Why do Man Utd fans want Poch after latest horror show?

Date published: Monday 25th November 2019 2:31

Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham

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Poch or Giggs in, Ole out
We love ole but i feel his time for Manchester United is not yet. He is a great coach in making but poch is a level above him, even i feel Giggs is also in a better level than ole. poch has proven it at spurs though he has sofa won 0 trophy, Giggs in his first euro qualification made it. what about ole!!. utd is not yet to the level of only legends can manage the club, barca tried and they are failing, bringing externals like poch or Allegri is the right thing for utd now, only legend who can try is only Giggs. wood ward should act wisely.


Solskjaer has just proven again why he is not a top class coach and should not be in charge of United. McTomnay is out injured so he changes the whole formation of the team, plays a middle two of Parreira and Fred and if that’s not bad enough he plays Jones. He has form with this. Last season against Barca in the second leg Shaw was injured so he made three changes to the defence instead of one, moved Lindelof to right back, Young to left back and put Jones at centre back. Why not play Garner in a three man midfield, If he was going for a back three why not pick Axel, Jones should never ever again play for United, As soon as i saw the team sheet my first thought was Jones is going to make a balls up sometime during the match that will lead to a goal. It didnt take long to prove me right.
Ken, Cork, Ireland


As utds form from game to game and even half to half continues to go up and down like a yoyo, I thought I’d answer all the usual flip flop arguments definitively (with tongue firmly in cheek) and move onto a different question.

Yes, the squad has gaps but, No, it is definitely not rubbish. This squad should still be challenging for top 4 and that is quite a challenge, with an aim to build on that in future. The manager is not completely useless. He may be out of his depth, he may be learning his trade, he may be hamstrung by those above him and time may or may not tell depending on how much of it he gets. We are not going to win the league this season or next season. Similarly we will not get relegated. Slow progress is being made I think/hope (to be confirmed). I do not find myself chanting or even thinking “Ole Out”.

When Man Utd pay 50 million on AWB and 80 million on Harry Maguire, I do not think about the cost and whether or not they were over-priced. I am always happy that they are better than what we had which they undoubtedly are. Someone mailed in with a more elaborate view of this not long ago that I completely agreed with.

And, if I apply the same logic to the manager then shouldn’t I want Poch instead of Ole? Maybe I do.

Man Utd missed out on Klopp and Pep as we already had a shiny new manager that we were still giving time when they were available. I don’t think Poch falls into the same bracket as either of them (yet) and I don’t think Man Utd have as good a club structure as either of those 2 clubs at present but if the club feels an upgrade on the manager is possible, shouldn’t they jump at the chance? Should Utd have a wishlist of managers that should they come available they go for them? (Probably)

I’m beginning to think we should upgrade and wouldn’t it be fun to see Spurs under Mourhinio go against Man Utd under Poch? I’m still not saying Ole out, but I think I’m saying Poch in, curiouser and curiouser…
Jon, Cape Town (best case scenario would be to give Ole to the end of the season to see if we actually do progress with Poch waiting in the wings if we don’t – unfortunately another club may well snap him up and we’ll end up with Steve Bruce or Tim Sherwood)


No, wait, strike that, the circus is fun and exciting, far from what I and many other poor soles witnessed against a much better Sheffield side. They, Sheffield, seemed to flag a bit in the second half allowing the other, let’s say ‘team’ back into the match, but hard work pays off and the draw, should have been a win, was justified.Jones, not surprised he was subbed at half time, and Maguire are just big cry baby lumps that haven’t got an ounce of skill between them. No structure at all throughout the ‘team’, looked like a poor training session of a low Sunday league side. Major rethink needed at all levels.
Neil Podmore


Why do Man Utd fans want Pochettino?
Though I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian, I really don’t see why Man Utd fans want Mauricio Pochettino so much.

Is he better than OGS?  Absolutely. Will he improve Man Utd to be a top 4 side in the same way he did with Tottenham?  I’m really not so sure.

When Poch took over at Spurs, their squad was incredibly bloated with good to very good players, but they had no real system or identity. Spurs of 2014 were basically Everton of 2019 (and 2018 and 2017).

Pochettino’s first season was all about identifying the senior players he wanted to keep and build an identity, and there’s no doubt he did a pretty good job because with just a few signings he built the team that spent most of the next two seasons in 2nd.

But when you look at Poch’s record buying players, which is what Utd need to do, then his record is actually pretty spotty. Alderweireld and Wanyama came in and strengthened them (and Son became a very good 12th man), but he’d already managed Wanyama, and now that Spurs have appointed Mourinho, I really don’t think there’s much chance of Spurs players following Poch to Utd.

More than anything, Utd need someone who can identify talent just as much as they need someone like Pochettino (whose high press brand of football he hasn’t actually played since the start of 2018/19).

If I were Utd i’d be very wary of appointing Pochettino unless they can snag Paul Mitchell from RB Leipzig as well, and if I were Pochettino i’d be very wary of joining Utd when they’re in the state they are. It would be much better/safer for him to wait for the PSG job to come up, get the trophy monkey off his back, and after a couple of seasons come back for one of the biggest jobs.

I have no axe to grind with Utd, but I genuinely don’t think that Pochettino and Utd is a marriage that would work for either side.
Harlow Globetrotter, Cheese Room Spurs, Vienna


It’s all very well clamouring for Pochettino after our latest horror show but can you honestly say that, given Spurs’ form since February, the absolute garbage squad at his disposal, and the people for whom he would be working, he would be able to do any better? There are mistakes being made at management level, sure, but no manager could do any better while hamstrung by such an abysmally run organisation, and having to work with a lot of players who aren’t even good enough for the Championship.

One would hope that yesterday will be the last time that Phil Jones ever dons a Manchester United shirt, given how truly awful he was; there is only one team in the entire world that would be improved by the presence of Phil Jones, and that is the team playing against his. The reputation of Andreas Pereira had been, up until the latter end of last season, disproportionately enhanced by his exclusion from the team. Alas, he has looked woefully out of his depth every time he’s played. Maguire is not “utter dogsh*t”, but having to play alongside Victor “can’t win a header to save his life” Lindelof and Phil “Phil Jones” Jones would vastly decrease anyone’s effectiveness.

Dan James started the season brightly but is finding himself on the periphery of games too often. He’s not being helped by the constant position changing he is being tasked with; a player of his age/experience needs consistency and the best thing for his development right now would be to pick one position for him and only play him there – if that means the odd match out of the team then so be it. Lingard needs to join Phil Jones in never playing for us again – he offers absolutely nothing good in any way, shape or form, on or off the pitch.

Yes, we have injuries to McTominay and Pogba but, other than that, we have access to what you could embarrassingly call our “best” team. None of the other senior players who didn’t feature yesterday (Young, Mata, Matic, Bailly, Shaw and Rojo) would have improved the quality of the side had they been in there, so I refuse to accept that injuries are the issue here. Not signing a central midfielder – and then not playing Garner – was a huge mistake. Not signing a striker – and then not playing Greenwood – was a huge mistake. Not buying a right-winger – and then playing Rashford, Pereira, Lingard, James, Mata and Greenwood, none of whom are right-wingers – was a huge mistake. It is these issues that are having a greater effect on our performance rather than the players who are/have been unavailable.

And yet, given the reports starting to appear in the papers recently, we are unlikely to address said issues in January. I refuse to accept the typical regurgitated bullsh*t about the right players not being available; the right players are always available for the right price, it’s just that the board do not want to pay it. There is literally no acceptable reason to not bring in players in January, be it financial, tactical or otherwise. Any player that we bring in will almost certainly be better than what we’re using right now.

But if the above is true and no new players are going to be signed in January, then how is any manager, whether it was Ole, Pochettino, Ferguson, or Matt Busby reincarnate, going to do any better with what they have to work with? Bringing in Pochettino to work with this sack of sh*te squad would be like expecting Lewis Hamilton to win a grand prix in a second-hand kit car; the man driving might be talented but he needs the right tools to be successful in the job. We have one of the worst squads in the Premier League; not because the individuals at Sheffield United, Aston Villa, Crystal Palace are better, but because the players they have at their disposal actually fit into a specific plan. What we have is a horrible jumble of jigsaw pieces from five different puzzles. Bringing in Pochettino would not solve any of our problems right now – and I’ll agree that Ole might not be the answer either – because without the appropriate level and quality of investment then it doesn’t matter who is in charge, we’re still going to be awful.
Ted, Manchester


Would Pochettino want Man Utd?
With the Bayern Munich job potentially being available in the short term or the summer, then PSG, Barcelona and Real Madrid looking like a change of manager in the summer is a possibility the question should be asked….. why would Pochettino say yes to a United job that on current reputation is beneath him?
Aaron (apart from “we’re Manchester United” is there a real reason why he would choose to manage them)


Man Utd are the new England
After having watched yet another abysmal defensive performance, it’s hard to feel anything but lost with Man U. We salvaged a draw out of a game, which albeit Sheffield United’s very good start to the season, should have been a fairly straight forward win.

Playing Jones was an utter shambles and was always destined to be. We played with wing backs, one being AWB who cannot cross a ball to save his life and the other is very fresh and so far, I’ve not seen him attempt to make a pass further than 10ft.

Why we’re still playing Perreira is beyond me, he is simply not good enough. He misplaced passes, he couldn’t control the ball and made no attempt at a cutting through ball. Mata must be sat on the bench, wondering what he’s done to deserve such disrespect.

This leads me to my conclusions, that Man U are the new England. We are a poisoned chalice that I do not blame anyone for wanting to miss out on. Which is why Poch will never come, he’ll go to Bayern and enjoy the luxury of a team that have a decent set up and can be moulded.

Instead, we’ll keep flogging Pogba merch, and Qoodward will pretend that we are a successful club because of out commercial success.
Rob, London


Erling Braut Haaland to United? Really?
For the life of me I just don’t understand this transfer gossip. When I first saw it I presumed it was just yet another example of the media’s scatter-gun approach to transfers, but I keep seeing article after article linking the two.

First, Erling Braut Haaland seems to be one of the brightest young prospects in world football with numerous top clubs linked. So why would he go to mid-table Manchester United? They have been garbage for some time and show no evidence that an upturn is fortune is even remotely near. Maybe just because they’ll pay him a shit load of money and, worst case scenario, he uses them as a stepping stone?

But that would be a big risk. Young players do not seem to be developing there and most, senior players included, appear to be regressing.

The bigger barrier though, and the crux of my bemusement, is his club allegiance and father’s playing career. He was born in Leeds, supports Leeds, and his father played for Leeds. Who else did his father play for? Manchester City. His father almost lost his career to a premeditated assault by United’s thug-in-chief, Roy Keane. He certainly wasn’t the same player after.

Has Haaland junior made noises otherwise? Why is this transfer still mooted?

I honestly don’t get it.
Craig (Scratching his head) LFC


VAR helped Sheff Utd
Okay I will start with saying Sheffield United deserved to win the game but my main gripe is although they deserved it the referee and VAR gave them a huge helping hand. The first goal, as bad as Jones was it was a foul on him, the referee actually blew for a foul by Jones for something even more innocuous after the goal. Now on to the third goal, again VAR got it wrong he may have been pulling his arm away and it may of been a slight touch but according to their own rules all handballs by attacking players whether accidental or deliberate are given it’s only when a defender does it then the accidental part of it comes into play. In no way am I saying on balance of play Sheffield didn’t deserve a bit of luck but FFS can we have some consistency when it comes to VAR, if you can disallow a goal for someones toe being offside the surely this wasn’t to hard?

We need midfielders in January as a priority, there is no point buying all the shiny attacking players you want if there is no bugger to give them the ball.
Paul Murphy, Manchester


Liverpool helped by VAR…really??
Can we put to bed this insane notion that VAR is somehow helping Liverpool more then other clubs.
1-CL v Napoli,Robertson didn’t touch the winger but a penalty was given.
2-Against Newcastle Matip was put in a headlock-no penalty given.
3-Away to Sheff Utd Mane passed the ball in the box,a defender nailed him after the ball had left his foot-no penalty given.
4-Origi fouled v Utd,no free given, Utd score-goal allowed.
5-Away to Villa,Firminio scores a perfectly good goal-armpit offside.
6-Ox hits a corker of a shot v Villa,Mings blocks the ball with 2 hands-no Pen given.

Even on Saturday,the free that led to the Palace disallowed goal was less of a push on Zaha then the one on Lovren(which Woy admitted was a foul.)

The hypocrisy of the motd pundits is incredible,Lovren hardly touch Calvert Lewinn in 2017 yet Shearer said you can’t give the ref a decision to make yet Sat night he said it wasn’t a foul on Lovren.

Burnley,Southampton and Leicester all got soft penalties-Gray kicked the ground for gods sake-yet not a mention of it as Lineker is a Leicester fan.When Liverpool were screwed by VAR at Villa they hardly did any analysis on the Firminio armpit offside instead they spent the whole show making idiotic puns about Wright going on I’m a Celeb.

Just last week Riley admitted to 4 decisions that VAR got wrong, including the James penalty and a soft Delofeu Watford penalty v Chelsea  but it doesn’t get discussed as it didn’t benefit Liverpool.
This narrative is dangerous and blatant and needs to be called out.
Ferg, Cork


The Unai way is up…
So, as we probably all expected, Emery turns out to be our very own David Moyes. An energy vampire with no discernible plan apart from trying to outdo Phil Jones in the gurning stakes.

I think we all knew that whoever came next after a long serving manager was going to be a short term romance, just like the first girlfriend after a long marriage falls apart. At least in that scenario we’d be getting some pleasure. This current Arsenal is pure pain. Absolutely no different from the last 10 years, it has been at least that long that it’s been obvious that they need a pair of strong centre halves and at least one terrier like midfield leader. I thought Torreira could be that man, perhaps he could still be if he played for a manager who had a clue.
I know people say it all the time but I really think I could do better than Emery right now.

But, this is Arsenal, so he’ll stay for the foreseeable future…..
Ade, Exeter


Car crash TV
Arsenal and Man United.  Wow.  Car crash TV of the highest, (or lowest!), quality.  I’m all for being a ‘glass half full’ type of person but I’m truly astonished at how many supporters of each club, and especially after this weekend, continue to talk about managerial changes or winter transfers as if these things will somehow transform their fortunes overnight.  Newsflash.  They won’t.

That both are currently in the crap almost regardless of what happens/has happened on the pitch or in the dugout is no coincidence.  Both have suffered from years of atrocious decision making by their respective management boards in terms of managerial appointments and player transfers.  Both have been operating almost in a vacuum with no medium to long-term strategy.  A complete absence of vision, of focus.  Of any idea of where they’ll be in ten years’ time.  Nothing other than the shortest of short-term sticking plasters.  Money being thrown at an obscene level in the hope that it placates the faithful for another season whilst praying that a top 6 place will still be delivered.  Not even trying to identify the root problem as long as those juicy sponsorship deals keep coming in.  Because hey, this is ARSENAL and MAN UNITED.  Giants in the game, right?

Which is why it is utterly pointless for fans to believe that Poch in at OT or Emery out at the Emirates is going to change the underlying situation in anything but a superficial way.  As the saying goes, you’re solving the wrong problem again and again and Man United since before SAF left are the best (or worst) example of it.  Their unwillingness or inability to appoint a DoF (for example) is damning and tells you everything you need to know.

It’s not even the end of November and Arsenal and United are, respectively, 19 and 20 points behind Liverpool.  In reality, they’re both a lot further behind Liverpool than a simple points gap.
Mark (Phil Jones.  The gift that keeps on giving).  MCFC.


Mr Man Utd

Was thinking of Mr Man Utd down through the years. You know that player that really typified the spirit and ethos of the club..

Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, Roy Keane – Players with that arrogance, flair and never say die attitude that defined the club as it swaggered around the place picking up trophies.

This morning though, I’m thinking Phil Jones is a pretty good fit with defining everything Utd at the moment…
E, Ireland 


Shoulder goal
After the complaints of firmino and sterling’s VAR offside from their shoulder I’m sure the supporters feel better with the consistency after Oliver Mcburnie’s goal
David Morris

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