means that temporarily you have to reduce the volume for him so he has to train less and play less game minutes for his body to get used to the higher tempo and once he has caught up with the speed of actions then gradually, over time, you can increase the number of training sessions and game minutes all the way to team level.

“Then, after some months, his body will have caught up with playing football at a Premier League level.

“What should have been done with Memphis Depay and all other young players all around the world is to reduce the volume but in reality, these youngsters are just thrown in the deep and they will gradually become exhausted, their performance will drop and eventually they will get injured.”

Depay played just 40 games last season for PSV, but has already played 28 for United.