Why do Man Utd want Vlahovic when Mitrovic is there for the taking?

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Mitrovic Vlahovic Serbia

Bellingham is actually not very good at all and Manchester United should be going after Serbia’s first choice striker, not their second…


‘Bang average’ Bellingham
There have been missives lately with mailers having differing views on what everyone seems to see. There was one on Declan Rice and his contribution, which I totally agreed with.  Nothing against Rice, but I just remember the England v. USA game, and the amount of time Maguire and Stones passed the ball amongst themselves was ridiculous.

What was the defensive midfielders there for? He was so absent in that game, I was shocked. He did jack all. I wasn’t expecting him to drive the ball to Kane, just help the defenders to move it forward to the midfielders at least. Did he do that basic ask, nope. So I totally understand people not rating Rice.

My choice of overrated player is no one other than Jude Bellingham. Now, I don’t quite know his intangibles, he may have that Henderson type leadership quality, and he does have a goal here and there, but when I watch him play, I don’t see him control the midfield let alone control a game. He doesn’t even have KDB type aura, where when he has the ball, the mind goes ohh shit, something is about to happen here. I honestly just think he is another player on the field.

I don’t know which game England will claim was the best, the one v. France or Iran or Senegal. I just didn’t see special.  The I heard coined is jag, just another guy. For people who will respond with, “you can’t just base it on his performance in England”, I watch the Bundesliga, and Dortmund will boss the occasional bad team, but he is bang average against the good teams.

I’m not saying he is not a starter, but I doubt he is a frequent starter at a Man City type club.
Dave(Hater), Somewhere 


Why not Mitrovic?
The transfer crap around United and Chelsea is so predictably stupid.

Why would either look to sign Serbias backup striker for stupid money when Serbias first choice striker would be cheaper, is already acclimatised to the Premier League and qualifies as home grown?

Mitrovic wouldn’t push to leave us because he’s so adored and absolutely feels at home, but as a January option he’s an absolute mile ahead of Vlahovic.

If United came in for him I would be sad but grateful and understanding.

Anyone else very much looking forward to the world cup ending? That’s a thought process I never thought I would have.
Tim Sutton (Mitro 2 – 0 Nunez)


George – Mailbox 16/12/22 – contends that Modric is the greatest midfielder of the last decade. while I tend to agree, it’s incredible to me that George doesn’t even consider Busquets. an absolutely remarkable player who goes under the radar far too often

the way he sees and utilises space, his ability to turn and pick out a pass even in the most confined of spaces, the way he dictates the tempo… if I was managing against a Barca or Spain, my first tactic would be to man-mark him

one of the smartest players in world football, and he’s won it all as well. a hugely underrated player, and perhaps the GOAT in his position


Messi’s moment?
Sunday will be Messi’s last match in an Argentina shirt and there seems to be a feeling as if the world owes him this world cup. Feels like a cheesy rom com movie set in Christmas time and everyone just wants a sugary sweet ending. Not to mention Fifa and Qatar will be happy that their sport washing will have been successful, Messi’s moment will forever be intertwined with this world cup.

Well I’m much more of a Addams family type of person. I would much rather France gets a last minute free kick and Giroud weghorst’s his way to a winning goal. After all, the French don’t like aristocracy.
Gaurav MUFC, Amsterdam 


Deschamps to Madrid
Deschamps is said to be considering retirement from France probably to be replaced by Zizou’ . Which , if true , leaves Real Madrid without him when Anchelotti retires . So would Real Madrid consider Didier ? Well , He’d be in the conversation but as we’ve seen with the Duetchland World Cup winning manager ,Yogi Luurve,  international team coaches don’t necessarily transfer well to big club management. Remember Big Phil Scolari in west London ? Underwhelming.
I guess you could fairly argue that Southgate has found his niche and therefore should stay exactly where he is until his hair goes grey rather than being tempted to re-enter the circus of premier league management or upper champo’ more likely.
He is an enormous bearded asset that the fumbling –  bumbling FA really ought to nail down .
Staying on ‘the Mister’ theme , you’d totally expect team Bellingham to want promises of Klopp extending his stay before green lighting their boy to move to Anfield. A point that is probably more deeply routed in new ownership than midfield regen’.
Guardiola’s extension and delay of his Latin America horizon ideas have no doubt put City in a strong position when attracting the best talent.
Ten Haag looks safe and continues to be backed , while Becks is a favourite to front a consortium that would avoid any conflict of interest by Saudis running Two United’s amid their run up to being World Cup hosts . Though if pushha’penny came to shoveha’penny we all know which United they’d jettison.
Naggelsman too looks pretty safe for the time being . And finally, it’s quaint how none of these top bosses have any skin in the game for a QatarStar heavy World Cup final .
I may have missed a detail there as Konate counts and may well play the game of his life .
Hashtag Gareth stay till Mejico ‘26 por favor .
Peter. Andalucia.


Cult hero World Cup XI
Great idea from Andy. Since I’m still young enough that 2002 was the first world cup I properly remember, I’m only 6 world cups in, so I’ve restricted myself to up to 2 players per tournament from 2002-2022, with the same one per country restriction.

Mine, though, is a cult hero XI – players that had a tournament that either earned them a big move, was the pinnacle of their career, or which was notable for standout moments that, in my eyes at least, were among the most enduring moments of the tournament.

GK – Keylor Navas, Costa Rica, 2014

RB – Winston Reid, New Zealand, 2010

CB – Hong Myung-bo, South Korea, 2002

CB – Harry Souttar, Australia, 2022

LB – Fabio Grosso, Italy, 2006

CM – Papa Bouba Diop, Senegal, 2002

CM – Sofyan Amrabat, Morocco, 2022

RW – Maxi Rodriguez, Argentina, 2006

AM – James Rodriguez, Colombia, 2014

LW – Denis Cheryshev, Russia, 2018

ST – Diego Forlan, Uruguay, 2010
Manager: Hierro, Spain, 2018