Wilshere: Some ‘proper Arsenal people’ have been ‘let go’ by Kroenke’s

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Jack Wilshere has revealed that a lot of “proper Arsenal people” such as physios and other staff have been let go during the Kroenke ownership.

The Kroenke’s have received a lot of backlash of late. This has been upped a level as a result of their involvement with the controversial European Super League.

Protests have taken place at the Emirates in recent weeks and Spotify owner Daniel Ek is planning a takeover of the club.

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Ek is an Arsenal fan and his bid is being backed by Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp. Wilshere has told talkSPORT that their involvement means that this takeover proposal can only be “good” for the club:

“It wouldn’t be fair for me to comment on the current owners. One thing I will say is from when I was there there’s a lot of people not there anymore.

“They were proper Arsenal people who had been there for years. I’m not just talking about [former manager] Arsene Wenger, it was physios, staff around the place who were all let go.

“You need those people in the club who know what it means for fans. They know what the fans want and can relay that to the people in charge.

“In terms of someone taking over. With people like Thierry and Dennis, who are proper Arsenal people and can have a say at what goes on at the top, I think it can only be good at the club.”

Arsenal were knocked out of the Europa League by Unai Emery’s Villarreal on Thursday. Wilshere said this was a “disappointing” result for the fans:

“I watched the game. It was tough to watch. They needed that one moment in the game, someone to take the game, but unfortunately it didn’t come,” Wilshere said.

“It is disappointing for the fans, I’m an Arsenal fan, it will be hard not to see them in Europe next year.

“The first leg, I thought Villarreal were the better team but Arsenal gave themselves a chance in the home leg, where you’d like to think they’d get at least a 1-0 win.

“With no fans it is a bit different, but you’d expect to see more urgency.”