Werner needs to play in front two for struggling Chelsea

Seb Sternik

After enduring three Premier League games without a win, Frank Lampard’s men now turn their attention to the FA Cup.

League Two Morecambe will be their opponents in the third round but as discussed in the latest instalment of the Big Weekend on YouTube, most of the focus will be on Chelsea’s front man, Timo Werner.

Before talking about the game, host of the show, Mark Smith, took the time to give a tongue-in-cheek apology regarding his earlier comments about the German forward.

He said: “On Thursday 17th of December, I made some comments on this show that were badly researched, they were ill founded and they were inflammatory because I implied that Timo Werner was an excellent player and a great signing for Chelsea.

“We all say things we don’t mean in the heat of battle but I would like to apologise to anyone affected by those comments as well as offer to make a donation to the struggling footballers charity. Sarah, do you think that is a fair apology?”



Winty then hit back with her own apology.

She said: “I think it is a fair apology, I probably owe someone my own apology for suggesting that Frank Lampard might know what he’s doing. After 18 months of saying he didn’t, I was sort of swayed but now no, nonsense.”

Jokes aside, Mark did admit that this could be a big game for Werner should the hosts take this tie seriously.

He said: “I’m being tongue-in-cheek with the Timo Werner thing. It’s his first season in the league and in the country. Difficult time in world events to be moving anywhere and I think he will come good. I actually think, depending on how seriously Chelsea take this game, this is meat and drink to Timo Werner, isn’t it? Home to Morecambe?”

Winty agreed saying: “This is exactly the kind of game where you try and mimic the way he scored his goals last season. That’s what I would be doing in a game like this. I’d put him up front with a bigger guy. Don’t stick him out on the left with Abraham or Giroud in the middle. Put him through the middle with the bigger guy and he can come in off the left.

“This is how he scored a lot of his goals last season. He doesn’t want to play as a lone striker and he doesn’t want to play as a left winger. You have to put him in that inside left position. That would work far better for him and this is exactly the kind of game where you have him score three or four goals and get him his confidence.”