‘Disaster’ Lovren, ‘bang average’ TAA cost ’embarrassing’ Reds

Date published: Sunday 1st March 2020 8:32


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Hend of the line
Liverpool are showing why Henderson might actually win player of the season.

Incredible drop in standard when he’s not involved.
Sam, LFC


Henderson gets injured. Liverpool fall apart. This website has significantly softened its anti Hendo sentiment (I appreciate you wont like that wording – how about unfairly criticising him despite ample evidence to the contrary). They couldn’t do much else this year, despite the writer who rated him the most leaving.

However you couldn’t resist could you – Van Dijk far more important you say. I appreciate it’s not just you. Sometime an attitude around a player (or manager) occurs and it’s hard for people to admit they were totally wrong (to a lesser extent – Smalling and Shaw have suffered from this at Man Yoo. Their solid performances are irrelevant). However – just so you know – Henderson should be player of the year.


Dejan vu
Dejan Lovren is a bit of a disaster. He got so tight to Deeney for their first and as a result had zero influence on the actual game because he was lost in his own personal battle. By the end of the game he lost that too. If he wasn’t best mates with Salah I’d want him gone so there’s never a temptation to play him. Matip or Hoever was surely the better choice today. Hard to see what Klopp sees in him to actually give him games. His positioning off the ball is poor and he always plays the most predictable pass available; making it easy for the opposition to handle.

Such a stupid game. Completely lost our heads at 2-0. Alisson and Trent both making mistakes.

For those that dislike Henderson or think he’s average; the last few weeks show the difference. Fabinho is still an excellent DM, we still have the best full backs in England and our front 3 are still immense but there’s something fundamentally missing. He’s the heartbeat and makes everything else better.

The sad thing is that I was dreaming that we might go unbeaten all season. We can still beat the Man City record but 101 points and unbeaten would’ve been such an incredible feat. This team is so good they deserved it.

Watford really good today. Defensively they gave us nothing and were immense. Liverpool made to look properly poo even before we conceded.
Minty, LFC


I’m not sending this just because of the beating we got today but anyone who knows anything about football knows Lovren was always gonna be the reason we lost our unbeaten run. The guy is a shambles. Completely bullied in that game. Just so so so so so so bad.

My next comment will no doubt be criticised but if Arnold’s crossing is off or his passing then he is a bang (below) average player. Can’t defend to save his life. The chap plays like he’s in a FIFA game. He thinks he just needs to aim and press pass and the ball goes to a teammate. Not so! So many of his crosses can be awful but because he had the odd cracking cross he’s hailed as this smacking player. He’s not all that.

Watford just attacked 95% of the time down our right because of those 2. The whole team though was p*ss poor. It’s not just we lost but the fact EVERY single player was dog sh*t!!

Fabinho has been poor since he came back. Ox definitely not at the level he was at before his injury. The less said about the front 3 the better but what I’ll say is I’d happily sell Salah for 100+ million in the summer. It’s not just cos of this game. Watch him closely every game and you’ll see he constantly gives the ball away. His first touch passing is embarrassing for a player at this level. So frustrating.

Maybe it’s a massive kick up the ass we needed cos it’s like they were thinking they were invincible. No chance we beat Chelsea in the cup or Atleti in the CL playing anywhere near the level we played today. People will think I’m being ridiculous cos of the run we’ve been on and I’m spoiled  but this isn’t the first poor performance during this 44 game unbeaten run. Watford could easily have done this to us at anfield too. Chelsea should have got a result against us at the Bridge. Lots of instances like it.

This result has been coming. There’s a lot of work to do yet. We’ll  still be champions and I can’t wait but this has been embarrassing and a reality check.
Alex (LFC)


Lov is in the air
Got to give credit where it’s due. Watford have been the better team all game and did a worryingly good impression of Athletico Madrid. Tigerish in the tackle and clinical in front of goal. They fully deserved the points and their place as a pub quiz answer in the next few years.

I can see that many Liverpool fans are pointing to a certain member of the back 4 but it’s too simplistic to do that. Lovren does spread nerves around a team but the whole team was playing below their best from the off. Turns out it is difficult to play at 100% every week.

If Liverpool’s season isn’t going to fizzle out I think the crucial factor will be the return of the captain. I dont think it was a coincidence that he was missing.
Josh, LFC


Winter broken
First of all, well done Watford. That was a proper beating, a well-earned scoreline, and I hope that’s the catalyst for a run through the rest of the season that keeps you in the Premier League.

That said, could someone please inform Liverpool that the winter break is over and done with? That’s now four games since the break – a struggle at Norwich won with a late goal, a loss at Atletico where they didn’t look like they were prepared to play, a fight versus West Ham at Anfield where they fell behind and had to fight back to win, and now a 0-3 hiding versus Watford. Except for the final 30 minutes against West Ham, they haven’t looked like Liverpool in about a month now.

Henderson’s return can’t come soon enough. Neither can Lovren’s departure. We really missed Gomez out there today.
John, Washington DC, LFC


Full credit to Watford on a deserved victory. Liverpool were outfought and outplayed.

In a strange way this might be the best thing to happen to Liverpool. Should relieve most of the pressure the pursuit of records has brought. They have clearly been distracted since the winter break – the tension around the team in the last two weeks was noticeable.

It was probably reasonably easy for Klopp to keep them focused when games were coming think and fast, but the two weeks off allowed players to start dreaming of unbeaten seasons and record winning runs. Now that’s gone they can re-focus on the next match only.

I’d still make a lot of changes for the Chelsea game – having the same players lose a third game in four could start to eat at confidence. Get Adrian, Matip, Lallana, Minamino, Divock and Neco in; allow the first team to concentrate on Bournemouth in Anfield and wiping the memory of today away.

Then a huge one against Atletico.
Barry (NY, NY)


Klopp out
It’s clearly time for Klopp to go. He’s taken the squad as far as he can. I’ve been thinking this for a while. We’ve just squeaked over the line in so many games: West Ham, Norwich, Sheffield Utd. Most of our results since Christmas have had an element of luck or VAR intervening like Wolves away.

Since the selection farce in the fa cup draw against Shrewsbury and disrespecting the oldest competition in football, he’s skating on thin ice. I shudder to think what’s going to happen in the derby. Who does this Kloppster think he is? He’s out of his depth and needs to go.
Alex, (Just kidding, just a bad result and he’s a legend)


Onwards and upwards
The best team won. We could have played another hour against the Hornets and we wouldn’t have scored.

That’s football. But let’s me honest, it has been coming (and had already come against Atletico). I’m sure Klopp will have a hot poker ready for the remaining games, we surely can’t play this bad again this season can we?

Still. Nice for the the Arsenal fans to have something to shout about.
Barry, Cape Town


One of the lazy hot takes going around in the next few days will probably go something like, “Watford saw the Atlético beat Liverpool … (cliché, cliché, banality) and they copied that.” If anything, I think Simeone would have seen Watford v. Liverpool at Anfield in January and, despite most of that squad having since departed, knew he could win the tie if he could turn the clock back to 2015.

This is now the second consecutive match without the still-too-often maligned (by other fans) Jordan Henderson and we look a completely different side. And, hopefully, Joe Gomez’s “fitness concern” was just Klopp making up an excuse to rest Gomez so he could partner Matip on Tuesday at Chelsea because Dejan Lovren’s performance today can only be described as abominably flaccid. We might have done better with a training cone and our subs standing on the sidelines shooting spitballs at Troy Deeney.

This was the joint longest winning run and the second longest unbeaten run in top flight history and I enjoyed every single minute of it, so much so that I watched several of the matches back again. We’re 22 points ahead of City with 10 matches remaining. We’ve got 2 “Cup finals” in the next 2 weeks in 2 other competitions. This will be a chance for Klopp to look at his squad, hand out opportunities for young lads like Curtis Jones and, perhaps, here some new questions at his next presser.

I like our chances of progression in both the FA Cup and the Champions League more right now than I did this morning.
Ian, LFC (Chelsea = C u next Tuesday!) Hartford, CT USA


Surprising but not undeserved. Watford were excellent. If you really want to find a silver lining, you could say that’s the kick up the arse we needed.
Aidan, Lfc (if we play like that against Athletico, we’re fkd)


As a Liverpool fan, I just want to say there is still nothing better than watching a fantastic group of players get hit hard in chin and pummeled by a team playing physical, aggressive, tactically perfect football. You can blame whoever you want from Klopp to Lovren to the forwards, but well done Watford and here’s hoping to see you in the Premier League next season.
Niall, Denver


If every day is a win, what’s the point of winning?
Aidan, Lfc


Well in, Watford
Well, that sucked. Shame, I really wanted the team to be invincible. Oh well, onto the next one.

I thought Watford were excellent. They were unlucky to lose the reverse and they could absolutely have retreated when Delofeu got hurt, but they stuck to their plan and got a great result. Nigel Pearson deserves a ton of credit, very few coaches have managed to balance attacking the channels with maintaining a watertight defence. He clearly learned a lot in his spell away from management and it’s done him a power of good.
Dan, Plastic LFC


Sympathy from afar
Best Premier League Team Ever. My a@@. Glad that’s been put well to bed.
Mike, WHU


If there’s one thing we know about Liverpool fans, they won’t overreact.
Dave, Kidderminster (KHFC)


Chelsea dagger
Well what a frustrating game, yet again, this season we have given a very poor Bournemouth side 4 points, anyway here are my quick thoughts on the game;

1. Opening 10 minutes were shocking, Bournemouth very much on top and should’ve took an early lead.

2. Ross Barkley was absolutely awful, I thought he may come good at Chelsea after an incredible pre-season campaign he had, but I was very wrong, certainly such a shame when he showed so much potential as a young player at Everton.

3. Willian came on in the second half and showed us exactly why he will never be offered a three year deal, genuinely forgot he was even on the field he was that invisible in the game.

4. Injuries are truly impacting our season, the loss of Pulisic, CHO, Kante and Abraham are showing in our results without them.

5. 5th game in a row Willy has started, which shows Kepa’s Chelsea career is over, talk of Oblak coming in, but realistically I’d expect us to go for Ajax’s Andre Onana.

6. Mentioned a lot in the mailbox recently but the fact we are still 4th shows just how poor everyone except Liverpool are this Premier League season.
Mikey, CFC


As a Tottenham fan it is not natural to me to sympathise with Chelsea and I don’t but in the face of seemingly relentless criticism from all quarters and F365 on a daily basis I must stick up for Frank Lampard as a manager given the what he has to work with, mainly in an attacking sense, I mean their left back is their best striker!

Kepa: simply one of the worst goalkeepers the league has seen and with a bad attitude to boot it would seem

Caballero: a 37 year old back up goalie

Loftus Cheek: potential but terrible injury record

Mount: a young player in his first top flight season

Barkley: never convinced by him

CHO: potential but young player set back by injury

Pedro: over the hill, seeing out his contract

Willian: seems to do well once or twice as season (usually against Tottenham sadly)

Batshuyi: awful from what I’ve seen and permanently offside

Gironde: decent but never been prolific, getting on now and doesn’t work well without decent goal scoring midfielders and Chelsea have none

Abraham: first season in the top league and at a ‘big six’ club, lots of responsibilities on his young shoulders and it shows, he misses too many chsnces

So what I’m saying is fine criticse Chelsea and their board and it’s natural Lampard will take some flak as he picks the team but look what he has to work with and it’s actually a miracle Chelsea are not in lower mid table (some of that is due to Levy, Spurs, Ed Woodward of course too)
There I just stood up for Fat Frank I feel dirty now,
Schlomo Jenkins (north London is most definitely still white)


Bare-faced cheek
I hope for Degsy’s sake not many read his tips this week

“Seriously if you don’t back the Foxes, go and find the nearest mirror, look directly into your own eyes, take one long, deep breath and then slap yourself as hard as humanly possible.

Betting: Leicester (-1) to win at 2/1”

Going to be a lot of sore cheeks walking around this weekend.

Phil, Norwich have been decent at home recently, Notts


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