We know that Wales don’t like us – Wilshere

Matt Stead

Jack Wilshere has dismissed Gareth Bale’s comments that England players lack passion ahead of the clash against Wales.

Thursdays’s Group B match in Lens is the first time the neighbouring nations have met since the Euro 2012 qualifiers, when England won home and away.

Wales’ Real Madrid star Gareth Bale fired the first broadside in the opposing direction last week, criticising England for a lack of passion and suggesting they “big themselves up before they’ve done anything”.

Arsenal midfielder Wilshere reacted with a wry smile when those comments were relayed to him at England’s Chantilly base, adding: “We know that Wales don’t like us.”

Asked if he and his team-mates were fond of their neighbours, Wilshere was equally brief and just as clear.

“Not really,” he said, again smiling.

He was, though, keen to point out that Bale’s criticism’s did not chime with his own experiences on England duty.

“I’ve never questioned the passion of one of my team-mates,” he said.

“I’ve never been on the pitch and thought, ‘This guy isn’t worried about this’. We all care. We all know what it means to people back home.

“Especially now, because we are a young squad – it was only a few years ago when people like Dele and Raheem were 14, 15 watching this.

“So we all know what it means, and we will be ready when Thursday comes.

“I have played against (Wales) before and we won so they will be looking for some revenge, but I think if we play the way we did (against Russia) and take a few more chances we have a good chance.”

If there was one member in the opposition dressing room that Wilshere could definitely call a friend, it would be his fellow Gunners midfielder Aaron Ramsey.

But even those two have kept their distance since arriving in France.

“There’s been no texts, not since I was last at the club,” said Wilshere.

“I think we have both been busy. He has been getting ready, I have been getting ready. It is going to be a big game.”