Barcelona unveil Philippe Coutinho in 2018 and PSG unveil Kylian Mbappe in 2017.
Ian Watson

Jude Bellingham next: Ranking every €100million transfer, with Jack Grealish in top three…

Of the 13 €100million-plus transfers so far, only one can be deemed an unmitigated success. Jack Grealish makes the top three, behind a player who was jeered for much of ...
Alexis Mac Allister and Jude Bellingham
Editor F365

Liverpool pay £35m for Alexis Mac Allister but it is still all about Jude Bellingham

We can surely all agree that Liverpool have got a bargain in Alexis Mac Allister without making it all about Jude Bellingham and an ‘eye-watering fee’ that simply isn’t…
West Ham, Manchester United and Arsenal
Editor F365

Who had the better season? West Ham, Manchester United or Arsenal?

West Ham have won a European trophy and that really is marvellous. Manchester United won the Mickey Mouse Cup. Arsenal? They won nothing.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Jack Mcardle

He was Zlatan and he always delivered on the entertainment to match the ego

Zlatan never did insignificant, boring or mundane. As he retires from football we admire the cojones and the delivery of the man.
Jude Bellingham celebrates scoring a goal
Dave Tickner

Does Jude Bellingham to Madrid prove that it’s now entirely possible to sign a £100m bargain?

A hundred million quid is a lot of money to spend on a footballer, isn’t it? But if that footballer is Jude Bellingham then it’s very likely also a bargain.