Why Rashford and Lingard should leave Man United…

Date published: Monday 12th March 2018 12:08

Baby, baby cull me now…

Pesky detail: He was culled from TV punditry role with Danish station TV3.

Odd how the Mirror appear to have left out that piece of information.


The people have spoken
‘JAMIE CARRAGHER should be sacked by Sky Sports after being filmed spitting in 14-year-old girl’s face, according to Sun readers.’

Yep, that’s definitely a fair representation of football fans.


Pot, meet kettle
Mediawatch thinks Jamie Carragher has been a damned fool. We suspect that Jamie Carragher knows he has been a damned fool.

You know whose opinion we absolutely do not need on this matter? A man with two convictions for violence, that’s who. A man who has stubbed out a live cigar in the eye of a young trainee. A man who has physically attacked a 15-year-old boy.

“It’s absolute madness, you just can’t do that in any fashion,” says talkSPORT’s Joey Barton, convicted violent offender.

A reminder here – should it be required – that Jamie Carragher has spat at a car. He has hit nobody, bitten nobody and definitely not used a cigar to inflict physical damage.

“Look, he’s made a mistake but say that was me, I think my position should rightly be under fire and I think his will be.”

If it was you, Joey? We have one word that might explain why your punishment may be a tad different to that of Jamie Carragher. And that word is ‘previous’.


Meanwhile, in Hollywood…
“How has the lad driving it not driven after Jamie, rammed him, dragged him out of the car and beat seven… you know what I mean.”

Vinnie Jones, there, forgetting that there is a difference between films and real life.


Did you know?
The BBC have introduced a little ‘Did you know?’ tidbit to each member of Garth Crooks’ team of the week. But Mediawatch cannot help but think that the left hand should probably have a word with the right hand.

‘However, Cech can take great comfort in achieving a great Premier League landmark. To reach 200 Premier League clean sheets is very special. He has been a great keeper and an even better professional.

‘Did you know? Goalkeeper Petr Cech is the first to keep 200 clean sheets in the Premier League.’

Yes. Yes, we did. How? Just a hunch.


Get out
Another new addition to the Garth Crooks column on the BBC is a ‘The Crooks of the matter’ section at the bottom, presumably introduced to encourage Crooks to keep it brief for his player selections and then let fly on a burning issue. This week: Why Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard should leave Manchester United.

Sorry, what?

‘Mourinho has their careers in the palm of his hand and he is slowly squeezing the life out of both these boys.’

Yes, Mourinho is definitely ‘squeezing the life’ out of Rashford by giving him 2,128 minutes of football this season. That’s more than Paul Pogba, in case you were wondering. Indeed, that’s more than every United footballer barring Romelu Lukaku, Nemanja Matic, David De Gea, Chris Smalling, Antonio Valencia, Ashley Young and Juan Mata.

As for Jesse Lingard – he has started eight of United’s last ten Premier League games. It doesn’t sound like his life is being slowly squeezed away by Jose Mourinho. In fact, let’s see what Lingard himself has to say in the Daily Mirror

“It’s a big club with big players and, for players like me and Marcus, it’s going to be tough to start every game. But, once you’re on the pitch, you’ve got to make an impact and maybe next time you’ll be playing. What kid wouldn’t want to be at United at the moment?”

Obviously he is in denial as Crooks knows better…

‘We know Mourinho has ‘previous’ when it comes to this kind of activity. He totally dismissed the potential of Kevin de Bruyne, Mo Salah and even Romelu Lukaku while manager of Chelsea.’

He did indeed. But those are completely ridiculous comparisons to make.

Kevin De Bruyne played nine times for Chelsea; Rashford and Lingard have both played at least nine times this year alone.

Mo Salah played nine times for Chelsea in 12 months; Rashford and Lingard have both played at least 19 times for Manchester United in the last four months.

Romelu Lukaku played…oh f*** it, you know where we are going with this…Rashford and Lingard are already far more established at United than any of those other poor souls who had the life slowly squeezed out of them before they went on to be poor, downtrodden, world-class footballers.

‘Rashford has won 15 international caps and scored on his debut in May 2016. Despite his lack of recent starts Rashford has still managed to score 12 goals in 39 games for United this season in all competitions, including substitute appearances. If Mourinho continues to insist on Rashford and Lingard remaining on the bench then they should leave United. It may break their hearts but they cannot afford to stick around a moment longer.’

A reminder: Marcus Rashford is 20 years old and has just scored twice against Liverpool in an impressive 2-1 victory. He’s probably not thinking about leaving just yet.


B List
Mike Phelan has been giving his weekend Premier League grades to Sky Sports. We thought the oddest thing might be giving Manchester United and Liverpool the same B grade despite the former beating the latter 2-1. Until we saw that he had also given the same mark to Watford.

A reminder: Watford lost 3-0.


Mr Big Stuff…
Biggest story on the Express football website at 12pm on Monday:

‘Manchester United ace Marcus Rashford makes big admission over Jose Mourinho’

Are they in love? Do they share a love of Celebrity Bake-Off? Let’s read on…

‘MARCUS RASHFORD says he is mature enough now to no longer need Jose Mourinho’s re-assurance when he does not start games for Manchester United.’

Bloody hell, that’s MASSIVE.


Express check-out
Also on the Express football website homepage…

‘Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola makes big David Silva claim ahead of Stoke trip.’

‘Chelsea ace makes big Champions League admission before Barcelona clash.’

‘West Ham star Mark Noble makes big admission about club after London Stadium crowd trouble.’

‘Man Utd news: Jose Mourinho makes big Marcus Rashford claim.’

‘Liverpool ace Danny Ings makes big admission over rumours of Anfield departure.’

‘Marcus Rashford: Manchester United hero Neville makes big claim after goals vs Liverpool.’



Great expectations
“United make these moves in history where things can change. Obviously Cantona’s move is the classic example as well as the class of 92 and this could be another one, particularly when it looked like he was going to Manchester City. I’m not saying that they will catch them up this season but this is a major move for Manchester United.

“Manchester United are not going to go away and become Arsenal by being happy fourth, they are still gunning for Manchester City and will be next season and now they are six months ahead of schedule by getting in Sanchez now. It is a spectacularly good signing” – Neil Custis, Sky Sports, January 21.

‘The bum notes he hit at Selhurst Park on Monday night had people wincing. He may earn the big bucks but what United need right now from Sanchez is a big performance. That or Jose Mourinho needs to make a big call. And you would not blame him for doing just that this Saturday and putting the Chilean superstar on the bench.

‘Sanchez lost it 33 times at Palace. That was not even his worst – he coughed up the ball 36 times in the 2-0 home win over Huddersfield and the 1-0 defeat at Newcastle. Nobody else in the team does that. It is this wastefulness that so enraged his Arsenal team-mates at times – particularly as he demands the ball so often.

‘Part of Sanchez’s problem is he did not arrive in good form. He had got in a rut and is still trying to get out of it. At Palace he was dropping deeper and deeper. But he is not going to hurt anyone 40 yards out’ – Neil Custis, The Sun, March 7.

‘January is not the ideal month to join a new team and try to fit in. Given that, the former Arsenal man needs to be taken out of the firing line and learn to get used to his new teammates because right now he is becoming a liability with the way he loses to ball in key areas’ – Neil Custis, The Sun, March 12.

From ‘six months ahead of schedule’ in a move reminiscent of the signing of Eric Cantona, to a ‘liability’ who really has not moved at the ‘ideal’ time. That is quite the slide.


The latest

‘No news’. You really did say it yourselves.


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