Why would Salah even think of leaving Liverpool?

Date published: Saturday 9th April 2022 3:41 - Editor F365

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah

The excitement is building ahead of Man City v Liverpool and the Mailbox is buzzing with talk of Mo Salah and co. Watch some Saturday football and then e-mail us at theeditor@football365.com


Why would Salah want to leave Liverpool?
Now maybe this email is premature but every day it looks more and more like Salah won’t sign a new contract.

For the record I think he’s worth the new contract.

At first we were told that the club couldn’t afford the money he was asking for. Then they found the money. Next we were told it was the length of contract because we don’t offer long term contracts to people over 30. Then they offered him 3 years plus an optional 4th.

Only two weeks ago both the club and Salah said things were progressing well, now suddenly a day before the biggest game of the season Salah says it’s a “sensitive situation”.

We’ve seen this before. Macca did it back in the season before he left and Barca offered us 11m for him but he insisted he would sign a new contract and told us not to accept it. Then he didn’t and he left for free to go to Madrid.

Then Michael Owen said he was definitely gonna sign a new contract too, Rafa came in took one look and said sell now because he definitely isn’t signing. And he went to Madrid.

Is history repeating itself? It seems that way, since yet again the player/agent is insisting they want to stay while simultaneously rejecting the offer even when he’s allegedly been offered what he wants.

My question is this – why would Salah want to leave? He’s loved in Liverpool. Successful in Liverpool winning almost every club trophy there is. He’s trusted by the manager to the point that even when he should probably be dropped he still starts and it’s not as if any Premier League football player needs the money. To an extent I can understand why past players wanted to leave. Other clubs were a greater chance of success. That’s not the case anymore. Is it really just that north west weather is shit and Madrid is quite nice?

Someone should have a week-long coaching session with the players but instead of tactics or fitness etc all they do is watch videos of recent players who left Liverpool. They can watch Emre can get discarded by Juve, Coutinho get discarded by Barca, they can watch Suarez get….actually he did pretty good but then Suarez is a machine. They can watch Gini get booed by his own fans and struggle in a league which is supposedly easier in a team which is supposedly vastly superior. Suarez aside all these players left Liverpool to go to a “big European club” and “win trophies” and none of them did at the club they chose to move to. They all got paid more money than at Liverpool but ultimately were moved off the books by their first choice.

Honestly, and maybe it’s just the red tinted glasses, but I can’t fathom why a trusted, well paid, starting member of the first team of a club who compete for and win trophies regularly would want to leave right now. Especially to go to Barca or Madrid, two teams which will be going through a rebuild and likely not compete outside of Spain for a few years.


Hyped for Man City v Liverpool
So here we are, almost at the Premier League title-deciding game of the season, that has been built up for a little while now since Liverpool started eroding back Man City’s lead. As Big Weekend said, this is of course not a title decider, certainly not if Liverpool take the points. If Man City do win then maybe it will turn out to be the decider in their favour as we already know, they are tough to catch and a four-point lead might just knock the stuffing out of us a little bit after the huge effort to get it back to a single point.

As a Liverpool fan I am unbelievably hyped/apprehensive about this game. We are on a fantastic run of form, not conceding a goal in the first half of any game for 26 games now, defensively strong even if we give the ‘look’ of being open. Does feel like since we battered Leeds that we have been playing in second gear. We will need to raise those levels on Sunday for sure.

Man City can hammer any team at any moment, but they can also lose at any moment. We might need all our defensive resilience of recent weeks and be clinical on the counter, like Spurs were a few weeks ago. Whatever happens, hope there is no controversy with the Manchester-based officials that we are all talking about come Monday morning.

Here’s hoping for a high-quality game between the best sides in the country.


…Sitting in a small town in India, thousands of miles away still i can’t sleep, eat or work properly. Exited and very nervous at the same time. Can’t wait for the huge game this weekend. Only football can do this to you.


…Genuine question to mailbox, does this Pep-Klopp library is the best in sporting terms? The way both us and city play, the consistency of last 4-5 years and also between City-Liverpool, there have been some genuinely great attacking matches. Ferguson-Wenger had the invincibles but United’s success was more down to Ferguson’s ruthlessness against the other 17 teams apart from top 4. The great man knew how to win championships. Mourinho-Guardiola (La Liga) was a clash of styles. Can the mailbox find any other rivalries in football where the teams actually became better on the pitch?

Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola

In response to Ted Bythesea’s mail, the issue is not the player or league but the club that brought Lukaku. If Lukaku was indeed a hot property, which other club was bidding for him last summer? As with Serie A, Romero to some extent and Alisson to a large extent have been qualified successes. And if the issue is with attackers, then Fernando Llorente at Swansea and a certain Mo Salah for us haven’t been bad either. Plus Kulusevski has hit the ground running.
Vikas, LFC, India
(F365 mailbox – Best fans in the world)


Already bored by this nonsense…
Am I the only one expecting a very tight game between City and Liverpool to be decided in City’s favour by a questionable VAR decision, made by 2 officials who are based in Manchester?
Shiraz, Johannesburg


More on Friday’s Mailbox
Two points I want to reply to from the mailbox.

1. Mané and Salah playing shite? They are probably fatigued since they’ve played the whole AFCON, travelled back to Liverpool, played Premier league games, travelled again to play World Cup qualifiers, then back to Liverpool for premier league and then to Portugal to play Benfica. I’d imagine a normal person would be wrecked from the travelling alone, never mind throwing in the guts of 14 games 10 weeks. Yes they are professionals but they are also human.

2. Strikers from Italy. Does Ted not remember Lukaku tearing it up for WBA, Everton and, yes, even United before “coming from Italy”?
Culk the Younger


…Two words for Ted Bythesea: Mo Salah


I think you forgot Mo Salah, he hasn’t done too badly.
Neil, LFC, USA


Remember when Chelsea went down?
Surely the shiniest example of ‘too good to go down’ was Chelsea in 1988?

They didn’t even finish in the bottom three but lost a play-off to Boro and were consequently relegated.

I can’t honestly think of a worse way of being relegated as I don’t think this experiment has been repeated in any other season.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


On that famous Toon atmosphere
St James Park is far and and away my favourite ground, great aesthetics and generally neat and tidy.

Was a nice change for away fans to be welcomed in and around the town centre. Locals were friendly and we only got turned away from one pub, but that was polite with suggestions of nearby ones we could go to.

What was surprising was the amount of police presence. We had been assured beforehand that we would be welcomed, and that turned out to be true so am not sure why there was such a heavy police presence – is this normal at Newcastle matches?

140 steps for the away fans – Jesus that was tough but worth it for the view from the top.

Great stadium shit fans – seriously. Where was your famous atmosphere? No singing, just a bit of flag waving until you finally took the lead. Very disappointing.

To the match and other disappointments. Wolves were beyond poor, by far their worst performance this season. So negative, no inspiration, no movement just dire. Fault must lie with Lage for this, it appeared he set up and told his players to go for a draw, which they nearly did thanks to Newcastle being nearly as bad.

The penalty was 50/50 in my opinion. Having seen it back a few times the contact was barely there. However Sa gave the referee a decision to make and he made it.

A deserved result but a half decent team would have put six past Wolves. The fact Wolves are still within a sniff of Europe makes it even worse that they failed to turn up to an entirely winnable game.

Question for the mailbox – what has been your biggest disappointment in terms of atmospheres at away games? I really expected an evening of back and forth amongst the Newcastle fans but it just didn’t happen. Any others out there?
Sara – HTFC but loves a Wolves season ticket holder


Anybody not enjoying seeing Christine Bleakley’s bloke fail miserably? How are the PFMs going to defend this symptom of the British-white-man-foremost? Maybe they’ll pin it on Christine, would make sense, she’s not a British white man at least.

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