Wenger names two positions Mkhitaryan will play at Arsenal

Date published: Wednesday 24th January 2018 8:23

Arsene Wenger says Henrikh Mkhitaryan “can play in different positions” at Arsenal – before naming two.

Mkhitaryan joined the club earlier this week in exchange for Alexis Sanchez, who has departed for Manchester United.

It is a fresh start for Mkhitaryan, who struggled to establish himself at Old Trafford.

But Wenger has already set out his future plans for the Armenian.

“He can play in different positions, but personally I see him first in a wide position, but I’m thinking about him a possibility to play through the middle,” said Wenger.

“You are certain in our job of nothing, that’s absolutely sure. But you believe and I believe he has the qualities to do well, is a team player and our game is based on team attitude and movement and I think he can absorb the quantity of movement in our team.”

As to whether Wenger would ever try and fit all his array of attacking midfielders into one team, he replied: “Certainly all no. Some will have to be in and out.

“But on the other hand, we have seen that Ramsey has been out many times, Wilshere as well, we play in many competitions. You have a number you can fit in.

“Some people need confidence and to feel security, but in football teams, there is a number that pushes you, a number that makes you asleep, and a number that paralyses you.

“So you have to find the right number in each squad to give fair competition, but as well not be too much in administration, and not to have no chance at all, no matter what happens, to play.”


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