Wembley ground sharing plan for Chelsea, Tottenham

Date published: Wednesday 21st October 2015 11:07

The Football Association have revealed they are looking at Chelsea and Tottenham potentially ground sharing at Wembley.

Martin Glenn, the FA’s chief executive, has said both clubs could share the national stadium while their respective new stadiums are developed.

Both Premier League clubs will have to temporarily relocate while they press on with their expansion plans which should be completed by 2020.

“Building in London is a nightmare and they both have ambitious plans – the question is what they do in the interim.

“Both would prefer sole status somewhere but it’s difficult. We are looking at whether we could get a ground share but there’s still work that needs to be done.

“There are other obligations at Wembley with other sporting events, so there is some work to say is it theoretically possible but we are here to try to be as helpful as we can,” Glenn told talkSport.

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