Who will pick up all these ‘dropped transfer hints’?

Date published: Wednesday 5th June 2019 12:13

Footballers are a cryptic bunch; they rarely just come out and say they want to leave or join a club. And indeed why would they be so bold when they can just ‘drop transfer hints’ all over the place? The only danger is if nobody picks up on these hints and just carries on as if nothing at all of note has been said or done. Now that would be a real travesty, though it might at least lead to more clarity.

Thankfully, there is no chance of any ‘transfer hint’ falling through the cracks as long as Jake Polden works at the Daily Mirror website. He simply oozes emotional intelligence.

In the last 24 hours alone, Polden has reported:

1) ‘Liverpool fans think Memphis Depay has dropped transfer hint with reaction’

And what was this ‘transfer hint’ that was ‘dropped’ by Memphis Depay?

Well, you can just watch:

Mediawatch thinks you will all agree that dancing is the oldest hint known to man.


2) ‘Man Utd fans react as David de Gea ‘drops transfer hint’ with Sergio Ramos tweet’

And what was this ‘transfer hint’ that was ‘dropped’ by Memphis Depay?

Well, you can just see here:

Wow. That’s not even subtle. He’s off.


3) ‘Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ‘drops worrying Arsenal transfer hint’ on Instagram’

And what was this ‘worrying transfer hint’ that was ‘dropped’ by Aubameyang?

Well, you can just see here:

Case closed. Aubameyang is either changing clubs or changing his face.

And this is by no means a new phenomenon from Jake Polden, who is really quite prolific in this area…

‘Matthijs de Ligt drops fresh transfer hint amid Man Utd interest’ (May 31)

‘Matthijs de Ligt and his THREE Man Utd transfer hints’ (May 29)

‘Memphis Depay ‘drops transfer hint’ – Liverpool fans react as you’d expect’ (May 26)

‘Matthijs de Ligt ‘drops Man Utd transfer hint’ on Rio Ferdinand Instagram post’ (May 24)

‘Arsenal fans tweet Ryan Fraser the same thing after he ‘drops transfer hint’ (May 15)

So very intuitive.


How soon is how?
You know it is a quiet day in football when the back page of The Sun carries quotes from Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri about how much he misses Italy (a lot) and the Daily Mirror features a) tennis and b) anodyne quotes from Raheem Sterling.

And then you click on the Daily Mirror website and see this headline:

‘How Liverpool could line-up next season if Klopp lands Maddison and De Ligt as Reds look to challenge Man City for Premier League title’

Is it exactly as before except with James Maddison in midfield and Matthijs de Ligt in central defence?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Is it written by Jake Polden, Britain’s busiest man?

Yes. Yes, it is.


How then…
And then to the Daily Express website and this classic of the genre…

‘Arsenal transfer news: How starting XI could look with three signings but no Aubameyang’

Is it exactly as before except with three new signings and no Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang?

Yes. Yes, it is.


How then, how then…
It doesn’t stop there, of course, because the Daily Star website have another exciting feature idea:

‘How Man Utd could line up if they sign Daniel James, James Maddison and Ruben Dias’

Is it exactly as before except with James Maddison in midfield, Ruben Dias in central defence and Daniel James on the wing?

Well no, no, it isn’t, because some fool thinks Fred (12 Premier League starts) will actually play next season.

And this is where this sh*t (and we really do mean sh*t) falls apart.


There’s no room for captain Jordan Henderson in that new-look Liverpool side. Maybe that was what he was pondering when he was ‘spotted enjoying a drink in the sunshine on Monday’.

How did the MailOnline report that ‘story’?

‘Water way to celebrate! Jordan Henderson toasts Champions League glory with nothing but water after Liverpool’s boozy victory parade’

It was Monday sodding lunchtime.


Talking of MailOnline:

‘Less than 72 hours after featuring in Saturday’s Champions League final in Madrid, seven players from Liverpool and Tottenham were back on the training pitch with England at St George’s Park.’

You can count it in hours all you want, but it’s still nearly three days; that’s probably enough rest.


Knackers yard
But is there ever enough rest for these poor England players? These poor, tired England players?

Writes Neil Ashton on The Sun website:

‘England have come so far, beating Spain away in such dramatic fashion before that giddy Wembley win over Croatia.

‘To have come this far, to stretch the season for these knackered England footballers into June, demands honesty from the players.’

Pesky fact: Three Netherlands players (Daley Blind, Matthijs de Lig and Virgil van Dijk) have played more minutes for club and country in the last 12 months than any England player.


Intro of the day
‘FABIAN DELPH has been reading a book called ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F***’ – but he really does care’ – Mike McGrath, The Sun.



Opportunistic headline of the day
‘Failed Man City player jailed for knocking ex unconscious in front of baby’ – Liverpool Echo.


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