Weird fitness egg blasts Klopp, Guardiola methods

Matt Stead

A man who pretends to be an egg on Twitter has hit out at the methods employed by both Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola.

Former Wales coach Raymond Verheijen admits that both the Liverpool boss and Manchester City manager are both “top coaches”, but that they have obvious “flaws” in their game.

The egg first took aim at Guardiola “refusal” to alter his methods for the Premier League.

‘Why do intelligent coaches like Pep not understand that players need more recovery time between demanding EPL games?’ he asked on Twitter.

‘More fatigue during the games means longer recovery time after the game to get rid of this fatigue and to regain freshness for the next game.

‘Pep should adjust his methods to the demanding EPL. This means he should reduce the intensity/fatigue of his training sessions between games.

‘If Pep refuses to adjust to these specific circumstances, it’s very likely the Man City players will struggle in last months of this season.’

Verheijen then described Klopp as a “fantastic coach”, but added that it is no coincidence that he is ‘the manager who has lost the most cup finals at the end of a season’.

‘Fantastic coach,’ he said. ‘Great in developing a playing style. But does not have a clue about the principles of periodisation.

‘Liverpool again suffered double muscle injury blow last weekend (Lallana/Lovren). And they do not even have to play midweek European games.

‘Many injured Liverpool players withdrew from national team. Imagine how big injury crisis would have been if Liverpool had played in Europe?

‘Because of Klopp’s intense training & playing style, it’s very likely the Liverpool players will struggle in the last months of this season.

‘It’s important for young coaches to know there is a reason why Klopp is the manager who has lost the most cup finals at the end of a season.

‘The fact that Klopp reaches so many finals proves he is a top coach. But a more extensive analysis shows his approach clearly has some flaws.

‘Unfortunately, top coaches like Klopp are often working in a tunnel & take little time to reflect & search for improvements and innovations.’