Wenger urges Mike Dean to watch Costa again

Date published: Monday 21st September 2015 8:23

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger wants the FA to take retrospective action against Diego Costa, while insisting that he would not have reacted like defender Gabriel.

Wenger was clearly incensed at the behaviour of Costa, who struck Laurent Koscielny in the face and chest-bumped him to the ground before engaging in an altercation with Gabriel that ended in the Brazilian defender kicking out and getting sent off.

Costa can only be punished by the FA if referee Mike Dean reports that he missed Costa’s initial confrontation with Koscielny.

“I would like them, especially Mike Dean, to look at the whole action that happened during the game and see if he stands for his decision,” said Wenger.

“But you have a fourth official, you have a linesman, the referee and they talk all the game. They know Diego Costa. He is not a newcomer. He was here for a year now. It is surprising.

“I tell you something, if I am a referee and I referee Diego Costa, I do not send somebody off quickly if he responds because you know he has been well provoked.”

Wenger also saved some of his ire for Gabriel, who allowed himself to be wound up by Costa and ultimately cost Arsenal the match.

“We warn them not to get involved, and I don’t understand Gabriel because he usually looks a calm boy,” said Wenger. “For me, it’s not difficult to stay calm. I don’t believe it is. You have to be above [anything that is said]. That’s part of the game. For me, to be professional is to deal with that.

“You can spit in my face and, if it’s in a game, then I will not respond. I do not guarantee that outside of the game. What I mean is that the desire to win has to be above all of that. You stand up to it in a controlled way. We are equipped to respond, but we always have to keep control of our response.”

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