Will headbutting Kane, diving Silva be vilified like Salah?

Date published: Thursday 28th February 2019 9:02

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A 17th Conclusion
Am I the only one who thinks there is a real chance that Spurs could end the season out of the top 4?

I know it is a long shot and I don’t particularly wish for it to happen, but they are still in the CL and have to go for that surely.

They have a game against an Arsenal side who looks like they have found form again and are only four points behind them.

They are five ahead of Man U who wins a lot at the moment and seven ahead of Chelsea, who have a game in hand.

They still have to go away to Liverpool and Man City.

An Arsenal win next….
Andreas Hasle (Chelsea are an odd club!) Brussels


Right, well, yes. The Champions league it is then.
Jon, Lincoln


Like prime Henry
That was some no-look finish from Kieran Trippier.
Vinnie Pee


The most Spurs thing ever…
…to lose 2-0 when the opposition only had 1 shot on target?!

Am not looking forward to Saturday now!
Dan, Hornchurch.


Dirty Harry

What a rubbish few days to be a Spurs fan. Trippier’s fall from grace is now just sad…

Anyways, I realise this sounds a bit nuts but he has to drop Kane against Arsenal. Any call to drop Kane in the last 3 or 4 years surely has been delivered with a heavy dose of irony. This genuinely isn’t. I don’t think we can win if he starts.

Two reasons:

  1. He’s not fit. Poch’s special treatment of him undermines other players. Alderweireld had been fit for months before he was allowed back in the team last season. Not Harry. And then surely not for a 3rd game in a week..
  2. He’s totally blunted Sonny who looks a shadow of the guy who was dragging Spurs over the line straight from the Asian games. In the wide Wembley spaces letting him run free (he sounds like a cheetah!) is our best bet of getting a result.

Imagine the lift the crowd would get seeing Kane come off the bench on 60 minutes if it wasn’t working. Poch has never truly excelled in changing a game midway through – H on the bench would give him one hell of a chance.

All the best
Andrew, Woodford Green

Ps You’ll know he’ll start and score 2 don’t you…


We’ll definitely hear plenty from the media about Kane’s headbutt and Silva’s dive on Thursday, won’t we?

Seriously though, surely the amount of contact doesn’t matter when the intent from Kane was there? How can that possibly not be red card.

And can you imagine if that was Salah winning the penalty against West Ham? There would be uproar; he would be hounded out. So much for Liverpool being the media darlings when Man City are knocking about…


Carlsberg Wednesdays
Chelsea beat Spurs, Sarri showing authority by dropping Kepa, Spurs out of the title race, not bad for a midweek derby!
Mikey, CFC (Next up Fulham away)


Sarri, but…
Look, I know Sarri has been riding a wave of ridicule since Sunday. I know he made the right call in putting Willy in goal tonight. He won a lot of respect back for that decision. The players did their job, committed to the cause and came out 2-0 winners over Tottenham. Crisis abated at Chelsea.

But please, if you can’t make the substitution you want, if you can’t dress nicely, if you can’t stop sucking your comfort sticks, can you at least be a gentleman and shake the hand of the opposing coach?

FFS. I want to like the guy but he keeps p*ssing me off.

Thank you.
Steve (I had this one down as a knock on our goal difference), Los Angeles


And that’s why Liverpool won’t win it… What’s that? 5? I see. As you were.
Alay (Thanks Chelsea), N15 Gooner



So, erm, if someone in the know can help, after tonight which direction is the momentum going in? Is there a wind behind it? Is it in a bottle? And I assume it will change again by Sunday evening?
Cheers, Bobby.


Good old Smiddy emailed in saying Liverpool wouldn’t win a game in February.

Can I ask him to email in saying the same about the months of March,April,May…actually,ask him to do it once a month,every month,during the football season.

Could he also say “you’ll win nothing with kids.”
Ferg, Cork.


Gift of the Fab
So this whole Utd turning down Fabinho to sign Fred. Did that really happen?

Jurgen knows how to bed a player in
Dom (Loved the Tony Toni Tone reference by the way) Littleford


Giver Trent
A quick word on Liverpool tonight from someone who is sick and tired of the word ‘bottler’ being bandied about willy nilly. As pointed out by Sarah Winterburn in her superb article, there is absolutely no chance that Liverpool could be considered as bottlers if we fail to win the league this season. We’re competing against one of the greatest sides in Premier League history, and after 28 games, still 1 point clear. We’re very much holding our own whilst any other team would’ve fallen by the wayside by now.

We were immense tonight. The difference that Trent Alexander-Arnold makes in attack cannot be overestimated. We have missed his fizzing crosses, similar to Robbo, and his marauding forward down that right hand side. That Fabinho is some player too by the way, and has firmly cemented his name as one of the first on the team sheet – he was well and truly boss tonight, in both attack and defence, we have needed a player like him for a while. I won’t go through the entire team because they were all great, but we needed to make a statement to all the doubters tonight and we very much did. This is what we’re about and we are very much at the top of that table on merit.

A quick word on City too (yes, I’ll bite). I know it’s cliche and football fans are fickle and hypocritical, but it will be interesting to see what will be said in tomorrow’s media regarding Bernardo Silva’s soft penalty awarding. Presumably it will be very different to that of Mohamed Salah‘s in recent months, if even pointed out at all. Still, that’s football for you, it’s easy for myself as a Liverpool fan to be wound up about City’s apparent luck tonight when we’ve benefitted from some dodgy decisions ourselves this season (I don’t think that, I’m certain that all of ours were stonewallers but I’m trying to be at least a little bit unbiased here), but still irritating nevertheless.

10 games left. It seems like a lifetime, and we still have plenty of twists and turns left I’m sure. City are going to have a pretty packed schedule coming up, it will be interesting to see how they navigate through that, especially with Fernandinho and Laporte reportedly missing for a few weeks (let’s be honest, they’ll be back in less than a fortnight). But the league is still in our hands, and hopefully tonight clicks us back into gear and we go on and dominate in these final 10 games.

Bring it on.
Liam, L4


Be embarrassed, Jose
With every passing game week, Solskjaer is mugging Mourinho right off. It should be embarrassing for him that a comparative rookie has taken the same group of players that he constantly undermined and discredited, and taken them on an unbeaten run that’s now well into double figures

We’re now 5 points behind 3rd place Tottenham, and that could easily be down to two by Saturday tea time. That was utterly unthinkable at the turn of the year.


Just give Ole the f***ing job already!!!

Basically every Manchester United fan.

PS – United’s form under OGS is title winning stuff. If only


Garner sympathy
Well, it’s nice to know that the Class of ‘92’s awful Britpop haircuts never actually died out – they just got transferred to the head of a baby James Garner in 2001…

I wonder if it’s like Harry Potter’s scar and when he turned up to training, everyone already knew who he was … the chosen one … the second coming of (50) P-Nev
Chris (hope f365 have something special planned for when Phil turns 50), Stretford


My immortal
Does Whitley Bay Hoss (and a sh*tload of other Celtic fans) have any self awareness at all?

Just thought I’d share the text I got (admittedly from a Hibs fan) after Celtic fans unfurled their banners on Wednesday night:

“Immortality?! Let’s have a cup of tea, a wee reality check and take stock of where Scottish football is!”

And I couldn’t agree more! Wind your necks in and realise Rodgers knows that the second he didn’t win everything, you lot would have turned on him in a flash – and rightly so, given Celtic’s budget compared to the rest of the league!
Stu (dimmortality), Dublin


For me to agree that Brendan Rodgers is an “overrated bag of shite” would make me have to acknowledge that some people rate him and that’s nothing to contemplate while trying to maintain my sanity.

I do agree that he’ll leave Leicester as soon as something better comes along. He’s full of his own importance, got the Liverpool job, got new teeth, lost weight, got new girlfriend. All of those things together are not damning in any way, just how I presume he had a checklist in his top drawer with those things in that order is…
Derek, Ireland, LFC


Whitley Bay Hoss, have you considered an alternative view that the reason Rodgers didn’t stay at Celtic to try and achieve the “treble treble” is that he knows that rather than becoming “immortal” it means sweet FA in real football world?
Dave Mack


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