Arsenal hero tells ‘disrespectful’ Liverpool legend Carragher he’s ‘miles off it’ after Klopp, Wenger claim

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Former Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has hit back at Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher's claim that Jurgen Klopp > Arsene Wenger
Jack Wilshere has hit back at Jamie Carragher's claim that Jurgen Klopp > Arsene Wenger

Former Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has slammed Jamie Carragher after the Liverpool legend claimed Jurgen Klopp is a better manager than Arsene Wenger.

Both managers are legends, with Wenger leading Arsenal to three Premier League titles, including one as Invincibles, and a record seven FA Cups.

Jamie Carragher: Jurgen Klopp > Arsene Wenger

Reds icon Klopp, meanwhile, won the Premier League and FA Cup once, the League Cup twice, but crucially got his hands on the Champions League.

Winning the biggest prize in club football gives Klopp the edge over Wenger, in Carragher’s opinion.

“I would put him [Jurgen Klopp] above Wenger, with the only reason being the Champions League,” he said.

“Arsenal didn’t quite crack that did they, but Klopp got to three finals, won it once, and I just think coming up against City and the points totals as well.

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“I’d put Pep Guardiola top of Premier League [history]. Sir Alex Ferguson, what he did at Aberdeen, maybe puts him above Pep, but in terms of the Premier League, Guardiola has won six in seven [Premier League titles], and he’s only been here for eight years.

“Ferguson would have only won his first once after being there for seven years. I’d go Pep, Ferguson, Jose [Mourinho] because he came back and won the league with Chelsea, then Klopp next [then Wenger].”

Ex-Arsenal man slams Carragher for Wenger, Klopp take

Arsenal hero Wilshere took exception to Carragher’s comments, telling him that he is “miles off it” while accusing the former Liverpool and England defender of failing to “respect” Wenger.

“Klopp unbelievable how he transformed Liverpool but Arsene’s legacy in the Premier League is second to none,” Wilshere responded.

“Sorry Jamie but you are miles off it, please don’t be so biased and respect Arsene and what he done over a longer period, including leading the only team in the Premier League to be invincible.

“Everyone appreciates what Pep [Guardiola] has done and changed the way we see football in this country but don’t forget AW had a similar effect when he came in 96! You know that era better than me and witnessed it so let’s not forget that!”

It’s definitely Wenger > Klopp

We can sit and debate who the best managers in Premier League history are until the cows come home, but there isn’t much of an argument, in my humble opinion.

It’s Wenger over Klopp all day, every day, and twice on Sundays.

Yes, failing to win the Champions League does have an impact on his legacy but we have never seen before and will never see again how the Frenchman reinvented the English game.

And, of course, winning the Premier League title without losing a single game…that is arguably the greatest achievement in the history of Our League.

Anyway, that is one for you in the comments. Klopp or Wenger? Join the debate here… 📣

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