Why are Man United fans supporting Man City over Liverpool?

Date published: Tuesday 12th February 2019 2:49

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No to kn*bheads
No to kn*bhead managers. Most of these guys are now dinosaurs of the game and PFM’s. If Klopp did come out and say something like this it wouldn’t be classed as a knobhead move, it’d be looked on as hilarious and cheeky cos he’s so loveable.
The Culk


Just why would United fans rather City win the league than Liverpool?

I appreciate it’s like choosing between vomit lasagne and a sh*t sandwich but why your local rivals over Liverpool? I don’t get it.

The rivalry between Liverpool and United may have been fiercer while City have languished in the lower leagues but still, City are your intercity rivals.

Is this a thing if you’re not from Manchester? I can sort of understand if you’re from London or Ireland and you’ve been surrounded by Liverpool fans, while City fans are in short supply but is this case in Manchester itself? I mean you guys actually work, live with and maybe even love City fans so surely this can’t be the case there.

I’ve hated Chelsea for years – their rise from obscurity to buying the league, John Terry and Jose Mourinho, while Spurs are a relatively nice club. I count some of their fans as friends and it’s only a problem on NLD day. I don’t begrudge them their participation in the Champions League and I wish them well with their new stadium – but cheering Spurs over anyone to win the league? Not on your nelly!
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Jamin, a United fan, in the mailbox this morning

‘I’ll take no CL for a year as long as Liverpool don’t win the league.’

Imagine that?I’m guessing Jamin spends his time watching Liverpool and wanting them to lose rather than watching the side he claims to support.

Also, can anyone else not stop saying ‘Pep you baldy bastard’ in a German accent? Thanks Jimmy!
Alan, Córdoba. 


The Undrawables
Dear Sir/Madam

While I appreciate the effort made by Mark (Never wanted United to win a game more in my life) MCFC with his title run-in predictions, I noticed a glaring flaw in his logic.  I mean, he thinks Spurs are going to draw a league game.  This is clearly not going to happen.  I’ll be honest, I can’t be bothered to work out all the permutations, but I just know that The Undrawables are going to clinch the title on the last day with a Sissoko 30-yarder and Pochettino’s going to be given the Falklands in honour of his contribution to British sport.
Leon (Richard Ashcroft was wrong, the drugs DO work), London


Pushing down on me, pushing down on you
Interested to see G Nev talking about City having an advantage because of knowhow and experience, but I’m not sure where this conclusion comes from. Yes, Guardiola’s team are brilliant well-oiled machine with the best squad in the league, including title winners, but there is not really much evidence that they know how to deal with pressure and expectation, assuming the expectation is to win/do well in every competition.

In 2017/18, they were so brilliant in the first two-thirds of the season that there was no pressurised race to speak of, so we will never know. Their other trophy was the League Cup, in which they beat relegation bound WBA, two Championship teams and Leicester (on pens) before beating Arsenal in the final, so a tick of sorts for that.  But in the FA Cup a strong team lost to Wigan and in the Champions League they lost to the first decent team they played.

In 2016/7 (Pep’s first season), at the stage of the Premier League there was a race on – they were second, having won 4 on the spin and leaders Chelsea having drawn two of their previous three games to let City back in with a sniff (albeit still 8 points back). With the door ajar, City won only two of their next 8 games, eventually finishing 3rd. In the cups, City lost to the first decent team they played in in the FA Cup (Arsenal), League Cup (Man Utd, with a weak team to be fair) and CL (Monaco).

I realise that they have just brushed aside three top 8-ish teams, have better players today and are another year wiser, but actually there is scant evidence from the Pep era of dealing with pressure well. They have won one cup tie  out of four against other top 6 English sides and fell away at this point in the only competitive title race so far.

City are the best football team/squad in the league and probably deserve to be favourites. But on the narrow point of handling pressure, the team with recent experience of getting over the targeted line in the league is actually Liverpool – when the height of their ambitions was finishing in the top 4 – which they did twice (just) in both of the last two seasons. You could also throw in the must-win over Napoli to get out of this season’s CL group. No doubt there will be chat about Liverpool/Klopp’s losing run in finals, but the point stands (especially as they were not under-pressure-favourites in any of them). Before anyone complains, I’m not going to comment on Spurs, because the bookies have them at 20/1.
Shappo, LFC


I can’t speak Spanish, so I’ll let the funky music do the talking, talking now, oh
has just got to be a bit dim right? So initially I was thinking he’s been in Spain over 5 years, has almost limitless resources, plenty of spare time and he’s not English, so got to be thinking he’s just a bit too thick to learn another language right? But then i never met a Welshman that didn’t proudly speak his mother tongue. I’ve heard it said that once you’ve got a 2nd language under your belt it opens the floodgates for learning more and makes the process easier.

So what’s the problem here? Arrogance? Nonchalance? How’s he even communicating on the field to full effect? Beggars belief.
Cam (even i speak kiwi, aussie and south London cockney with a bit of effing French thrown in for good measure – and I’m practically a heathen) Perth


Boly would
On a similar theme to Paul’s mail I saw a lot of people indignantly giving Rafa a message of ‘serves you right’ despite him not seemingly complaining about the amount of stoppage time given.  Happy to be corrected but I’ve seen no interview or quotes where he’s had a go at the ref for this.

I think he was initially so irate because he thought Almiron had been fouled in the corner preceding the equalizer – I thought so too at the time but a belated replay (that Rafa wouldn’t have seen) suggested it was a fair call (gah!).

As for the Boly challenge – I cringe at the thought of VAR wading into this one as I’ve watched multiple replays at different speeds and changed my mind several times whether it’s a foul or not.  But as a Toon fan it feels so unjust just because…well….keepers nearly always get those calls in their favour.  They’re frequently overprotected, except when it happens to your team, or so it feels like.

Although I can admit Wolves easily merited a point it was such a deflating end and what felt like a defeat.  Hope the two points lost don’t come back to haunt us.
Alex, NUFC (big props to Hayden & wor lad Longstaff)


I’m not saying that it was or wasn’t a foul by the actual letter of the law.

I’m saying that in my 31 years of watching football, the ref ALWAYS gives those to the keeper anyway.

That was the first time I’ve ever seen a keeper spill a high ball under pressure from an attacker and not immediately get the free kick. It’s one of the unwritten rules of football.
Andrew (it was a foul AND Dubravka could’ve still done better)


Almost definitely
With Mike Dean on 99 red cards, is he wearing a t shirt under his refs jersey to celebrate number 100 like a striker on 99 goals?

After the dramatics when awarding a penalty on Sunday and the “hilarious” hiding the ball from Aguero, I am sure he is thinking of doing something special.
James, Dundalk. ( Come on Boro )


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