Arsenal shown on Sky Sports and TNT more than any Premier League side this season

Matt Stead
Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard
Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard applauds the fans

Arsenal were picked for the most televised Premier League games this season, with Liverpool and Manchester United level and one team forgotten.

Sky Sports and TNT Sports have chosen their TV games for the rest of the season. And they still don’t seem to realise Burnley actually exist.

None of these figures include the full gameweek schedules which were shown on Amazon Prime over Christmas, or TNT Sports in early April, when every match was televised.


1) Arsenal – 28 games
Sky Sports – Crystal Palace (a), Manchester United (h), Everton (a), Spurs (h), Manchester City (h), Chelsea (a), Newcastle (a), Liverpool (a), Fulham (a), Liverpool (h), West Ham (a), Sheffield United (a), Brentford (h), Manchester City (a), Brighton (a), Aston Villa (h), Wolves (a), Spurs (a), Manchester United (a)

TNT Sports – Nottingham Forest (h), Brentford (a), Aston Villa (a), Crystal Palace (h), Nottingham Forest (a), Newcastle (h), Chelsea (h), Bournemouth (h), Everton (h)

At least if any cameramen was knackered or bored of having to follow those bottlers around so often, Martin Odegaard was on standby to help out where needed while Jamie Carragher seethes.

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2) Spurs – 26 games
Sky Sports – Manchester United (h), Arsenal (a), Liverpool (h), Brentford (a), Fulham (h), Crystal Palace (a), Chelsea (h), Aston Villa (h), Manchester City (a), Newcastle (h), Nottingham Forest (a), Manchester United (a), Chelsea (a), Aston Villa (a), Fulham (a), Nottingham Forest (h), Arsenal (h), Chelsea (a), Liverpool (a), Manchester City (h)

TNT Sports – Bournemouth (a), Luton (a), Wolves (a), Brentford (h), Everton (a), Newcastle (a)

Since Harry Kane made himself scarce the TV execs can rarely get enough of Spurs. Mate. Especially when cast as obstacles in the run-in. Mate.


=3) Liverpool – 25 games
Sky Sports – Chelsea (a), Newcastle (a), Spurs (a), Brighton (a), Luton (a), Manchester City (a), Crystal Palace (a), Manchester United (h), Arsenal (h), Newcastle (h), Bournemouth (a), Arsenal (a), Manchester City (h), Everton (a), Brighton (h), Manchester United (a), Crystal Palace (h), Fulham (a), Spurs (h), Aston Villa (a)

TNT Sports – Wolves (a), Everton (h), Chelsea (h), Brentford (a), West Ham (a)

A fair few away games and lunchtime kick-offs were smattered around but Jurgen Klopp was always able to promote another Liverpool academy starlet if he saw it as a problem.


=3) Manchester United – 25 games
Sky Sports – Wolves (h), Spurs (a), Arsenal (a), Sheffield United (a), Manchester City (h), Everton (a), Liverpool (a), Nottingham Forest (a), Spurs (h), West Ham (h), Aston Villa (a), Luton (a), Manchester City (a), Brentford (a), Liverpool (h), Bournemouth (a), Crystal Palace (a), Arsenal (h), Newcastle (h)

TNT Sports – Burnley (a), Fulham (a), Newcastle (a), West Ham (a), Wolves (a), Everton (h)

There was a pretty clear lean towards away games but a studio punditry team of Paul Scholes and Owen Hargreaves with Rio Ferdinand and Robbie Savage on co-commentary and Gary Neville providing colour on social media gave things a more homely feel.


=3) Manchester City – 25 games
Sky Sports – Burnley (a), Sheffield United (a), Arsenal (a), Manchester United (a), Chelsea (a), Liverpool (h), Spurs (h), Luton (a), Brentford (a), Chelsea (h), Bournemouth (a), Manchester United (h), Liverpool (a), Brighton (a), Arsenal (h), Nottingham Forest (a), Wolves (h), Spurs (a), West Ham (h)

TNT Sports – Newcastle (h), Newcastle (a), Burnley (h), Everton (h), Crystal Palace (a), Fulham (a)

Plenty of cameras captured Pep Guardiola pointedly accosting a player – one of his or an opponent, doesn’t matter – after victories.


6) Chelsea – 22 games
Sky Sports – Liverpool (h), West Ham (a), Luton (h), Bournemouth (a), Fulham (a), Arsenal (h), Spurs (a), Manchester City (h), Wolves (a), Crystal Palace (a), Manchester City (a), Spurs (h), Newcastle (h), Everton (h), Spurs (h), Nottingham Forest (a)

TNT Sports – Brentford (h), Luton (a), Fulham (h), Liverpool (a), Arsenal (a), Aston Villa (a)

Todd Boehly’s transfer daftness proved tough to resist for those hoping to grab the attention of any channel-hoppers wondering precisely what latest mess Cole Palmer was dragging them out of.


7) Everton – 19 games
Sky Sports – Aston Villa (a), Arsenal (h), Brentford (a), West Ham (a), Manchester United (h), Nottingham Forest (a), Burnley (a), Aston Villa (h), Crystal Palace (h), Chelsea (a), Nottingham Forest (h), Brentford (h), Liverpool (h), Luton (a)

TNT Sports – Sheffield United (a), Liverpool (a), Spurs (a), Manchester City (a), Manchester United (a), Arsenal (a)

Both of Everton’s games against Brentford were televised purely because of the Neal Maupay factor. He is a draw


8) Newcastle – 19 games
Sky Sports – Aston Villa (h), Liverpool (h), Brighton (a), Brentford (h), Sheffield United (a), Wolves (a), Arsenal (h), Bournemouth (a), Spurs (a), Liverpool (a), Nottingham Forest (a), Chelsea (a), Manchester United (a)

TNT Sports – Manchester City (a), Manchester United (h), Aston Villa (a), Arsenal (a), West Ham (h), Spurs (h)

Sky Sports will literally never get over those games between Liverpool and Newcastle about 30 years ago, will they?


9) Aston Villa – 18 games
Sky Sports – Newcastle (a), Everton (h), West Ham (h), Nottingham Forest (a), Spurs (a), Sheffield United (h), Everton (a), Sheffield United (a), Manchester United (h), Luton (a), Spurs (h), Wolves (h), Arsenal (a), Liverpool (h)

TNT Sports – Brighton (h), Arsenal (h), Newcastle (h), Chelsea (h)

Unai Emery’s players wilted in front of the cameras against Newcastle on the opening weekend and were good value for TV thereafter.


10) West Ham – 16 games
Sky Sports – Chelsea (h), Brighton (a), Luton (a), Aston Villa (a), Everton (h), Nottingham Forest (h), Crystal Palace (h), Wolves (h), Brighton (h), Manchester United (a), Arsenal (h), Brentford (h), Manchester City (a)

TNT Sports – Manchester United (h), Bournemouth (h), Newcastle (a), Liverpool (h)

Suppose there’s no point putting David Moyes on the tele at the Emirates, Stamford Bridge or Anfield if you want to retain the pretence of jeopardy. Or Old Trafford really, but there is always the return narrative there at least.

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11) Nottingham Forest – 15 games
Sky Sports – Burnley (h), Brentford (h), Crystal Palace (a), Aston Villa (h), West Ham (a), Everton (h), Spurs (h), Manchester United (h), Brentford (a), Newcastle (h), Spurs (a), Everton (a), Chelsea (h)

TNT Sports – Arsenal (a), Arsenal (h)

TNT clearly think the Kevin Campbell derby is pure dynamite.


=12) Brentford – 14 games
Sky Sports – Spurs (h), Newcastle (a), Everton (h), Nottingham Forest (a), Nottingham Forest (h), Manchester City (h), West Ham (a), Arsenal (a), Manchester United (h), Everton (a)

TNT Sports – Chelsea (a), Arsenal (h), Spurs (a), Liverpool (h)

Sky Sports love Brentford v Nottingham Forest as much as they do the Bees v Everton. Maupay, init.


=12) Wolves – 14 games
Sky Sports – Manchester United (a), Crystal Palace (a), Newcastle (h), Fulham (a), West Ham (a), Chelsea (h), Sheffield United (a), Aston Villa (a), Arsenal (h), Manchester City (a)

TNT Sports – Liverpool (h), Spurs (h), Brighton (a), Manchester United (h)

Gary O’Neil had plenty of individual and team screen time this season – and thankfully plenty of cameras around to capture all those many VAR injustices.


14) Crystal Palace – 13 games
Sky Sports – Arsenal (h), Wolves (h), Nottingham Forest (h), Spurs (h), West Ham (a), Liverpool (h), Brighton (h), Chelsea (h), Everton (a), Liverpool (a), Manchester United (h)

TNT Sports – Arsenal (a), Manchester City (h)

Roy Hodgson was always excellent value for some post-match snark after Palace had their garments pulled down in front of the watching world; Oliver Glasner never had to indulge in such impertinence.

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15) Brighton – 11 games
Sky Sports – West Ham (h), Newcastle (h), Liverpool (h), Crystal Palace (a), West Ham (a), Sheffield United (a), Manchester City (h), Liverpool (a), Arsenal (h)

TNT Sports – Aston Villa (a), Wolves (h)

The whole M23 derby thing is really fun every season.


=16) Sheffield United – ten games
Sky Sports – Manchester City (h), Newcastle (h), Manchester United (h), Aston Villa (a), West Ham (h), Aston Villa (h), Brighton (h), Wolves (a), Arsenal (h)

TNT Sports – Everton (h)

At least that travelling Sheffield United support rarely had to contend with kick-off times being randomly moved for TV.


=16) Luton – ten games
Sky Sports – Chelsea (a), West Ham (h), Liverpool (h), Manchester City (h), Manchester United (h), Aston Villa (h), Everton (h)

TNT Sports – Spurs (h), Chelsea (h), Burnley (a)

There were some big hitters (and Burnley) for any armchair Luton fans to sample – and plenty of away fans who enjoyed that entrance.


=18) Bournemouth – nine games
Sky Sports – Chelsea (h), Newcastle (h), Liverpool (h), Manchester City (h), Burnley (a), Manchester United (a), Arsenal (a)

TNT Sports – Spurs (h), West Ham (a)

Let’s hope Bournemouth’s new Spanish fans didn’t bother sorting a TV subscription out.


=19) Fulham – nine games
Sky Sports – Chelsea (h), Spurs (a), Wolves (h), Arsenal (h), Spurs (h), Liverpool (h)

TNT Sports – Manchester United (h), Chelsea (a), Manchester City (h)

Those bloody poor Fulham fans had to wait until October 2 – seven weeks into the season – for a chance to see their side on the box. And then they lost. There is an understandable reluctance to film them outside of London.


20) Burnley – seven games
Sky Sports – Manchester City (h), Nottingham Forest (a), Everton (h), Bournemouth (h)

TNT Sports – Manchester United (a), Luton (h), Manchester City (a)

The Vincent Kompany revolution was largely not televised at all. Or a revolution.


Full table of televised Premier League matches
1) Arsenal P30 W21 D4 L5 F66 A25 GD +41 Pts 67
2) Manchester City P29 W19 D6 L2 F63 A24 GD +39 Pts 63
3) Liverpool P28 W14 D10 L4 F56 A33 GD +23 Pts 53
4) Manchester United P27 W13 D5 L9 F40 A39 GD +1 Pts 44
5) Chelsea P23 W12 D6 L5 F47 A33 GD +14 Pts 42
6) Spurs P27 W11 D5 L11 F48 A49 GD -1 Pts 38
7) Aston Villa P20 W10 D4 L6 F41 A30 GD +11 Pts 34
8) West Ham P20 W9 D5 L6 F35 A35 GD 0 Pts 32
9) Everton P22 W8 D5 L9 F23 A32 GD -9 Pts 29
10) Newcastle P22 W9 D1 L12 F45 A44 GD +1 Pts 28
11) Wolves P17 W5 D2 L10 F21 A33 GD -12 Pts 17
12) Brighton P13 W4 D4 L5 F20 A25 GD -5 Pts 16
13) Bournemouth P12 W4 D3 L5 F12 A15 GD -3 Pts 15
14) Crystal Palace P15 W3 D4 L8 F17 A26 GD -9 Pts 13
15) Fulham P11 W4 D0 L7 F14 A19 GD -5 Pts 12
16) Nottingham Forest P17 W3 D3 L11 F18 A32 GD -14 Pts 12
17) Brentford P16 W2 D3 L11 F19 A34 GD -15 Pts 9
18) Luton P12 W1 D3 L8 F16 A25 GD -9 Pts 6
19) Sheffield United P12 W0 D3 L9 F9 A39 GD -30 Pts 3
20) Burnley P9 W0 D2 L7 F3 A16 GD -13 Pts 2


Full Premier League television schedule for the 2023/24 season

Friday August 11
Burnley 0-3 Manchester City (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 12 August
Arsenal 2-1 Nottingham Forest (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Newcastle 5-1 Aston Villa (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 13 August
Brentford 2-2 Spurs (2pm, Sky Sports)
Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 14 August
Manchester United 1-0 Wolves (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 19 August
Spurs 2-0 Manchester United (5.30pm, Sky Sports)
Manchester City 1-0 Newcastle (8pm, TNT Sports)


Sunday 20 August
Aston Villa 4-0 Everton (2pm, Sky Sports)
West Ham 3-1 Chelsea (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 21 August
Crystal Palace 0-1 Arsenal (8pm, Sky Sports)


Friday 25 August
Chelsea 3-0 Luton Town (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 26 August
AFC Bournemouth 0-2 Spurs (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Brighton 1-3 West Ham (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 27 August
Sheffield United 1-2 Man City (2pm, Sky Sports)
Newcastle 1-2 Liverpool (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Friday 1 September
Luton Town 1-2 West Ham (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 2 September
Sheffield United 2-2 Everton (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Brighton 3-1 Newcastle (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 3 September
Crystal Palace 3-2 Wolves (2pm, Sky Sports)
Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 16 September
Wolves 1-3 Liverpool (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Newcastle 1-0 Brentford (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 17 September
AFC Bournemouth 0-0 Chelsea (2pm, Sky Sports)
Everton 0-1 Arsenal (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 18 September
Nottingham Forest 1-1 Burnley (7.45pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 23 September
Brentford 1-3 Everton (5.30pm, Sky Sports)
Burnley 0-1 Manchester United (8pm, TNT Sports)


Sunday 24 September
Arsenal 2-2 Spurs (2pm, Sky Sports)
Sheffield United 0-8 Newcastle (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 30 September
Aston Villa 6-1 Brighton (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Spurs 2-1 Liverpool (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 1 October
Nottingham Forest 1-1 Brentford (2pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 2 October
Fulham 0-2 Chelsea (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 7 October
Luton 0-1 Spurs (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Crystal Palace 0-0 Nottingham Forest (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 8 October
Brighton 2-2 Liverpool (2pm, Sky Sports)
Arsenal 1-0 Manchester City (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 21 October
Liverpool 2-0 Everton (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal (5.30pm, Sky Sports)
Sheffield United 1-2 Manchester United (8pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 22 October
Aston Villa 4-1 West Ham (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 23 October
Spurs 2-0 Fulham (8pm, Sky Sports)


Friday 27 October
Crystal Palace 1-2 Spurs (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 28 October
Chelsea 0-2 Brentford (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Wolves 2-2 Newcastle (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 29 October
West Ham 0-1 Everton (1pm, Sky Sports)
Manchester United 0-3 Manchester City (3.30pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 4 November
Fulham 0-1 Manchester United (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Newcastle 1-0 Arsenal (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 5 November
Nottingham Forest 2-0 Aston Villa (2pm, Sky Sports)
Luton 1-1 Liverpool (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 6 November
Spurs 1-4 Chelsea (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 11 November
Wolves 2-1 Spurs (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Bournemouth 2-0 Newcastle (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 12 November
West Ham 3-2 Nottingham Forest (2pm, Sky Sports)
Chelsea 4-4 Manchester City (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 25 November
Manchester City 1-1 Liverpool (12.30pm, Sky Sports)
Brentford 0-1 Arsenal (5.30pm, TNT Sports)


Sunday 26 November
Spurs 1-2 Aston Villa (2pm, Sky Sports)
Everton 0-3 Manchester United (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 27 November
Fulham 3-2 Wolves (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 2 December
Nottingham Forest 0-1 Everton (5.30pm, Sky Sports)
Newcastle 1-0 Manchester United (8pm, TNT Sports)


Sunday 3 December
West Ham 1-1 Crystal Palace (2pm, Sky Sports)
Manchester City 3-3 Spurs (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Tuesday 5 December (both Amazon Prime)
Wolves 1-0 Burnley (7.30pm)
Luton 3-4 Arsenal (8.15pm)


Wednesday 6 December (all Amazon Prime)
Brighton 2-1 Brentford (7.30pm)
Crystal Palace 0-2 Bournemouth (7.30pm)
Fulham 5-0 Nottingham Forest (7.30pm)
Sheffield United 0-2 Liverpool (7.30pm)
Aston Villa 1-0 Manchester City (8.15pm)
Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea (8.15pm)


Thursday 7 December (both Amazon Prime)
Everton 3-0 Newcastle (7.30pm)
Spurs 1-2 West Ham (8.15pm)


Saturday 9 December
Crystal Palace 1-2 Liverpool (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Aston Villa 1-0 Arsenal (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 10 December
Luton 1-2 Manchester City (2pm, Sky Sports)
Spurs 4-1 Newcastle (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Friday 15 December
Nottingham Forest 0-2 Spurs (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 16 December
Burnley 0-2 Everton (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 17 December
West Ham 3-0 Wolves (2pm, Sky Sports)
Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Thursday 21 December
Crystal Palace 1-1 Brighton (8pm, Sky Sports)


Friday 22 December
Aston Villa 1-1 Sheffield United (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 23 December
West Ham 2-0 Manchester United (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 24 December
Wolves 2-1 Chelsea (1pm, Sky Sports)


Tuesday 26 December (all Amazon Prime)
Newcastle 1-3 Nottingham Forest (12.30pm)
Bournemouth 3-0 Fulham (3pm)
Sheffield United 2-3 Luton (3pm)
Burnley 0-2 Liverpool (5.30pm)
Manchester United 3-2 Aston Villa (8pm)


Wednesday 27 December (all Amazon Prime)
Chelsea 2-1 Crystal Palace (7.30pm)
Brentford 1-4 Wolves (7.30pm)
Everton 1-3 Manchester City (7.30pm)


Thursday 28 December (both Amazon Prime)
Brighton 4-2 Spurs (7.30pm)
Arsenal 0-2 West Ham (8.15pm)


Saturday 30 December
Luton 2-3 Chelsea (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Nottingham Forest 2-1 Manchester United (7.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 31 December
Fulham 2-1 Arsenal (2pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 1 January
Liverpool 4-2 Newcastle (8pm, Sky Sports)


Tuesday 2 January
West Ham 0-0 Brighton (7.30pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 13 January
Chelsea 1-0 Fulham (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Newcastle 2-3 Manchester City (5.30pm, TNT Sports)


Sunday 14 January
Everton 0-0 Aston Villa (2pm, Sky Sports)
Manchester United 2-2 Spurs (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 15 January
Burnley 1-1 Luton (7.45pm, TNT Sports)


Saturday 20 January
Arsenal 5-0 Crystal Palace (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Brentford 3-2 Nottingham Forest (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 21 January
Sheffield United 2-2 West Ham (2pm, TNT Sports)
Bournemouth 0-4 Liverpool (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 22 January
Brighton 0-0 Wolves (7.45pm, TNT Sports)


Tuesday 30 January
Nottingham Forest 1-2 Arsenal (7.30pm, TNT Sports)
Aston Villa 1-3 Newcastle (8.15pm, TNT Sports)


Wednesday 31 January
Spurs 3-2 Brentford (7.30pm, TNT Sports)
Manchester City 3-1 Burnley (7.30pm, TNT Sports)
Liverpool 4-1 Chelsea (8.15pm, TNT Sports)


Thursday 1 February
West Ham 1-1 Bournemouth (7.30pm, TNT Sports)
Wolves 3-4 Manchester United (8.15pm, TNT Sports)


Saturday 3 February
Everton 2-2 Spurs (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Sheffield United 0-5 Aston Villa (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 4 February
Manchester United 3-0 West Ham (2pm, Sky Sports)
Arsenal 3-1 Liverpool (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 5 February
Brentford 1-3 Manchester City (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 10 February
Manchester City 2-0 Everton (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Nottingham Forest 2-3 Newcastle (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 11 February
West Ham 0-6 Arsenal (2pm, Sky Sports)
Aston Villa 1-2 Manchester United (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 12 February
Crystal Palace 1-3 Chelsea (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 17 February
Brentford 1-4 Liverpool (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Manchester City 1-1 Chelsea (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 18 February
Sheffield United 0-5 Brighton (2pm, Sky Sports)
Luton 1-2 Manchester United (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 19 February
Everton 1-1 Crystal Palace (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 24 February
Bournemouth 0-1 Manchester City (5.30pm, Sky Sports)
Arsenal 4-1 Newcastle (8pm, TNT Sports)


Sunday 25 February
Wolves 1-0 Sheffield United (1.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 26 February
West Ham 4-2 Brentford (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 2 March
Luton 2-3 Aston Villa (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 3 March
Burnley 0-2 Bournemouth (1pm, Sky Sports)
Manchester City 3-1 Manchester United (3.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 4 March
Sheffield United 0-6 Arsenal (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 9 March
Manchester United 2-0 Everton (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Arsenal 2-1 Brentford (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 10 March
Aston Villa 0-4 Spurs (1pm, Sky Sports)
Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City (3.45pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 11 March
Chelsea 3-2 Newcastle (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 16 March
Fulham 3-0 Spurs (5.3opm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 30 March
Newcastle 4-3 West Ham (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Aston Villa 2-0 Wolves (5.30pm, Sky Sports)
Brentford 1-1 Manchester United (8pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 31 March
Liverpool 2-1 Brighton (2pm, Sky Sports)
Manchester City 0-0 Arsenal (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Tuesday 2 April (all TNT Sports)
Newcastle 1-1 Everton (7.30pm)
Nottingham Forest 3-1 Fulham (7.30pm)
West Ham 1-1 Spurs (8.15pm)


Wednesday 3 April (all TNT Sports)
Arsenal 2-0 Luton (7.30pm)
Brentford 0-0 Brighton (7.30pm)
Manchester City 4-1 Aston Villa (8.15pm)


Thursday 4 April (both TNT Sports)
Liverpool 3-1 Sheffield United (7.30pm)
Chelsea 4-3 Manchester United (8.15pm)


Saturday 6 April
Crystal Palace 2-4 Manchester City (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Brighton 0-3 Arsenal (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 7 April
Manchester United 2-2 Liverpool (3.30pm, Sky Sports)
Spurs 3-1 Nottingham Forest (6pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 13 April
Newcastle 4-0 Spurs (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Bournemouth 2-2 Manchester United (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 14 April
Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace (2pm, Sky Sports)
Arsenal 0-2 Aston Villa (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 15 April
Chelsea 6-0 Everton (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 20 April
Wolves 0-2 Arsenal (7.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 21 April
Everton 2-0 Nottingham Forest (1.30pm, Sky Sports)
Fulham 1-3 Liverpool (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Tuesday 23 April
Arsenal 5-0 Chelsea (8pm, TNT Sports)


Wednesday 24 April
Everton 2-0 Liverpool (8pm, Sky Sports)


Thursday 25 April
Brighton 0-4 Manchester City (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 27 April
West Ham 2-2 Liverpool (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Everton 1-0 Brentford (5.30pm, Sky Sports)
Aston Villa 2-2 Chelsea (8pm, TNT Sports)


Sunday 28 April
Spurs 2-3 Arsenal (2pm, Sky Sports)
Nottingham Forest 0-2 Manchester City (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Tuesday 2 May
Chelsea 2-0 Spurs (7.30pm, Sky Sports)


Friday 3 May
Luton 1-1 Everton (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 4 May
Arsenal 3-0 Bournemouth (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Manchester City 5-1 Wolves (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 5 May
Liverpool 4-2 Spurs (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 6 May
Crystal Palace 4-0 Manchester United (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 11 May
Fulham 0-4 Manchester City (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Nottingham Forest 2-3 Chelsea (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 12 May
Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 13 May
Aston Villa 3-3 Liverpool (8pm, Sky Sports)


Tuesday 14 May
Spurs 0-2 Manchester City (8pm, Sky Sports)


Wednesday 15 May
Manchester United 3-2 Newcastle (8pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 19 May
Arsenal 2-1 Everton (4pm, TNT Sports)
Chelsea 2-1 Bournemouth (4pm, Sky Sports)
Liverpool 2-0 Wolves (4pm, Sky Sports)
Manchester City 3-1 West Ham (4pm, Sky Sports)